3 Reasons to Shop our Essense of Australia Tester Gown Trunk Show

3 Reasons to Shop our Essense of Australia Tester Gown Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Jun 14, 2018

Our Essense of Australia Tester Gown Trunk Show is next weekend, and if you havent made your appointment already you should. Right now. Ill wait.   Obviously I have to encourage you to come in and see the new gowns because thats my job, but I was also once a bride, and I know how important it is to find the right gown.   To find the right gown you look everywhere, and you research everything. Somewhere out there is your perfect gown. You just have to find it. It can be an exhausting search, and at times it feels impossible. You might get close to finding it only to discover that a link is broken and the page to your dream dress leads into the Internet abyss.   Or worse, you might fall in love with a gown only to find out it costs more than your wedding venue.   If these sound like predicaments you have found yourself in, take heart. I have a solution. Its the Essense of Australia Tester Trunk Show.     A tester dress might not convey that bridal feeling youre looking for, but pay no attention to the name. Tester gowns are ones that are not a part of the official line, and they may not be. Each tester gown is the only one of its kind. They travel to various trunk shows and brides get to try them on and order them. Gowns that do well may become part of the line. In other cases, a single bride may be the only one to ever order a gown.   Thats pretty cool, right? You could come to our trunk show, fall in love with a gorgeous gown and then end up being one of only a handful of brides to ever wear it. Thats reason number one to check out our tester trunk show.   The second reason is that these gowns dont exist anywhere else. They arent pictured online, or sold in stores. In fact, theyre so top secret I cant even show you pictures. I cant show you them because even I dont have photos. What all this exclusivity really means is that if youve searched and searched for a dress you think doesnt exist, it might.   Think about that. Your dress, the one youve been dreaming of, might be on its way here. You dont know it because you havent seen it online or in a magazine, and yet it still exists. The only way to find out is to attend our trunk show.   The third and final reason to check out the Essense of Australia Tester gowns is that their variety is ridiculous. Ridiculous in a good way. Youll find every silhouette, every shape, and every fabric. Sleeves, illusion, lace. You name it. Plus, the prices are as varied as the designs. Theres something for every bride, and to find it, all you have to do is make an appointment.   The Trunk Show begins Friday June 22 and runs until Sunday the 24. Call 410, 484.4600 to make your appointment and find the gown youve been waiting for.   {Lindsey}