Posted by on Dec 6, 2018 in Blog

The goal around here is to get brides prepared for their wedding day. Everything we do is by wedding date. We think about our brides’ wedding dates all the time. We run timelines over in our heads as we fall asleep instead of counting sheep.


Has she ordered her bridesmaid’s dresses yet? What’s the current ship date from Toni Federici veils? When’s the last day for her to order her Thomas Knoell earrings and still get them on time?


It’s pretty easy to get caught up in zeroing in on that one day. It’s our job here, but if you’re engaged this holiday season, take a moment to step back. Even wedding planning, with its clearly defined destination, is still a journey.


So is being engaged. It’s an important step, not just a means to an end. Being engaged also informs other aspects of your life. It makes them better, right? So if you’re celebrating this holiday season engaged, go all out, savor the moment, and make it extra special. Here’s how.


Send Holiday Cards

This might seem like just another wedding chore, but it can actually be fun. For starters, sending out holiday cards is a great way to get extra mileage out of your engagement photos. You’ll probably use some on your save-the-date and on our wedding website, but by this time next year you’ll be using wedding photos for everything.


So why not send out a holiday card using one of your favorite shots? A joint card will make you feel like a couple, and it will also help get everyone excited about your wedding. Plus, writing and sending them is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other’s extended families and distant relatives. You can tell lots of stories as you address the envelopes, and you can definitely spike your hot chocolate with something too.


Go Ice Skating

I’m a firm believer that everyone should go ice skating this winter, but it’s even more imperative if you’re engaged. You get to get bundled up in your cute winter clothes, you get to hold onto each other tightly, you get make memories and laugh hysterically because ice skating is a lot harder than it was when you were five. There are tons of photo ops filled with winter wonder and romantic charm. Even if you hug the wall the entire time, you won’t soon forget the experience.


If you’re looking for the perfect Baltimore spot, try the terrace at the Four Seasons. Skating on a rooftop with the city scene all around you? That’s pretty top notch.


Take a Weekend Trip

Whether it’s a night stay in D.C. at a fancy hotel, a weekend in New York to catch all the festive festivities, or a quick cabin stay in woodsy Pennsylvania, a little getaway goes a long way.



It seems especially important to take time along together at this juncture because social and family demands only increase with marriage. As a married couple it’s pretty hard to turn down all the invites with all the relatives, but as an engaged couple you just might, might be able to sneak away. You get a much-needed break from planning and scheduling, and you might even get to crunch your way through some new fallen snow.


However you choose to do it, just remember to enjoy being engaged. Take advantage of saying fiance as often as you can, and take lots of pictures under the twinkling lights.