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How to fit the Bar in Your Budget

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Blog

  Working in a bridal shop I find myself, as all of us do, called upon to give bridal advice from time to time. Can I do this? Should I do that? Am I allowed to wear the same color as so and so? During these occasions I find it best not to speak in absolutes because there really is no answer. I don’t like to say things like “never” or “shouldn’t” with one crucial exception. You should never have a cash bar at your wedding. Never. Ever. Never. Never. Never.   I get it. Alcohol is expensive and an open bar, especially if you have a lot of guests, can quickly cost you a small fortune. But there are plenty of alternatives to a cash bar. Cash bars are better kept for actual bars. For the wedding, the tab should be on you. So before you ask your future spouse “what if we just let people buy their own drinks?” check out these options below.   Beer and Wine Only You don’t have to have an open bar to have a bar. If you cut out hard liquor I promise the price will drop dramatically. You can also opt for less expensive beers and wine and only give your guests a few to choose from. This is totally acceptable, and many guests are accustomed to only wine and beer.   Work with Your Caterer Bargain. I’m not a great bargainer, but even I managed to finagle a cheaper price from my own caterer because I knew they would rather have my business than not. This will only get you so far, but every little bit helps. If your caterer is not responsible for the alcohol then you can save money buy purchasing in bulk, as in kegs, and then asking a local bartender, or even a friend of the family, to moonlight.   A Dry Wedding You don’t have to serve alcohol. Many couples have personal reasons for not serving alcohol, and that’s just fine. The real offense of the cash bar has nothing to do with how much your guests will or won’t be able to drink;...

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Wedding Find of the Week

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Blog

If you’re planning a wedding or helping someone else to plan a wedding then you’ve probably made a trip or two to Michael’s, and I can tell you personally that there are more trips in your future. I was always drawn to the strange and mysterious items of the bargain bins, which is where I found this week’s wedding find. I bring you the classic little milk jug with a vintage, rustic, playful feel and a cute little cow etched into it.   The price ($1.99!) was enough to make me stuff some into my shopping basket for absolutely no reason, and it makes it easy to plan part of your wedding reception with them. As usual I strive to find ways for brides to recreate fancy Martha Stewart-like wedding photos on a more limited budget, and these little dairy glasses have that all covered. I envision these in two ways, on the desert table or at the kids’ table.   Imagine pastel cake stands lined with cookies and miniature cakes arrayed in delicate patterns. If you’re enlisting relatives to bake for a cookie table these little glasses are right up your alley. They’ll make a perfect accent to the table and show guests that you have a little sense of humor, too.  Just line them up in neat little rows, stick a brightly colored striped straw in each one, hang a clever banner or a bunch of matching balloons above the table and voila. Then let guests choose from milk to chocolate milk to a daring White Russian as their drink options and everybody wins.   For the kids table option keep the bright straws, throw in some silly loopy straws, add a little confetti, and cookies shaped like animals and again, everybody wins. Either table will look expertly crafted for your photos and guests will find them adorable and delicious.  ...

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First Dance Fridays

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Blog

Rarely do I ever consider myself on the cutting edge, but we have been long overdue for a First Dance Friday, and this week I think I can get you all in on the ground floor of a perfect first dance song. And so I present for your consideration ‘Fire and Flood’ by Vance Joy. If you haven’t heard it yet I imagine you will start to hear it a lot. It’s sweet, it’s slightly haunting, but it’s catchy. A close study of the lyrics seems to reveal that the song is about a break-up, but have no fear on the surface it’s almost inspiring. Everything is better when your head’s resting next to mine. You can get behind that sentiment, can’t you?   The song starts out slow. It starts out as the kind of song you can slow dance to under the spotlight. You can just stand on the floor and sway back and forth. You don’t have to be a great dancer for this song. Your guests will watch the tender moment in awe and think oh, how perfect and romantic, and just when they start to think, ok, that’s enough standing and swaying, the tempo kicks up. Toes will start to tap and you just might do a nice dramatic twirl. The momentum of the song will carry you across the floor in a whirling twirling magical kind of way and when the music stops you’ll strike a pose and seal it with a kiss.   Take a listen if you haven’t yet.  ...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in Blog

  This week I bring you the latest from couture designer Galia Lahav. If you are not familiar with this Israeli designer this gown pretty much captures the essence of the line. It’s sexy, it’s romantic and it’s dramatic. This sleek and stunning gown is covered in sequins that are arrange in an Art Deco inspired design. It features daring sheer netting sides with metallic threading, and the seams are encrusted with geometric faceted beading. It is a form-fitting gown like no other, and it’s sure to turn some heads. It’s as decadent and sexy as the era that inspired it, and it’s just waiting for a Gatsby-sized party to strut its stuff. We would love for you to come try it on because frankly we can’t stop staring at it.  ...

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Should You Unplug Your Wedding?

Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 in Blog

  Creating a custom hashtag for your wedding is the latest bridal craze. It’s a hipper version of the disposable camera on every table and it allows you to one, create a super cute and clever hashtag, and two, instantly share and connect all your wedding photos. It allows you to get all sorts of pictures that you might otherwise miss and it creates a fast and easy way for those not present to feel as though they were there.   All of that sounds great, right? You want your own unique and sweet hashtag, right? You want to involve your guests. You want to capture every moment of your perfect day. You also want to include people who couldn’t make it, and you want the chance to get dozens of likes and comments on your photos. I hear you. Plus, your guests are going to take pictures anyway, why not ensure that you get to see them? Why not have them all collected neatly via hyperlinks online?   But anytime there are trends there are those who choose to go against them, and in this case there are some fair points to consider for doing so. To being with, do you really want to be indiscriminately tagged in every photo a guest of your takes? Because there are going to be bad photos. Well intentioned photos, yes, but bad ones with poor lighting where you are inevitably making a weird face. The difference between the quality of photos that professional photographers take and the ones guests take are vast and noticeable and you might not notice it until you’ve been tagged in one of those bad photos for everyone to see.   Perhaps that’s a vain argument, but I’m going to say that at least on your wedding day you have the right to be a little vain and to want to project a certain image. However, let’s say that you could care less about whether or not you get tagged in bad photos. That’s fair, too, but do you care if people are holding up their phones and snapping pics during your ceremony? Do you care if...

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Essense of Australia & Martina Liana Trunk Show

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in Blog

  This weekend brings us an especially special Essense of Australia Trunk Show. We are already excited simply because we love Essense, but this time they are sending new 2016 gowns and brides this weekend will be some of the first to get to try them on. As if that weren’t exciting enough they are also sending exclusive gowns that are only available at trunk shows. They are so exclusive that I can’t even show you pictures of them, which is a total shame because they are gorgeous.   Curious yet? Of course you should be. New gowns. Top-secret gowns. Brides, this is your weekend. This is the chance to find your dress. Essense has such a wide variety of gowns that there is truly something for everyone. They have a great mix of traditional and modern, sexy and simple. Looking for a blush dress? Check. How about a low back? Absolutely. Two-piece? Sure thing. Looking for sleeves? Perfect.     They certainly have the upper hand on trends, but they also understand what is classic and what makes a gown not just a gown, but a wedding gown. It’s not just the color or the cut; it’s the feeling. It’s the way brides light up when they put them on. Join us this weekend to get the Essense experience. By Appointment: 410.484.4600.  ...

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