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The Time to Order Bridal and Bridesmaids Dresses is Now!

Posted by on Nov 1, 2018 in Blog

It’s hard to believe that it’s already November. Fall is flying by, and before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us.   And everyone knows that after the holiday season, comes the wedding season.   That’s why if you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, the time to act is now. If you’ve just started to think about what your bridesmaids are going to wear for your May wedding, you need to buckle down and make some decisions.   Whether it’s your wedding dress, your bridesmaid dresses, or even your accessories, ordering now can be a huge help in the long run. For one thing, all of these items can take a long time to come in, and the holidays can make that ordering time even longer. Factories often shut down and production can sometimes stop for weeks at a time. That means there can be a huge difference between, say a bridesmaid dress ordered at the beginning of December, and one ordered at the end.   The same goes for bridal gowns. Not all months are created equal, and you’ll find that the ones at the beginning of the year fly by the fastest. In fact, around here, we think it’s just about May. That’s why we love brides who act early. Time is your friend, but having little of it just causes stress. Stress and brides is not a combination anyone wants.   Of course ordering before the holidays is also just plain fiscally responsible. It makes things easier on everyone’s budget. You know that feeling, right? When you start the year off practically broke from buying presents, going to parties and being festive? Wouldn’t it be nice to have already made your big wedding purchases before then?     Your bridal party feels the same way! So pick the dress and give your girls a hard pre-holiday deadline. That will ensure that no one is scrambling to get the funds together when the New Year rolls around.   Around here we spend a lot of time focused on the future, and it’s our job to keep every bride and bridal party on track....

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Feature Betsy Bride of the Week: Laura & Her Romantic Baltimore Wedding

Posted by on Oct 8, 2018 in Blog

  I send out a lot of bridal questionnaires to Betsy Brides who want to be featured on our blog, and quite often it takes some time to get a response back. That’s pretty understandable. It’s partly because everyone is busy, but it’s also because brides want to take time to put their feelings and their wonderful wedding into words.   That’s a hard thing to do. Trust me.   This week’s feature Betsy Bride, Laura, is a perfect example. It took her a little while to fill out her answers, and when she emailed me back, my work was pretty much done. She painted not only a great picture of her wedding day, but also a perfect portrait of her and her husband Brian.   They met on a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. Now I might not know much about dating apps, but doesn’t that sound like the cutest thing ever? On day one of using the app, Brian’s “Bagel” wound up to be Laura. The Lobsters of old are the Bagels of new.   The two communicated back and forth for a bit and by the time they went on an actual date, they already felt at ease in each other’s company. They bonded over golf, tennis, travel, and sharing their families with one another. Laura describes their relationship as comfortable and easy. Again, total relationship goals.     That easygoing attitude clearly carried over into the planning of their Baltimore wedding. Laura and Brian actually had fun planning their wedding! I love reporting when that happens because that’s how it should happen. They had help from some wonderful vendors like Elizabeth Bailey Weddings, and Photography by Ellen, and their decisions were mostly easy ones.     Of course it’s not hard to have fun when you’re planning such a gorgeous wedding. They got married in a beautiful ceremony at the Four Seasons Baltimore filled with candles, florals, soft pinks, and touches of metallic.     Laura wore an incredible Enaura bridal gown covered in beaded and embroidered flowers with just a touch of blush to it. She wanted a timeless and romantic gown, and...

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Feature Betsy Bride of the Week Jordana

Posted by on Sep 13, 2018 in Blog

  We are excited to feature this week’s Betsy Bride Jordana because her story highlights the way we are able to make custom changes to suit every bride. Jordana was married in an Orthodox ceremony and needed a gown that could conform to traditional standards.   This is not always easy to do.   Whether it’s for religious, or personal reasons, it can simply be hard to find a more modest gown in a sea of sheer and low-cut ones. Gowns with sleeves are more popular than they used to be (shout out to Kate and her gorgeous sleeved number), but often the sleeve options are still sheer. Sometimes finding the right gown means compromising.   Jordana’s story illustrates that doesn’t have to be the case. All you have to do is get a little creative without giving up on what you want.     Jordana needed a gown with sleeves, but she fell in love with a sleeveless gown. Her consultant’s solution was a beautiful lace bolero that she had custom lined by her own seamstress. She didn’t have to sacrifice modesty for style, and she looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.   In fact, looking at her gown, you would never imagine that it was designed any other way. The sleeves compliment the full skirt so well. The scalloped lace around the high-neck is a beautiful little detail that mirrors the scalloped hem.     It’s a perfect reminder that when you are looking for your gown, you need to use a little imagination. While we can’t completely redesign a dress, there are often small changes that can be made that can make a big difference. Adding a bolero is one of those small changes that can completely transform a gown. Boleros can be lined or unlined and come in all sorts of styles. Adding one can help create a one of a kind bridal gown.   It’s also the kind of thing are consultants love to do. They love to problem solve. If the right gown for you doesn’t already exist out in the world, then let’s try to find a way to make it....

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Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted by on Aug 20, 2018 in Blog

There is so much to know about planning a wedding, and one task that can be harder than you might think is ordering bridesmaids dresses. First you have the pressure of trying to pick something that other people will wear and like. Then you have the logistics of getting them all ordered, altered, and ready to go.   It can start to feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The easiest way to take off some pressure is to know exactly how things work. So here goes.     Timeline When planning a wedding, timing is everything. It is no different when ordering bridesmaid gowns. It’s very important to know how long they take, and when you should order.   Actually, it’s probably sooner than you think. Wedding dresses take a long time, and so do bridesmaid dresses.   Bridesmaid dresses take 3 to 4 months to arrive. We recommend ordering them at least 6 months before the wedding. At least. Why? You need to make sure you give everyone ample time to get their gowns, especially if they are being shipped elsewhere, and you need to give them time for alterations.   We only alter wedding dresses here, so your ladies will need to make other arrangements. And yes, these gowns will need to be altered.   Also, the 3 to 4 months timeline is in a perfect world. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays. Sometimes shipping takes longer. Sometimes factories are closed for a holiday. This doesn’t mean we can’t rush dresses or get things faster, and it doesn’t mean that setbacks are common. It just means the sooner you order the more relaxed you can be as the wedding approaches.   Out of Town Bridesmaids So not all of your bridesmaids live in Baltimore, or even in Maryland? It’s very common for brides to have bridesmaids who live all over the country. While we only have one location, here in the Baltimore area, we make it easy for out-of-town bridesmaids to order through us. All they have to do is get measured in their area and fill out an online form.    Sizing Sizing is very...

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Plus Size Wedding Gowns in Our Sample Sale

Posted by on Aug 16, 2018 in Blog

In my years here, I’ve written a lot about our bridal sample sale. I’ve listed the many pros of buying an affordable gown off the rack and getting a really good deal for a designer gown. I’ve written at length about these things, but there is a key part that I often gloss over. It’s an aspect of our sample sale that deserves more attention.   I’m talking about the sizes. Look, when I bought my wedding dress I never, ever, at all the shops that I looked at, once looked at the sale rack. I associated bridal bargains with smaller sizes. I’m sure a lot of you do too.   It’s quite often the case, but our bridal sample sale actually includes plus size bridal gowns. As it should, right? We want every bride to have the opportunity to try on gowns that fit and make them feel good. We also want everyone to have the chance to hunt for a bargain.   Real talk, most of our samples, are in 8’s, 10’s and 12’s, but if you’re a plus size bride, don’t despair. We have gowns for you to try on. These gowns range in size from 16 to 28 and they are gorgeous. Just look at some of the examples of our sale gowns.     Looking at these photos you are probably struck by two things: the gowns are beautiful, and the models look like average sized women.   That’s bridal for you. Bridal runs small.   If we’re still talking real talk, then it’s important to know that bridal runs small, and plus size is a label that applies to a lot of brides.   That’s why having a range and a variety of plus size wedding gowns is so important. Between our sample sale and our special order bridal gowns, we have gowns to make every bride feel like a bride.   So if you’re in the Baltimore or D.C. area and you’re looking for a bridal salon near you that has a wide range of sizes, Betsy’s is a place worth checking out.    ...

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What’s New in Bridesmaid Trends: Crepe Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted by on Aug 10, 2018 in Blog

Revolutions in bridesmaids gowns are usually pretty rare. Trends have come and gone, but the general concept, right down to the fabric, has pretty much remained the same for decades.   For as long as I have been here, the fabric of choice for bridesmaids has been chiffon, and the popular silhouette has been a nice flowy A-line. It makes sense. Chiffon photographs nicely, it’s very forgiving, and it’s easy to wear.   But for brides who wanted a different texture or silhouette, there were few options. Until now. Designers have slowly but surely been making beautiful crepe bridesmaid gowns that turn heads and change minds about what it means to wear a bridesmaid gown.     Take a look at this Amsale crepe gown. It’s gorgeous. It’s beyond gorgeous. The high-neck is elegant, the shape is sleek, and the crepe is luxurious. It hugs in all the right places, and it embraces rather than camouflages the female form.     The same can be said of this Watters crepe gown. Its sleek shape is inspiring. Often times the harshest criticism of a bridesmaid gown is that it looks too much like a bridesmaid gown. While it seems unfair to criticize a gown for doing its job too well, these refined crepe gowns are a nice breath of fresh air. They look more evening gown than bridesmaid gown. Sometimes that’s just the perfect note to hit.     This Hayley Paige gown is another great crepe example, but with a twist. While most crepe gowns tend to be pretty body hugging, this one has a gorgeous full skirt. And it has pockets! Yep. It’s the total package. The neckline is delicate, and it balances nicely with the fullness of the skirt.   Guests who aren’t fabric experts might not be able to pinpoint what makes these crepe gowns so spectacular, but they will surely know that they look fancy. They look more expensive than they are, and they feel pretty nice to the touch too.   What’s also great about these new crepe gowns is that they are more forgiving than you might think. Traditional crepe tends to show...

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