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Mix and Match Maids

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Blog

By now you have seen the trend of mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses everywhere. Everywhere. Sometimes it yields stunning results and sometimes it gets a little unwieldy. I’m not gonna let that happen. All you need is a theme. Themes aren’t just those annoying things you had to map out in tenth grade lit classes. Themes are actually useful; they provide a sense of unity and purpose. So here are a few helpful guidelines. Stick to them or don’t sick to them, but do it well either way.   They don’t have to “Go” together, but they have to “Go” together I love mixing patterns, fabrics and textures. I mean I really love it. But even I know there is a limit to how much variety you can cram into one party before you lose cohesion. So again, if you want everyone in a different pattern or color or fabric then find some common ground among them. Want different patterns? Then keep them in the same shades and so on.   It’s Not All About Ombre Mixing and matching isn’t all about creating an ombre of one shade. You don’t have to do seven shades of blue. Look for inspiration around you. Steal ides from other weddings. Read weddings blogs. Read graphic design blogs. Look for colors that exist together in nature. Think beyond “wedding colors” in the traditional sense and think more about a theme. This will help everything be less matchy matchy.   You Decide A major force behind this trend is the desire for brides to give their maids autonomy and a voice in what they wear. Sure, we all want our friends and sisters and cousins to feel comfortable and beautiful, but it doesn’t mean we need to turn it into a free-for-all. You need to be the one to come up with the rules, and you need to make them strict. You also need to help find the dresses. This makes it fair for all concerned. Yes, your girls want choices, but they also want you to be happy and they certainly don’t won’t to make a decision you won’t like. They also don’t...

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Feature Bride

Posted by on Nov 7, 2014 in Blog

  The pictures are in and it is finally time to reveal all the details from the wedding of our October feature bride Haley who got married in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 4th. For Haley the wedding was really defined not by the celebration, but by the spirituality, intimacy and importance of the ceremony. The ceremony took place at their church and was lead by their pastor who asked both Haley and Danny to write out the reasons they love one another. The pastor then read them aloud during the ceremony. I love her because she is my best friend. I would come to her with anything, and I know she would do the same. Not a dry eye in the house.     The importance and involvement of family really defined the day from the very beginning. Haley’s older brother, an event and wedding coordinator, Drew Vanlandingham was for Haley a lifesaver. He kept the couple on track, he made things run smoothly and efficiently and he even insisted the ceremony start late because important guests were missing from the audience. Family was such a big part of the day we just couldn’t start without them.     The décor was beautiful, vintage and elegant and incorporated the wedding dresses of both mothers as well as a reception ceiling draped with fresh flowers. The bridesmaids looked stunning in their Jim Hjelm dresses, but of course no one shone brighter than Haley in her lace Augusta Jones gown. She customized the back and neckline of the gown to suit her tastes, and she wore bright pink pumps to add a little fun.     It’s no surprise after having the help of her event coordinator and brother, Drew, that Haley’s advice to future brides is to hire a coordinator no matter what the cost, but it does highlight the importance of staying on schedule and keeping track of timelines whether you have professional help or not. Organization is the key, and once you have that, well of course, it’s time to celebrate. Congratulations again Haley and Danny!   Special thanks to Jeff Woods at RedWoods Photography  ...

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Throwback Thursday

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Blog

For this throwback Thursday I give you wedding dresses that are not wedding dresses. I give you pantsuits, and separates. I give you Mia Farrow in the most adorable little jacket ever. I give you Bianca Jagger looking exactly like someone poised to marry a rock star.     Although the pictures of this trend are a blast from the past the runways of New York bridal market this year were home to many of the same looks. What’s old is new again. But this time around style is not the only factor driving the trend. It is the need to make the bridal world more inclusive. Not every bride imagines a ball gown for her big day, and not every bride feels comfortable in a dress. And why should she? The best advice for choosing what you wear on your wedding day is that you feel like yourself. I almost, almost chose a corset back fit and flare dress as my gown because it gave me a perfect hourglass figure. It looked amazing, but the thing is I don’t have an hourglass figure and I knew that for better or worse when I looked at my photos I wanted to look like myself. Every bride deserves the same opportunity. Every bride deserves the opportunity to show her personality, be it traditional or avant-garde. And not for nothing these ladies are killing it in their wedding dresses that are not wedding dresses....

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The Word on Augusta Jones

Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Blog

This coming weekend we will be featuring gowns from Augusta Jones Bridal, and I thought I would take a few moments to explain what is unique about their trunk shows and their dresses. Yes, the dresses are gorgeous, the lace is of the highest most exquisite quality, but what is most important is that Augusta Jones is all about customizations. Brides have the opportunity to play an actual role in the overall design of their gown. Now, to be fair Augusta Jones is not the only designer that can make custom changes, but the list of what is possible with them is extremely extensive and they make customizing a dress so easy to do. Let’s say for example you fall in love with a plain lace gown, but you really wish it was beaded. They can do that. Beading all over? Sure. Just a little scattered beading? No problem. Do you love the skirt of one gown and the neckline of another? They’ll combine them.   And if you join us this weekend for the Trunk Show we will have a style expert from the designer here to help you make all of those customizations. Of course making changes does add to the cost of the gown, but for brides who want something extra special or for brides who just simply can’t find the vision they have in their heads, the cost is completely worth it. Even making a small change, like adding buttons to the zipper can really help you fall in love with a gown and that’s what is most important. So join us this weekend for the chance to you know, fall in love all over again : )       {Lindsey}...

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Gown of the Week

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Blog

  This week’s gown is from Spanish designer Pronovias. It’s a lace mermaid gown with a v-neck front and a plunging low back. It is a great example of how to wear lace and still look modern. There is nothing traditional about this dress. The curves, the construction, the low back and low front make the lace much more red carpet than parlor room.     The dress is also dramatic, which is something I make note of quite often. This is because a dress that has drama can fill a cathedral and make a big statement the same way a ballgown can. And drama is not the same as glitz or beading or bling. It comes from the unexpected.     Just imagine the guests watching as the bride walks down the aisle looking demure in the lace, her collarbones practically gleaming, her flowers held out in front. Everything is very bridal and lovely and then as she passes, the guests catch their breadth just a little. Because really, just look at that back. It’s daring. It turns the aisle into a runway for just a split second. Guests will clamor for their phones and feel a paparazzi-like rush as they snap pictures. Sounds about perfect.  ...

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From the Newlywed Corner

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in Blog

The piece of wedding advice I have for you today is probably as trivial as it gets. It won’t help you wrangle your guests into sending in their RSVP. It won’t help you stick to your budget or manage your stress level as the big day approaches. No, it won’t do any of that, but it is, if I may say so, the best advice anyone will ever give you.   That’s a pretty big proposition, but I can back it up. It’s very very simple. When I was a freshmen in college preparing for a three month study abroad in Italy my roommate told me the best thing I could do to prepare was go out and buy a new bottle of perfume of a scent I didn’t have and take it with me. Ok, sure, scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, why not give it a try. So I went out and bought a brand new bottle of perfume and took it to Italy with me. That was many years ago, and yet every time I smell that perfume I am right back there at the ruins of the Coliseum, on the train to Naples. I am right there staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It worked like a charm.   So for my wedding day I picked out a brand new bottle of perfume for myself and a bottle of cologne for my husband. I think, truly, if I had to choose between our photographer and the bottle of perfume, I might honestly say the perfume. Easy for me to say since I don’t actually have to decide, but the point is the power the perfume has to put me right back into that moment is nothing short of magic.   And so I advise you. I implore you. I beg you to make time in your wedding planning checklist to buy yourself a new scent of perfume for your wedding day. Then if you want to stockpile a bottle or two to keep for posterity that’s up to you. I would see nothing wrong with that.  ...

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