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Getting to the Wedding on Time: From the ER to Toasting the Bride

Posted by on Nov 1, 2019 in Blog

It was last Tuesday afternoon. My sister Stephanie was getting married that Saturday, and she was picking up her wedding dress on Wednesday. I was sitting in the emergency room watching the clock and the heart rate monitor. I had a fever and a pretty bad infection. The timing could not have been worse. Family members were flying in from all over the country. The wedding countdown was on, and I, the Matron of Honor was out of commission. Then a member of the surgical team walked in and told me I would need surgery to stop the infection. I immediately burst into tears. He didn’t know what to do. “Is this about the wedding?” he asked. Duh. I was not missing the wedding. My killer toast was planned, I had a great dress to wear, and an adorable ring bearer to dance with. I wasn’t missing it. I wasn’t going to miss the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner either. Tuesday night faded into Wednesday and all day I waited for surgery. I delegated my Matron of Honor duties from my hospital bed. There was signage to complete, labels to print and pictures to frame. Friends even found me a pair of shoes when the ones I ordered online arrived too small. Through it all Stephanie remained calm, and I remained determined. I told every person who came into my room that I was leaving Friday morning. I told them so many times that it was written in my chart. She has a wedding on Saturday. Each new nurse that came into my room would say, “I hear you have a wedding to go to,” and I would tell them that it wasn’t just any wedding. It’s not just a wedding. It’s my sister’s wedding. Just in Time for a Beautiful Wedding True to my word I made it out of the hospital on Friday morning, and true to form I danced my way out of the room and down the hall. I was there for the pre-wedding manicure and the rehearsal and the dinner. I was there for the morning make-up and the prosecco toast to the bride....

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What do the Newest Enzoani Gowns Look Like? Come Find Out!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2019 in Blog

Our Enzoani trunk show is heading into its second week here at the salon, and after a weekend of seeing real brides in the new dresses, plus our lovely model consultants, I’d really like to tell you all about them. The Enzoani wedding dresses came to our store fresh off the runway. They are brand new! They aren’t on their website, they aren’t anywhere. Except here. And when they leave our store, they won’t be back for a long time. Did you just pause and make your appointment? I hope so, in which case, let me tell you more about these gorgeous gowns. I’ve seen a lot of trunk shows, and I’ve seen a lot of dresses from Enzoani come through our doors. They always have amazing fit and structure.  The gowns strike a great balance between va va voom sexy and sweet and romantic. You can always count on Enzoani to push bridal forward while keeping the classic close at hand. Stunning New Gowns from Enzoani Yes, I always expect great things from Enzoani, but this time, they hit it out of the park. I mean way out there. Tore the cover off the ball, it’s gone, out there. Sports metaphors are okay on bridal blog, right? Anyway, you get the idea. This collection of wedding dresses has something for everyone. You’ll find ballgowns and slim gowns and gowns with high necks or sheer sides. There are lace details and beaded details. You can find a completely clean gown or one loaded with sparkle from every angle. They’ve also done some really great things with their lace patterns. You’ll find a lot of gowns with three-dimensional lace patterns and lace with bigger, more geometric patterns. It’s modern lace that’s hip and fresh. We’re also huge fans of the stretch mikado dresses that hug every curve. Gowns that stretch? Um, yes please! They’re are off the shoulder gowns that show off your beautiful collarbone and plunging necklines that show off everything else. I’m telling you, these dresses are amazing, and you have to come see them in person. From the detailed bodices to the extravagant trains, these wedding dresses...

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Can You Wear Really Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress Again?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2019 in Blog

So many times I hear brides hash out their concerns about whether a particular bridesmaid dress can be worn again. These are of course brides who are being thoughtful. They care about their bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses can get expensive quickly, and brides want to make sure that everyone really gets their money’s worth. I totally get it. I also totally support being conscious of everyone’s budget. If you’re asking a friend to shell out $250 for a dress, then you should absolutely make sure it’s worth it. If your $250 dress can keep her from having to buy two other dresses for future occasions, then the dress pays for itself! Voila. Don’t Let the Re-Wear Wear You Down All of this is wonderful, but it’s also a lot of pressure to put on your dress choice. Re-wearability is pretty hard to predict.  Styles change. People change. There’s just no guarantee, which means, pick the dress based on what you love now, not what you can be used later. And to be fair, how many dresses do you have in your closet as a wedding guest that you’ve actually worn again? Be honest. Each time another wedding rolls around you’ve got a new excuse to buy a pretty new dress. That’s what I do. I do it because I like pretty new dresses, duh, but also I’m kind of a one dress, one occasion kind of gal. It’s kind of a sentimentality thing. For example, memories I made in my blue and white polka dot pencil dress belong to that blue and white polka dot pencil dress. How could I muddy up those memories with another wedding? Each dress, and each wedding, deserves something that’s just its own. I’m about to be a bridesmaid for the very first time in my sister’s wedding, and although I love my dress (luv it), I predict I won’t wear it again. When I take it off after a day of celebrating and partying and shedding happy tears, I imagine that it will just belong to the ages. I’ll put it in its garment bag with the tissue paper hanger and that will be...

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Here’s What Makes the New Maggie Sottero Gowns Special

Posted by on Sep 30, 2019 in Blog

Our Maggie Sottero trunk show starts on Wednesday, and everyone is pretty excited for the dresses to arrive. It’s true, we get excited a lot, but it’s because we love seeing gowns from a variety of designers. We love it because we know our brides love it. The Perfect Combo of Style & Value And our brides also love Maggie Sottero. Their dresses, and dresses from their sister line Sottero and Midgley are stylish, versatile and on budget. Trends are important to our brides, but so is value. With Maggie Sottero, that value is easy to see. Their dresses are well constructed, exquisitely crafted, and expertly designed. For brides that translates into gowns that fit like a glove. When you wear a Maggie Sottero gown you’ll float down the aisle like water down a river. Your guests will hold their breaths as if they are looking at a natural wonder, and naturally, they are. What’s also great about Maggie Sottero is that it truly is easy to find a style you love. You can expect to see a lot of variety of styles at our upcoming trunk show. You’ll find ballgowns and fitted gowns. You can choose anything from a strapless gown to one with full sleeves. There are open backs, embellished backs, and lots of buttons running from head to toe.   I also think it’s really important that Maggie Sottero gowns give you the option to be daring or modest without sacrificing your wedding day vision. The choice of how covered or uncovered you are in your dress is your choice, and Maggie Sottero lets you make it. Often times with bridal gowns, it’s hard to know what you’ll like until you try it on. Sometimes you just don’t know your gown until you see it. Other times, you might not know your gown until you begrudgingly try it on to appease someone and turn to face the mirror in total surprise. That means it’s a good idea to come with an open mind, and it’s even better to shop a trunk show full of variety. The gowns arrive in-store on Wednesday, and we’ll have them through...

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Everything You Need to Know about Bridal Alterations

Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 in Blog

As the temperatures get a tiny bit cooler and we spend our down time thinking about our sweater collections, I’m reminded that though summer is winding down, wedding season is not. Fall weddings are extremely popular. June weddings used to reign supreme, but move over because October is climbing to the top of the wedding cake in a burst of burgundy flowers with gold accents. All that popular fall foliage means that our alterations department is still operating in high-gear, and it makes it a perfect time to give brides a few pointers for alterations. I think the best way for our brides to have a great experience in alterations is to be up front, and give them as much information as possible. I mean when was the last time you had a piece of clothing altered? More importantly, when was the last time you wore clothing that didn’t stretch? Your ‘jeans,’ to be fair, probably aren’t jeans. Trust the Process So what is important to know when you come here for alterations?  Perfection takes time. That means it takes our seamstresses a long time to sew the gowns, and that it takes multiple fittings to get the gown where it needs to be. Every bride is different and every dress is different, but on average brides can expect 3 to 4 fittings. That can seem like a lot, and it’s easy to get frustrated after 2 fittings. We understand. Again, it’s unfamiliar territory. But a wedding gown is practically a living, breathing thing. Every adjustment that is made to it can make another adjustment necessary. A tweak here necessitates a tuck there. All this nipping and tucking is really an elaborate bridal version of a trust fall. We put you up there on a pedestal in your gorgeous gown and ask you to essentially lean back into our open arms. We ask you to trust us because what doesn’t fit perfectly in one fitting, will in the next. Also, we have decades of experience and loads of talent to earn that trust. Ask Questions Of course we also want you to question us.  Having gone through alterations here...

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Here’s Where to Find Hayley Paige’s Liquid Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Posted by on Aug 29, 2019 in Blog

I’m so excited to share these new Hayley Paige bridesmaids dresses with you that I have cut way down on my usual lead-up. In a typical post I’d probably give you a paragraph or two about the hardships of picking bridesmaids dresses. Then I would talk about seeing various trends come and go, and then I would give you a rundown on the most popular colors and materials today. Only after all of that would I dive into exploring these brand new gowns. But this time I truly can’t contain my excitement. I know, I know, after all these years, I still get excited about bridesmaids dresses. Crazy, right? That’s because the Hayley Paige Liquid Metallic dresses are different.  As soon as we unboxed them and took each one out of its cellophane wrapping, I could tell they would be a big hit. Stand Out in Metallics For one thing, they solve a big problem for a lot of brides: what do you do if you want dresses that sparkle, but you don’t want sequins? This conundrum has come up countless times when I meet with brides. Sequin dresses are great, but they aren’t for everyone. For a long time though, sequins were the only option for some kind of sparkle or embellishment. These dresses shine like sequins and catch the light like sequins and instantly elevate the mood of the wedding, but it’s quite refreshing that they are not sequins. Ok, so these dresses are an updated take on sequins, that’s great, but what else can they offer? Thanks for asking! They stretch. Both the metallic overlay and the lining have a nice amount of stretch, which makes the dresses easy and comfortable to wear. I mean think of all the things that bridesmaids have to do throughout the day. From arranging centerpieces to tying bustles to busting a move on the dance floor, those ladies have to do a lot of moving and grooving and these dresses can keep up. Right now the liquid metallic is only available in a few styles, but the silhouettes are simple and flattering. Even with limited styles there is something for...

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