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Spotlight on Designer Sareh Nouri

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Blog

  2015 is off to a great start and we are fortunate to keep expanding our stock of high-end designer gowns. Just weeks ago we welcomed Sareh Nouri to our salon, and today we are going to show her and her gowns off a bit.   Sareh Nouri is an Iranian born designer now located in Northern Virginia who got her start designing bridal gowns while in search of her own dream dress. The struggles she had on that search and the subsequent decision to design her own gown all inform her decisions now as a designer. In building her collection she spent lots of time one-on-one with brides and has a real understanding of what goes into finding and making the kinds of gowns dreams are made of.     Her creations are elegant, sophisticated, and ethereal. The fit and construction are phenomenal and they certainly turn heads. They have an Old World quality to them without being old fashioned. They evoke the echoes of the past in a halo of tulle and fine lace. They make the wearer stand a little straighter, her shoulders back, her head held high holding her royal mantle. Regal, majestic, and simply stunning, we are so happy to welcome gowns from her collection to our salon.  ...

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The Scoop on Gown Preservation

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 in Blog

The summer before I got married, when I was in search of my wedding gown my mother brought out to Baltimore her own wedding gown, which her mother-in-law had preserved for her as a gift. It was more than thirty years old, and still in its preservation box. Inside lay a charmingly retro certificate of preservation and the gown folded neatly on top of crinkling tissue paper. Even with the preservation the fabric had stiffened a bit over time and the color was not quite as ivory when my mother wore it, but it was still pristine and beautiful. My own gown has not been preserved yet, but it sits in a cool dry closet away from the light in a breathable cloth bag. This is the next best thing to preservation.   In the more than two years that I have been at Betsy Robinson’s I have noticed a huge increase in the number of brides who choose to have their gown preserved. We can hardly keep up with the volume of wedding dresses that come back through our doors to be preserved; it’s just that popular. Buying a gown preservation is often something that mothers and mothers-in-law do as a gift just as my grandmother did for my mother.   But just because it is popular doesn’t mean people know what happens. How does it work? What do we do?   First of all, we don’t do it. We ship the gown out to a company that specializes in gown preservation and has years of experience dealing with the fine quality fabrics and delicate gowns. Because of the volume of dresses that are being preserved it can take 12 to 16 weeks for a preservation to be completed. You are welcome to include your veil or belt with the gown, but please remember that the adorable customized hangers cannot be preserved.   First they clean the gown. So if you had a great time at your wedding and got your dress good and dirty like you should, they can get the stains out. Grass, mud, and wine are no problem. Like I said, around here a dirty...

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Stay Connected

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Blog

Today our salon has reached and surpassed another social media milestone. I am proud to report that we now have over 2,500 followers on Facebook. On behalf of our whole staff I would like to thank those of you have visited our page, and I would also like to invite others to do the same. And I don’t just extend this invitation to bolster our statistics. I invite you to follow us on our various social media platforms because I believe there is real value in it. In fact, it is something I wish I would have done as a bride and here are the reasons why.   You get to find out about Trunk Shows. This information is huge for brides searching for the perfect gown, especially ones who have had troubling finding it. Trunk shows offer the opportunity to see more gowns from a designer than we typically carry in store as well as what is new from designers. They also typically mean discounts or special incentives to purchase. Trunk shows happen quite frequently throughout the year here and at other salons, which is why it is always handy to get reminders and updates from us.   You get to see the stock. The inventory of bridal gowns in our store is constantly changing. So much so that we typically only list designers on our site as opposed to individual gowns. But social media is so quick and easy that we have the opportunity to showcase our stock a lot more. When new gowns come in we show them off immediately, making life a lot easier for brides who have searched long and hard to find the perfect dress. It might be on our Facebook page right now!   You get to know us. Our social media platforms allow a behind the scenes look at our salon. You get to hear what we are chatting about on Twitter. On Instagram you get to see what the weather is like outside the store or what fun sweet treat we are snacking on. On Facebook you get to see what other brides of ours have worn on their big...

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First Dance Fridays

Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in Blog

By now I am sure that most of you have seen at least one viral wedding video of a groom or a bride or a group of groomsmen surprising the guests at the reception with a full fledged choreographed dance number. Sometimes they are singing and dancing. Sometimes there are hats and props, and of course some of the videos are amazing and some are terrible. However, good or bad they seem like another item to add to your Knot checklist: choreograph a dance routine. I have mixed feelings about these kinds of surprise dances. On the one hand surprises are fun and who doesn’t want to feel even for a moment that they are living in a musical. But on the other hand the motivation for the dance numbers seems less about showing love and more about trying to go viral. Is it a treat for the audience? Maybe, but only if it is done well. Perhaps a better alternative is to involve everyone in the dancing. So to shift gears to another popular cultural sensation, I give you the whimsical dance routine in the middle of 500 Days of Summer.     Powered by the Hall and Oats classic You Make My Dreams Come True the dance is fun and funny and full of life and love. It also involves everyone in a sort of spontaneous expression of love. Imagine the couple  bursting into the reception venue as the riff beings. They dance and jive and pull unsuspecting guests up onto the floor with them. Those guest pull up more guests and by the time the song is over the whole wedding is up and dancing and celebrating. It is not an intimate first dance idea, but for the couple who truly wants to show their love and appreciation for everyone in the room, it is a fantastic way to do it. Also, you can always have a second, slower, more intimate first dance song to follow. Either way An unchoreographed dance is probably not going to make your wedding a hit on Youtube, but it will make it a hit with your guests.   Happy Dancing....

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Carolina Herrera

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Blog

Here in Baltimore today the weather is a murky mix of rain and sleet. The sidewalks are coated in ice, and our once beautiful snow has washed away in a muddy mix. Needless to say we could use a little pick-me-up, and what better way to brighten the day than by discussing the extraordinary clean and elegant couture gowns of Carolina Herrera? Carolina Herrera is another in a growing list of designers that we have the pleasure of welcoming to our salon in 2015, and she has been a well-known name in the fashion and bridal world for decades. Her gowns are classic and sophisticated and have a sort of understated quality indicative of self-confidence; they don’t need to be flashy to take your breath away. They also have a great balance of strength and grace. The clean lines are bold, self-assured, headstrong. A bride in a Carolina might find herself taking the aisle in a brisk stride, but then there are the soft details: the satin ribbons, the tiny little bows, the embroidered flowers that are all used sparingly and with purpose. It is these details that just like a little dab of red on the crest of the wave of an ocean painting, placed exactly right, make the whole thing make sense. It’s that little bit of balance that makes the whole thing absolutely perfect.   Welcome Carolina.  ...

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Watters, WToo & Love Marley

Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Blog

January is always an exciting month in bridal; the new gowns make their way from the runway to the salon floor, a slew of December proposals make for a wave of brides to be, and cold weather gives way to warm hearts. But around here what really makes January exciting is Watters. The January Trunk Show with Watters, WToo and their newest line, Love Marley, is always a big deal.     Part of what will make the Trunk Show, taking place January 16th – 19th, such a big deal is that it gives brides the opportunity to see the new 2015 Collections in person, and boy are there some stunners in there. They’ve got sleeves and illusion necklines and textured laces and tulle skirts and dramatic backs and truly all the biggest current trends in bridal edited and refined in a way that takes them beyond trendy and makes them classic.   Rarely is there in an opportunity to see such variety of style and price from one designer all in one place. See? There’s the reason to be excited; you can find your wedding gown on Watters weekend, and you don’t even have to try very hard. Just give us a call at 410.484.4600.  ...

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