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5 Things You Need for a Baltimore Wedding

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Blog

1. Mr. Boh The obvious choice is to have Natty Boh at the bar, but if you aren’t a fan (what?) you can always use the beer’s handsome mascot in a number of ways. Mr. Boh and Sally Utz atop your wedding cake. Mr. Boh’s signature mustaches for the photo booth. Or how about an adorable “I Boh-lieve in love” sign?     2. Old Bay There are so many ways to incorporate this Maryland staple into your wedding. Crab cakes, crab chips, French fries, all smothered in Old Bay. Place cards made of Old Bay tins. Or my favorite, Old Bay Salted Caramel Ice Cream from the Charmery, which is amazing. Amazing.   3. Berger Cookies Wedding favors can be hit or miss, and let’s face it, most people don’t need a wine glass with your wedding date etched into, but anything edible is always a win. So give guests a taste of Baltimore by packaging up a cookie and leaving it at their place setting. You can have some fun and use ribbon or a sticker or a nicely penned card that coordinates with your invitations. Of course your caterer can also find great ways to incorporate Berger cookies into the menu. Berger cookie cake? Yes, please.   4. Edgar Allan Poe This is a little tricky if you aren’t going for a Halloween themed wedding full of the macabre, but still not impossible. Cupcakes with the famed literary figure silhouetted on fluffy white frosting would not only make for great photographs, but who can say no to a cupcake? Not to mentions ravens or using the word “nevermore” in a sweet or comical way. And they were a part nevermore. Or and Mike had control of the remote nevermore.      5. The Architecture Ok, so Baltimore might not have the most recognizable skyscrapers, or really many skyscrapers at all, but it does have a distinct architecture. The Domino Sugar sign. The Can Company. The Belvedere. The George Washington Monument. The row homes. The rooftop decks. The Tower in Druid Hill Park. All these places can be used to create invitations, menus, and place cards or...

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3 Tips for Finding your Wedding Shoes

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Blog

1. Have Fun These days there are no rules about anything wedding related, least of all shoes. They don’t have to be white or ivory. They don’t have to be heels. They don’t even have to be dressy. Cowboy boots or sneakers are absolutely acceptable. You can choose a bold pattern or a bright color. You can opt for bows or flowers or glitter because why not? If you want to splurge and treat yourself, (again why not?) then by all means hit up the designer labels, but if that’s not your thing, that’s ok, too.      2. Be Comfortable I’ve heard advice before that you should wear heels because you will walk more gracefully, more erect, more regal on your big day, and maybe that’s true, but not if you don’t usually wear them. You want to be comfortable, not that you would even notice or care if you weren’t, you’ll be too happy for that, but still pick a shoe that can at least make you through the ceremony, picture taking and cocktail hour. 3. Don’t Overthink It This should really be your wedding mantra. There are millions of pairs of shoes for you to choose, but you do have to choose. Prolonging the decision can delay other things, like getting your gown altered, so don’t lose too much sleep or time over it. Once you’ve found the dress, find the shoes immediately, tuck them into their box under your bed and move on to the next thing. Is there a better pair out there somewhere? Maybe, but if you let yourself travel down that rabbit hole you’ll never get anything planned. Happy shoe shopping! {Lindsey}...

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Time for a Cocktail

Posted by on Jun 20, 2014 in Blog

For a fun distraction I found myself scouring the internet for signature cocktail options. I’m probably trying to live vicariously since I did not have a signature drink, but I would have loved to. I love the idea of a signature cocktail. For one, it can help you cut down on your bar tab if you limit the options to wine and beer and your signature drink, and two, it’s a great way to show a little bit of your personality. It’s also just plain fun for guests, and with summer as an inspiration it’s hard to go wrong picking one. You’ve got basil, lemons, cucumbers, and mint, all at your disposal. I’m feeling refreshed already! Your guests will too, and chances are you might have them stepping out of their beer and (boxed?) wine box by trying something new. So if you’re in the market for a signature cocktail for your summer wedding then take advantage of this Friday night. Just grab the fiancé, mix up a drink or two, find your favorite, give it a cute name, and voila!   So cheers! {Lindsey} Silver Monk Tabernacle Crush Sky Juice Rosemary Blood Orange Gin Fizz Grapefruit...

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A Flair for Claire

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog

I have seen a lot of wedding dresses. A lot a lot. From hours and hours spent hunched over the computer screen looking over pinterest board after pinterest board in search of my own wedding gown to more than a year pouring over every gown that comes into the store. With that much exposure it’s easy to get wedding dress overload especially as various trends inspire similar gowns in the wedding world. And so it was a pleasant surprise this afternoon to open up the Claire Pettibone Trunk Show boxes and find all the earmarks of her unique style. In a world of white, ivory and champagne, Claire’s gowns embrace color. They thrive and breathe and come to life with all the romantic echoes of the vintage eras that inspire them. They are as bold and brazen as they are demure and delicate. The lace is exquisite and the layering of textures and fabrics give them dimension beyond their simple silhouettes. The gowns are show-stopping and made for those with a romantic-vintage-boho-ethereal-whimsical-grandmother’s pearls-wedding-under-the-stars-in-a-castle-at-the-edge-of-time flare. If that sounds like you, then I’m pretty sure I know where you should be this weekend.   {Lindsey}...

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Spotlight on Thomas Knoell Designs

Posted by on May 29, 2014 in Blog

Thomas Knoell of Thomas Knoell designs will be here this weekend, and to be totally honest if you haven’t thought about your wedding jewelry you should pay the man a visit. He’s dynamic and energetic, and he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to creating the perfect wedding day look. He can customize anything and change anything to suit your taste. Rose gold? No problem. Silver? Gold? Antique finish? Bam.   But the real reason to come see Thomas is because everything you wear on your big day should be special, and nothing should be an afterthought. You spent hours, weeks, maybe even months researching, shopping, agonizing over the right dress to wear, maybe a little too much agonizing, but the point is you really thought about the dress. The same should go for your jewelry. You are completing a look, and Thomas can help you do that. Whether you are looking for something very bridal, very chandelier earring-ish, or whether you want to be unique and different there are all sorts of options for you. See what’s out there for you this weekend, May 30th – 31st. Call 410.484.4600 to make an...

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A Noteworhty Tip

Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Blog

If you’re big into wedding checklists then you are probably familiar with the handful of tasks that come after the wedding. The review writing, the name changing (if applicable) and the thank-you card writing. Ugh, thank you cards, right? It’s not that you don’t want to give thanks, really, you want to give a million thanks, but after expending all your energy on the big day and then relaxing for a week or two on a warm beach somewhere, the task of writing out cards seems overwhelming. So let’s try and make it easier.   Get a Head Start This tip is, I have to say, ingenious. At the same time that you are addressing all your wedding invitations address additional envelopes for thank-yous for those guests that are in the “for certain” category like close friends who wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world. For example, if a guest is invited to not only the wedding but also the bridal shower and bachelorette party, make an envelope for each. If you think it’s presumptuous to make envelopes for gifts you haven’t been given remember that whether you receive a gift or not you still want to thank your guests for their attendance and love and support. Having a stack of pre-addressed envelopes helps streamline the process, and let’s you focus on the thanking and not the administrative side.   Write as you Receive You will most likely receive gifts before your wedding, especially from guests who are unable to attend, so why wait to thank them. Wedding etiquette may give you some wiggle room to send out cards, but time is really your enemy not your friend. If you don’t write cards pretty immediately you won’t. You just won’t.   Make it Memorable After the honeymoon sit down with your spouse and divide up the list of guests into the people you each know best, put on a pot of coffee and some good music and take a stroll down memory lane. Make writing your cards fun. Make it a reason to sit and think about just how amazing and wonderful and awesome and fun your wedding was...

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