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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on May 14, 2015 in Blog

    This Watters gown has been in our store for Trunk Shows, but it is finally here to stay as a stock piece. It is a show-stopping gown for sure with its plunging illusion neckline and its low button-covered back. The long lace sleeves help to balance these daring elements and the fit and flare silhouette gives the look a statuesque effect. Yes, the gown is simply statuesque. Simply stunning.   The neckline is probably what people notice about this gown first, but I really think the sleeves are what make it worth giving a second glance. Even as more bridal designers incorporate sleeves into their collections there is still a stigma that sleeves, especially lace sleeves, are old-fashioned. But here Watters shows you with ease and grace that sleeves can be sexy, that sleeves can add to the overall sleekness of the gown and that sleeves can reveal just as much as they may cover.      ...

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Blog

Whenever I post a blog here I can rely on the familiar chirp chirp of my cell phone a short while later announcing a message from my number one fan. It is from my avid reader who pours over the details of the newest bridal gowns and trends. She marvels at the creations and the craftsmanship. She is not a bride-to-be. She isn’t buying a gown or planning a wedding.     She is of course my mother, and each message she sends me is full of embarrassing and lavish praise for me. I don’t deserve it, but I do enjoy it and little by little I have found that I write for her. When you put something out there on the internet you never really know who reads it. You never really know who benefits from it or learns from it or enjoys it, but I know I can count on my mother’s encouragement and support.   And so as Mother’s Day approaches it seems appropriate to acknowledge this support in all its unconditional and mystifying glory. My mother seems to think I should be writing for the New York Times or the President of the United States. You’re allowed to laugh if you like, but these are the kinds of things mothers say. I guess that’s because mothers have a tendency to think their children are the best. But that works both ways, and I imagine most children think they have the best mother in the whole wide world.   Which means Happy Mother’s Day to all the best mothers in the whole wide world. Mine first and then yours : )  ...

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Wedding Season

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Blog

The weather the last few days could not have been more beautiful in Baltimore. It seems we have finally turned that tricky corner between pseudo spring and actual spring, which means it’s time to take off our sweaters and scarves and break out the capris pants and sandals. It also means it is time to get excited about all the upcoming spring and summer weddings. Yes, wedding season is upon us. Your own calendars are probably marked up with a few or a few dozen weddings to attend.   Wedding season can wear on a person; it’s true. It can dip into your bank account and it can take away precious weekend time, but here are the things I am looking forward to most as spring and summer weddings approach.   Personal Style Weddings are getting less and less cookie cutter and I am so excited to see all the ways that this season of couples make the day their own. I am excited to see how couples mix and match tradition. I am excited to see hand painted signs and handmade programs and grooms who aren’t in tuxes. I’m excited to see how couples will take a ballroom and make it feel unique and intimate and truly their own.   Bridesmaid Dresses Hand-in-hand with an increased emphasis on personal expression at weddings is an upped game in bridesmaid dresses. I am actually excited to see what the maids will be wearing. I’m excited to see what theme their gowns will be built around. I’m excited to see if they will match each other or if they will be completely different.   The Dancing I used to feel extremely awkward whenever I made my way to the dance floor at a wedding, but I have since realized it’s the best part. Whether you have great moves or no moves, this wedding season, don’t sit on the sidelines. Get in there and get down.   Refreshing Drinks Mint juleps. Mojitos. Sangria. Or classic homemade lemonade. All of these things make attending weddings fun and fancy. It’s especially great when the couple creates their own signature drink. It helps to save...

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Charm City

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Blog

It’s no secret that Baltimore could use a little love this week because there are serious things going on in Charm City. This is not the forum to discuss the serious issues that need to be discussed because this is a bridal blog. But it is the perfect place to show the beauty of a city that is often misunderstood. This is the perfect place to show off all the wonderful reasons to have a wedding here, to visit here, and to live here. Because there are a million of them and they are all charming. The Walters. The BMA. Cap’n Crunch French Toast at Blue Moon Cafe. Mount Vernon Square. The George Washington Monument. The George Peabody Library. Camden Yards. The Orioles. The Ravens. The Raven. Druid Hill Park. Patterson Park. The Running Festival. Natty Boh. Mr. Boh. The Book Festival. The Enoch Pratt Library. The Inner Harbor. The Aquarium. Fells Point. Crabs. Old Bay. Charles Street. The Creative Alliance. Anything on the menu from Miss Shirley’s. Hon Fest. Artscape. And the list goes on.  ...

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Happy Anniversary Will & Kate

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Blog

  Four years ago today Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot. Yes, it has been four years since that grand, extravagant procession captivated a city, a nation and a globe. All across this country groups gathered together at all hours of the night and early morning to watch the events live and eat replica wedding cakes. Our own staff gathered together for a royal slumber party dressed in their finest silk pajamas.   The wedding did not disappoint. It was as full of splendor and opulence and excess as we were all secretly hoping it would be. Kate looked stunning in her modest lace gown and years later brides are still looking to capture her timeless look. It is no coincidence that wedding gowns with sleeves have made such a comeback. And it is no coincidence that lace is once again so sought after.   In the years since the Royal Wedding our obsession and the world’s obsession with the couple has only seemed to gain momentum. With each major announcement, each birth, each photo op, each visit to the United States, we find ourselves more and more invested in their story.   As the birth of their second child looms ever nearer fans have already started to gather outside the hospital wing hoping to be the first to know. I don’t think there are any more slumber parties planned, but we will certainly be waiting for the happy announcement.  ...

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New Bridal Trends

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in Blog

New York Bridal Market was last weekend, and I have spent countless hours pouring over the pictures of all the gorgeous new bridal gowns as they swished down the runway and whirled around the showroom floor. I have to tell you, the future looks very pretty for all you brides-to-be.   Sleek     Dare I say sexy? Yes. There are low backs. There are low fronts. There are cut-outs in the middle. There are sheer sleeves and sheer sides. Many of the latest gowns seem to be taking a decided step away from the vintage lace look that has become so popular recently. Though there is still plenty of lace around there also seems to be more emphasis on fresh and modern. Sleek and sexy.     Colorful     We’ve seen the blush gowns and the pink gowns before, but now we are starting to see color incorporated through pale patterns and hand embroidery. This means more touches of color applied with a conservative hand. This new and expanded use of color helps to solidify the notion that some brides want the chance to buck tradition on their big day.   Back to Back     The back of a gown has never been an afterthought, but this year the back is making a serious play to outshine the front. The bows, the buttons, the sheer tulle and lace appliques all prove how important it is to make both an entrance and an exit at your wedding. Not to mention trains that rival that of Princess Diana’s. Ok, that’s impossible, but the point is the train is making a statement these days, too.  ...

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