Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Blog

So let’s say that the wedding planning is underway, the venue has been selected, the photographer hired,

the cake tasted, and the emails from the caterer down to just one a day. It’s the home stretch.

The big details are done, but the little ones are starting to pop up everywhere. This is when brides get a

little stressed.


Fortunately, in this same scenario it’s a month or two before the wedding and it’s

time for the bridal shower, the one thing that bride doesn’t have to plan.

And to make sure she doesn’t have to plan anything, we have generated some bridal

shower themes to assist the rest of the bridal party in making the day special and most of all, relaxing.


A Tea Party: Mismatched china tea cups, biscuits, everyone in big hats and white gloves,

and lots of milk and sugar in the earl grey.



A Midsummer Night’s Garden Dream: Think twinkling lights, hanging vines

and plenty of white wrought-iron tables. Not to mention Shakespeare love

sonnets and rose petals cast about everywhere.


A Downton Dinner: Volunteer groomsmen in tails serving food from silver trays.

Guests dripping with strings of pearls. Ragtime music wafting out of the speakers.


Willy Wonka Wonderland: Ok, no purple top hat, but how about golden ticket invitations,

a chocolate water fountain, and for favors “everlasting love” gob stoppers.


Soda Shop: Colorfully stripped straws, old fashioned milk shake glasses,

and a sundae bar with something for everyone. Get really fancy and invite guests


to try a little coffee or chocolate stout in their vanilla shake.

Brunch is Back: Heart-shaped waffles, strawberries in the mimosas,

and linen tables decked out in pictures of the happy couple.