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Wedding Splurge

Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Blog

When I planned my wedding it was all about budget, budget, budget and oh, don’t forget about the budget. This meant tons of DIY, which is actually what fit me and my husband best, but I often wonder if we had more money to spend, what would we have splurged on?    More Snack Ideas The answer: one of my favorite things, a late night snack. I have seen this time and time again in a dozen different wedding blogs and magazines and I think it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Make no mistake this trend is totally unnecessary. It’s frivolous, but then of course that’s the point of a splurge. Either way your guests will have plenty to eat throughout the reception, but I love the feeling it creates. It revs up the celebration one notch higher, and it makes guests feel pampered and appreciated.   There are so many food options: mini sliders, French fries, crispy little donuts. Imagine being a guest at a wedding and just as things are winding down, just as you realize maybe you had one too many glasses of champagne, just as your feet start to get tired and you might have gone too low to the dance floor during “Shout,” all of a sudden waiters sashay onto the floor with trays of cheesy and fried snacks. Amazing. Best wedding ever. Bam....

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Mother’s Day Dancin’

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in Blog

Picking a song for your mom to dance to with you or with your fiancé at the wedding is a really difficult choice. For one you don’t want to pick something so emotional that she cries through the whole thing, although that’s pretty unavoidable, and you also don’t want to be cheesy, which is equally as unavoidable. The list of classic mom songs is pretty short, and it seems that unless you want to dance to Boys II Men you don’t have a lot of options, but you do. The best advice is to go with a song that is meaningful to you and your mom even if it doesn’t seem like a “mom” song because of course, it doesn’t have to be. But if you find yourself struggling for ideas, take a look at these picks in honor of Mother’s Day. “Stay Young Go Dancing” Death Cab For Cutie “In My Life” The Beatles “Don’t Worry Baby” The Beach Boys “Baby of Mine” Alison Krauss “You’ll Be in My Heart” Phil Collins “Sweet Pea” Amos Lee “What is Life” George Harrison   “When the Stars Go Blue” Ryan...

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Let’s Go Floral

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Blog

Today is one of the first real true days of spring and in its honor I am bringing you a veritable floral explosion. I have always been a huge fan of pattern, and nothing makes me happier than to see people embracing florals in a way that goes far beyond bouquets and table arrangements. For starters printed bridesmaid gowns are absolutely beautiful and are gaining in popularity. Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t be afraid of the pattern. Remember that you don’t have to overdo it. One or two girls in a print dress next to a few others in solid colors looks spectacular. The next obvious place for floral is on the feet, um, obviously. Floral shoes are so soft and pretty and sweet. They make for such a great surprise under the dress and you can find a great comfortable pair for a great price. What’s even better is right now you can find a pair almost anywhere and you can cross another chore off your list. Lastly, floral accents can also do a lot to not only add color to your reception, but also charm and character. Just think of soft white table linens with bright floral table runners over top, or mismatched floral china. Think of grooms and groomsmen in floral bow ties. What’s great about accents is that they do a lot to help set the tone of the wedding. Worried that your spring wedding won’t seem “Springy” enough? Grab some napkins with bright flowers and you are done and...

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DIY Wedding Essentials

Posted by on May 1, 2014 in Blog

During my time in the wedding industry I have spent countless hours perusing blogs, pinterest and Martha Stewart weddings, and I can say with total confidence that the best thing that can happen as you plan your wedding is when Ikea comes to town. Ikea is amazing. Not just because you can get affordable furniture that fits up itty bitty city living staircases, but because it has the perfect building blocks to any DIY wedding project. Let me elaborate. Here are my three favorite wedding things to get at Ikea.  Tolsby Picutre Frame 1)   I cannot say enough about these little guys! One, these babies are cheap, and two they are extremely versatile. They are perfect for displaying pictures around the reception, menus, directions, table numbers. You name it. They come in a variety of colors, but they are also a cinch to spray paint in your exact colors.   Ung Drill Picture Frame 2)   This picture frame is in probably 70% of magazine wedding shoots, but there is a reason. The reason is it’s perfect. Simple as that. Again, it just takes a can of spray paint to dress it up, and instantly you have a gorgeous sign directing your guests to the cocktails, to their tables, or to a breakdown of the night’s festivities. And bonus, after the wedding you have a great frame for your new home together! Lovlig Vase 3)   Picking just one more item was tricky, so this is a broad category, but here you have it, glass. Whether you need candle holders, simple clear vases, or last minute platters for the dessert table, Ikea has got you covered in an affordable and above all, stylish...

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First Dance Fridays

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Blog

If There Was No You – Brandi Carlile The options for first dance songs are vast and limitless, and while there is no reason to be cliché about your song choice, there’s no rule that says you can’t take inspiration from other weddings. This gem by Brandi Carlile was played recently at a beautiful April wedding, and between the sweet song and the dancing lessons the couple had taken, no one could take their eyes off the dance floor. It is a pretty little number full of happy tears and made for old souls. The gentle folksy lilt of the song doesn’t call for great dance moves, but it certainly serves up a wealth of emotion.  ...

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A Closer Look at Claire Pettibone

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Blog

When looking for a bridal gown it is easy to get caught in a world of lace and sweetheart necklines. Dresses start to look exactly the same. Sometimes it feels very difficult to be a bride who wants to stand out and be different. But have no fear, designers like Claire Pettibone are here to help. Her gowns are striking. Romantic. Whimsical. They are full of grace and charm. They often drip with flowers and are accented by blues, greens, pinks and golds. The gowns we feature today are new to our store and capture some of Claire’s best-known characteristics. The backs are just as drama filled as the fronts, the lace patterns are unique and intricate, and the flowers are a main focus. More than that these gowns are evocative; they call to mind starlight and lush forests and a crown of white roses.They call to mind romance, and they can carry you away.  ...

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