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How to Work Trending Velvet into Your Wedding

Posted by on Jul 11, 2019 in Blog

Obviously I like to try to keep up on the latest wedding trends, and I love looking at the forecasted trends for the year and contrasting them with what I actually see from real brides.  Trends and reality are not always the same and quite often one is slow to follow the other. Sometimes the brides are behind and sometimes the trends are. These days I see velvet everywhere. Lush velvet dresses are all over Pinterest boards and in editorial shoots in magazines. Designers like Sorella Vita have added velvet touches to a few bridesmaids styles and you can even find velvet wedding dresses. Some of our brides have incorporated velvet into their ceremonies and receptions, but it remains to be seen whether velvet is something that’s really happening, or whether it’s just something trendsetters want to happen. I don’t know that I’d call myself a trendsetter (although it has been said, and I was the first person in my sixth grade class to wear glitter lip gloss), but I am all on board with velvet. In fact, I’m kicking myself that I got rid of my eighth grade red velvet jumper. I still dream about it. Velvet is rich and beautiful. It adds texture and depth, and it’s an easy way to add some pizzazz to your wedding that you won’t regret later. The only problem with velvet is that it often screams winter. I get it. It’s a warm fabric, it clings, and Christmas bows are almost exclusively velvet. So the real challenge to the velvet trend and all those who support it is to find ways to reinvent it. Velvet has the ability to be so much more than a tree skirt, and I’ve got some great examples of how. Change up the Color Scheme Think outside the color box here. While you might traditionally see velvet in deep shades of red and evergreen, it looks just as stunning in a dusty rose or a rich teal. By using a wider range of colors you help draw velvet out of its winter shell and into the sun of spring, summer and fall. Find the ribbon here!...

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Where to Find the New Pronovias Bridal Gowns

Posted by on Jul 8, 2019 in Blog

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a hunt. Whether you spend your time scrolling through designer webpages or sifting through racks of dresses in store, you are hunting. To find the perfect dress you must always be on the prowl for it, and you can be out prowling for quite a long time. And it isn’t simply finding a dress you like that’s hard. Quite often it’s hard to find out how much a dress costs or where you can try it on or how you can buy it. In some ways the internet has made hunting for a dress even harder. How many times have you fallen in love with a pin in a Pinterest page only to have it lead to a dead-end? How many Google image searches have returned zero results for that off the-shoulder beaded beatify you’ve been dreaming about, for instance? Go From Internet Crush to Yes to the Dress Just because the internet ignites the dream, doesn’t mean it can fulfill the promise. Designers’ websites are also woefully unhelpful at times. It’s hard to find pricing information and it’s hard to find what store carries the precise gown you’re looking for. I see the frustration these issues cause time and time again, but that’s why I’m excited to show you a good selection of the gowns we’ll be getting in from Pronovias for our trunk show this weekend. This isn’t just a tiny glimpse of a single gown from five angles. I want brides to have a real idea of what we’ll be available this weekend. Let’s make the hunt less cat and mouse and more transparent. Brides have already been calling for weeks about the Pronovias Trunk Show and it’s no wonder they’re so interested. Pronovias is one of the top wedding dress designers in the business, but their stunning wedding dresses aren’t in every store.  Their gowns are sleek, romantic and exquisitely made. They weave modern drama with traditional laces and fabrics. You’ll notice on all of these gowns that the fit is phenomenal. They have structure that celebrates delicate curves and bold lines. They do sheath silhouettes just as well...

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How to Shop the Newest Essense of Australia Dresses

Posted by on Jun 22, 2019 in Blog

Every time the Essense of Australia Tester Trunk Show comes along, we sit around our back office and try to come up with a better word than tester to describe these dresses. Most brides don’t know what tester means, and it doesn’t sound very bridal. We’ve tried exclusive, preview, promotional, and sneak peek. The preview collection is a perennial favorite, but it still doesn’t quite convey the right message. A Rose by Any Other Name And so, despite our brainstorming, we usually arrive right back at tester, but rather than get caught up in the name, let’s talk about what that really means. These gowns are in their own way an experiment, but a really fun and visually stunning one. We’re talking exploding volcanoes of baking soda and hurricane forces in a bottle. Once a season the designers at Essense of Australia create gowns that may or may not be a part of their regular line. It all depends on how they are received by actual brides in actual stores. The gowns do not appear online and the only way to see them is at a trunk show. If the gown itself does not make the cut for the line, then it’s never seen again. That means if you order a tester gown at a trunk show, you could (potentially) be the only bride to ever wear that design. Some brides might not care about that level of exclusivity, but I think it’s pretty cool. It’s like getting a custom dress that no one else will ever wear. Speak Your Mind But tester trunk shows are also a great chance for you to offer feedback on the gowns you try on. Essense listens. They want to know what real brides think of their gowns, and they love to makes changes accordingly. It’s like the most fun focus group ever, in which you just might end up with a wedding dress at the end of it. Your feedback can actually affect what the finished product looks like in the collection. It might mean you pass on a style, but your critique can help future brides say yes to the dress....

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Happy Father’s Day: Dad Jokes in the Salon

Posted by on Jun 14, 2019 in Blog

We don’t get a lot of dads here, but when we do they usually come armed with amicable smiles and a few dad jokes to help pass the time. Sometimes they ask what beer we have on tap, or loudly proclaim they’re just here to write the check. Some dads sit back and enjoy the parade of wedding dresses with a bewildered expression. A lot of dads want to seem engaged in the process, but they don’t quite know the right questions to ask. So we get a lot of this: “Where do you put your car keys in this thing?” “Will that fit in your dresser drawer?” “What kind of material is that, chignon?” Wrong, but kudos for even knowing the word chignon, right?! Having a dad in an appointment, whether he knows what an A-line is or not, changes the whole dynamic. That’s what I am reminded of most this Father’s Day. Dads are game changers. They shake things up, and they see their daughters the way that no one else can. Dad Projects When I got married my maid of honor put my dad in charge of shaking out my train before we walked down the aisle together along with my mom. My mom would have been the better choice for this task, but my maid of honor knew better. She knew my dad would need a task to keep calm. He needed a project. Something to fix that luckily required no tools. Before the ceremony she showed him how to perfectly arrange my bridal train so that it fell neatly and elegantly on the floor of the hall’s main entrance. She told him sternly that it was his job to make sure my train was perfect, and he all but saluted her like she was the general of the day. PS – she pretty much was. As the bridal party processed down the aisle and the string quartet music kicked on over the speakers, I burst into tears. The music was beautiful, and so was the scene. I stood back and surveyed the crowd and the stage and the twinkling lights. My mom touched my...

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Happy Pride Month from Betsy Robinson’s

Posted by on Jun 13, 2019 in Blog

We’re pretty into brides here. It’s kind of our thing. We could not exist without our brides, and we are lucky to represent a wonderfully diverse group of women as varied as the gowns that stock our racks. We’re also pretty into love and we believe you can never use the heart emoji too much. Can you love, love? Well, we do! On crazy busy Saturdays when our appointments run back-to-back with no time to so much as drink a sip of water, we have to remind ourselves what that really means. It means that the world is full of people in love. A World in Love And more specifically it means that the world is full of people who have found their person. That’s something we think is worth celebrating – whomever that person happens to be. This month in particular, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our couples that fall under the many facets (and many colors) of the LGBTQ rainbow. Photos: Anthony Sekellick In all of these photos what we see, what I see, first and foremost, is people who have found their person. These gorgeous brides are beaming with love and happiness. However you label it, and however you dress it, these brides are stunning from head to toe. I mean, who doesn’t love a photo that captures pure joy? We all know it when we see it. It’s a deep down happiness that’s infectious. Their smiles make us smile, and it’s a welcome reminder that we all share this world together. We live to be loved and to love others and one another. Photo: Soleil Hagan So as we show our support this Pride month I think about what makes us proud. We are proud to help these brides find their wedding dresses. We are proud to create an environment that is open, friendly and welcoming to all. We are proud that we continue to learn and grow. As a team we work hard to be inclusive, and when I look at these couples I’m reminded of why that’s important. I would tell you why, but I think it’s pretty...

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All the Magical Reasons Why You Should Wear a Veil for Your Wedding

Posted by on May 31, 2019 in Blog

It’s easy to look at a veil and think there’s not much to it. That’s true. Veils are gossamer thin with typically just a small trim of beading or lace or ribbon. By nature they are barely there. When we have a veil packaged up and ready for a bride to take home it’s sometimes hard to see if it’s actually in the bag. So yes, there isn’t much to them. But they can make an incredible difference. They’re like a welterweight in boxing. Thin or not, they pack a maximum punch that more often than not takes your breath away with the same kind of force. What Happens When a Bride Tries a Veil We’ve witnessed it here all the time. Brides, especially those with a bent for bucking traditions, come into the salon dead set against a veil. For some brides, this moratorium sticks. Some brides just don’t want to wear one, and we respect that decision. But for those who are even a little bit on the fence, we suggest they at least try one on. We make the suggestion because we have an obvious vested interested in whether a bride wears a veil, but we also do it because we see the transformative power they have. I’ve seen it myself more times than I can count. The veil makes the look. It makes the bride a bride. I can say without hyperbole that veils are magical, and their magic makes the moment real. When a bride puts a veil on everything suddenly becomes official. The wedding is really happening. It’s all really happening.  The right dress alone can have this power too, but perhaps we notice it more with a veil because it makes less sense. How can such a thin piece of fabric with a little border have such an effect? It’s probably partly because veils really don’t exist outside of weddings. The two are woven quite tightly together the way that other aspects of a wedding are not. Sure, you might not wear a wedding dress any other time, but you might wear something fancy to a gala. You might have your hair...

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