2016 Pantone Wedding

2016 Pantone Wedding. Mobile Image

Dec 09, 2015

Pantone has forecast two colors as the trendsetting it shades of 2016: rose quartz and serenity. These pale pastels present a sharp contrast to the bright, strong, jewel-tones of the past several years. They are soft and subtle and perfect for adding an accent color to any outfit or affair. If Pantone's forecast is correct and if their color influence is strong, which it is, youll likely start to see these colors pop up in wedding photos more than you already do. Because of course, these colors are perfect for weddings. Blues and pinks are pretty standard wedding fare because they are easy to wear, easy to coordinate, and easy find. In fact, they are so easy to find that Ive already coordinated the perfect 2016 Pantone wedding. The colors help give this imaginary wedding a light and airy, easy going charm that is appropriate and at home in any number of venues. I see outdoor Southern rustic charm here or a beachfront toes-in-the-sand sunset wedding. But don't let these easy going tones fool you, they can easily captivate a regal ballroom with their soft, subtle nobility.   pantone 2016   {Lindsey}