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All the Magical Reasons Why You Should Wear a Veil for Your Wedding

Posted by on May 31, 2019 in Blog

It’s easy to look at a veil and think there’s not much to it. That’s true. Veils are gossamer thin with typically just a small trim of beading or lace or ribbon. By nature they are barely there. When we have a veil packaged up and ready for a bride to take home it’s sometimes hard to see if it’s actually in the bag. So yes, there isn’t much to them. But they can make an incredible difference. They’re like a welterweight in boxing. Thin or not, they pack a maximum punch that more often than not takes your breath away with the same kind of force. What Happens When a Bride Tries a Veil We’ve witnessed it here all the time. Brides, especially those with a bent for bucking traditions, come into the salon dead set against a veil. For some brides, this moratorium sticks. Some brides just don’t want to wear one, and we respect that decision. But for those who are even a little bit on the fence, we suggest they at least try one on. We make the suggestion because we have an obvious vested interested in whether a bride wears a veil, but we also do it because we see the transformative power they have. I’ve seen it myself more times than I can count. The veil makes the look. It makes the bride a bride. I can say without hyperbole that veils are magical, and their magic makes the moment real. When a bride puts a veil on everything suddenly becomes official. The wedding is really happening. It’s all really happening.  The right dress alone can have this power too, but perhaps we notice it more with a veil because it makes less sense. How can such a thin piece of fabric with a little border have such an effect? It’s probably partly because veils really don’t exist outside of weddings. The two are woven quite tightly together the way that other aspects of a wedding are not. Sure, you might not wear a wedding dress any other time, but you might wear something fancy to a gala. You might have your hair...

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Here’s the Biggest New Trend in Bridesmaids Dresses

Posted by on May 23, 2019 in Blog

I’ve worked in the bridesmaid department here at Betsy’s for several years, and I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. Oh, the colors and fabrics I have seen! I’ve also seen brides struggle to find what they want. Finding bridesmaid dresses can be even more difficult than finding a wedding dress. Actually, shopping for bridesmaids dresses is almost always harder. And it almost always takes longer. Picking the right bridesmaids dresses is an intricate balancing act. Shopping for them can require as much agility and tact as a real-life tight rope walker. It makes sense, right? You have to balance what the brides want with what their bridesmaids want. Then there’s balancing the cost of the dress with the budget of the bridal party. There’s also balancing body types in a way that let’s everyone look their best. And don’t even get me started on balancing the style of a dress with the colors that it comes in. See? It’s no wonder that bridesmaid shopping can get pretty tricky pretty quickly. I see it all the time, and the root of the problem is almost always very sweet: everyone just wants everyone to be happy. I want you to love it. But I want you to love it. The Single Color Solution That’s where the handiest of all bridesmaid trends comes in. More and more brides are simply picking a designer and a color and allowing their maids to choose whatever style they want. Brides are happy because they get the cohesiveness that a single color provides, and they don’t have to bother with finding multiple colors that fit their scheme. Bridesmaids are happy because they get a choice and can pick something flattering. There can still be some trouble with budget and color, but overall, bridal parties are happier and brides are less stressed. A few years ago the big trend was to go complete mix and match for bridesmaids. There were different colors, styles, fabrics, you name it. I still love that trend (ahem, have you seen my wedding pictures?!) but that takes a lot of work to get it right. When brides simply pick...

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Wedding Dress Pro Tip: Shop the Sample Sale

Posted by on May 16, 2019 in Blog

I love a good deal. I’m a big believer in not paying full price for just about anything, except a vacuum cleaner. Trust me, it’s worth it. So when it comes to my wardrobe, I don’t think there is a single item that wasn’t purchased on sale. Maybe my socks? And yet when I went to shop for my wedding dress, it never occurred to me to look at sample sale gowns. What was I thinking? Sale Gowns Come in All Shapes and Sizes! Well, for starters, I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to find my size in a sample wedding dress. Six years ago this may have been true, or partially true (I’m a 16, thanks), but these days our sale gowns are in a really nice variety of sizes. There is something on our racks for every size, so don’t be discouraged. I also probably worried that sale wedding dresses meant old, out of style wedding dresses. Truth be told there are a few oldies hanging around in the back, but honestly, there are gowns that are practically brand new. If we didn’t tell you it was a sample dress, you might not even know. This is because sometimes a dress looks really great at market or in magazines, and it just doesn’t find its niche in our salon. It might be the dress that’s spent six months as the runner up dress. The bridesmaid, but never the bride. Our saleroom is full of dresses that fit that description. They are beautiful, they are on trend, but they just haven’t found the right bride. You could be that bride, and you could get a good deal while you’re at it. Get a Gorgeous Wedding Dress Without the Wait! I might have also overlooked the sale gowns because I didn’t understand what I was missing. As I walk through the salon and see all the sale gowns hanging there, waiting, I understand perfectly. The dresses are gorgeous. They’re in great condition, and you can leave with them that day. There’s no waiting around. You need a wedding dress? Voila, now you have one. Our lack of space...

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How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Posted by on May 13, 2019 in Blog

We are here to sell wedding dresses. That’s not exactly a secret. It’s pretty straightforward. Yet even this simple declarative sentence is subject to some nuanced interpretation. Yes, we are here to sell wedding dresses, but that really means we are here to find the right dress. We are here to find your dress. It’s a job that’s part occupation and part obligation. For each bride that walks through our door, we want to work hard to find her exactly what she is looking for. Sometimes this is easy and involves something more like dress up than work. Other times we wrack our brains, our racks and our database to produce the gown that elicits the perfect and resounding, “Yes.” It’s an answer that means everyone wins, and because we like winning (um, who doesn’t?) we want to help streamline the shopping experience and ensure that more brides find exactly what they are looking for in our salon. For us that means getting to know our brides right away. The more we know about you and your wedding, the easier it is to curate gowns that work with your style, budget, and dreams. Try Our Updated Online Request Form That’s why when you now request an online appointment we’re asking for just a tad more background info. The goal is for us to be able to do a little legwork prior to your appointment, so that you can spend more time trying on gowns and less time hashing out your wedding dress do’s and don’ts. We can point you in the direction of certain designers, or recommend a good Trunk Show weekend. You can get a better idea of our inventory before you even set foot in the salon, and maybe even come with a more concrete idea of what you want. Getting to know more about you and your wedding prior to your appointment can help us guide you through the often-confusing online world of bridal. It’s pretty easy to wind up in a bridal rabbit hole on Pinterest and get yourself so turned around that you’ve fallen in love with a mystery gown that doesn’t seem to...

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Happy Mother’s Day: Moms, Gowns & Emotions

Posted by on May 9, 2019 in Blog

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and while I’m just now making a mental note to get a few cards in the mail, I’m also thinking about our connection to mothers here. We deal with mothers here, a lot. Like, a whole lot. In every step of the process and in all sides of the salon, you will find mothers. They come to pick bridal gowns, hold signs, and cry tears of joy tinged with a “she’s still my little girl” sadness. We see mothers in all their forms.  There are future mothers and future mother-in-laws. We meet aunts and friends and lots of strong and wonderful ladies who are mothers in everything but name. Celebrating Mom Each and every day we feel the presence of mothers, and sometimes, the absence of them. Either way we are connected to mothers here in a very unique way. Many mothers buy the wedding dress, but the connection is more than that. It’s more than who pays the bill. The connection is about who needs to be there. I couldn’t say yes without my mom in tow and many brides feel the same way. In years past I have written lengthy blogs in praise of all the mothers and mother figures who have made their way through our doors. I have shared slide shows and stories from real brides and their moms. I have even talked about my own mother and how wonderfully amazing she is (as much as words can convey this). But this year struck me as the perfect time to talk about Betsy herself. Betsy has 2 daughters, but the other day someone joked that she had many more than that. The joke was that she is like a mother to many of us who work here. Celebrating Betsy We often consider ourselves a little bridal family, so the comparison makes sense.  She cares about the people who work for her. Betsy always asks after spouses and family members. She looks after our health and asks us about our weekends and vacations. If we need advice, she’s got it and probably a story to go with it. Betsy...

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How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress at our Watters, WToo & Willowby Trunk Show

Posted by on May 2, 2019 in Blog

A few weeks ago I was getting fed-up with all the clothes in my closet that either don’t fit me, or that I just don’t wear anymore. The clever solution that I came up with, after a little Tidying Up inspired action, was of course to buy a whole new wardrobe.   The problem with buying more clothes is that eventually I just end up right back where I started: lots of clothing and not a thing to wear.   So I thought I’d try an online subscription in which someone curates some clothes for me instead. I took a very lengthy style quiz and waited with much anticipation for my first round of clothing to arrive. Unfortunately, when my box arrived it confirmed what I had suspected. My style is hard to define. It’s hard to enter it into a Pinterest board, and that can make getting inspiration and ideas hard.   That’s a little how I feel about the latest wedding dresses from Watters, WToo and Willowby. You can’t look at them and say simply, “Oh, that’s Boho,” or ”That’s classic, or romantic, or modern.”   You can’t define the gowns that way because each one is something entirely brand new and entirely its own. They are each a breath of fresh air, but for different reasons. Some are almost architectural in their layering of fabrics and textures. Some are daring, but still manage to be whimsical. The silhouettes are striking and the patterns are bold, but still delicate.     Watters gets it. They understand the modern bride. You’re everything. You aren’t just one thing that’s easy to describe. Your style, like your personality, is not an algorithm, it’s a unique vision.   The newest dresses from each collection are here at the salon for two exclusive weekends, and I am so excited to see them in-person. I’m also excited for you to see them in-person. I’m excited for brides who have been wandering aimlessly in an online desert of choices and still come up empty. I’m excited for brides whose personal style doesn’t fit in a box.   These dresses are special, and they are...

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