3 Tips for Finding your Wedding Shoes

3 Tips for Finding your Wedding Shoes. Mobile Image

Jun 27, 2014

e6257a56413de03ed445d12c00603a261. Have Fun These days there are no rules about anything wedding related, least of all shoes. They dont have to be white or ivory. They dont have to be heels. They dont even have to be dressy. Cowboy boots or sneakers are absolutely acceptable. You can choose a bold pattern or a bright color. You can opt for bows or flowers or glitter because why not? If you want to splurge and treat yourself, (again why not?) then by all means hit up the designer labels, but if thats not your thing, thats ok, too. a61368d6af93e41ac6ee4098c9d925c4     2. Be Comfortable Ive heard advice before that you should wear heels because you will walk more gracefully, more erect, more regal on your big day, and maybe thats true, but not if you dont usually wear them. You want to be comfortable, not that you would even notice or care if you werent, youll be too happy for that, but still pick a shoe that can at least make you through the ceremony, picture taking and cocktail hour. 04a6a4e9ed7a914bc229cbbcc524cedc3. Dont Overthink It This should really be your wedding mantra. There are millions of pairs of shoes for you to choose, but you do have to choose. Prolonging the decision can delay other things, like getting your gown altered, so dont lose too much sleep or time over it. Once youve found the dress, find the shoes immediately, tuck them into their box under your bed and move on to the next thing. Is there a better pair out there somewhere? Maybe, but if you let yourself travel down that rabbit hole you'll never get anything planned. Happy shoe shopping! {Lindsey}