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A Pink and Gold Wedding

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Blog

  I’ve been in a real pink and gold mood lately and the internet seems to have taken notice. Everywhere I look I see combinations of pinks and golds and everything looks so sweet and delicate that it seems made for a wedding. This serves as a great reminder to not over-think your color palette; take advantage of what you see reoccurring around you. Why drive yourself crazy by picking obscure shades that are hard to match when you could be using something classic and popular. You are always going to be able to find plenty of decorations and accessories in pink and gold and trust me, when you’re working hard to plan a wedding you could do with a little ease and convenience.   For example, it is never going to be hard to find gold shoes and gold shoes will go with any bridal gown whether it’s ivory, white or oatmeal. It’s also never going to be hard to find gold candle holders, placemats or jewelry. This also makes it easier for your wedding party to find the accessories and decor that you need and no one has to get a headache over it.  ...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in Blog

The latest craze in bridesmaids is definitely the sequined evening gown. It turns out beading, jewels, sequins and rhinestones aren’t just for brides anymore and the bridal world has really started to take notice. Gone are the days when brides tried to pick intentionally tacky dresses for their girls. Now it seems very important to not only make sure everyone is happy and comfortable, but also that they look (almost) as amazing as the bride. That makes sense, right? If these women are your closest friends and family members then naturally you want to make sure they shine, too.     These new gowns from Sorella Vita by Essense of Australia will certainly make sure of that. They come in a variety of styles and several great metallic shades. They are dressy enough for a New Year’s Eve wedding or a great DC hotel ballroom, but also romantic and wistful enough for a fairytale garden party wedding. And if you and your maids are worried about versatility, these are gowns that can actually be worn again. Seriously. That’s because they are more evening gown than bridesmaid gown and that’s a big step forward in bridal.   It’s another reminder that when it comes to dressing your maids there are no rules and there is plenty of room for personal style, both theirs and yours....

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Jun 4, 2015 in Blog

Over the last few weeks we have received a handful of brand new Maggie Sottero stock gowns, and it seems only fair to share these new gowns with all of you. What has always been great about Maggie Sottero is the range and variety of their gowns. Each gown below is strikingly independent of the other, but each gown combines both traditional and modern elements in a way that captivates today’s brides. They really understand the need to be fresh and fun and yet still feel like a bride. I love all of these new gowns because I think they show how Maggie Sottero’s collection has grown and evolved over the years. They hold true to their femininity, their emphasis on fit and shape, and their sculptural structure, but they have updated their look as sensibilities change. These gowns are refined and edited. They have been stripped down to their essential elements so that nothing seems excessive. Each gown shows restrained craftsmanship. In the first gown the plain bodice is countered by the ruched bottom. In the second gown the bling is offset by the soft gossamer tulle, and in the third gown the lace applique offers modern texture and layering to a relatively simple shape. And finally these gowns really are all about extolling the virtues of the female form. Maggie does the fit and flare like nobody’s business, and in the process really puts an emphasis on celebrating curves and femininity. As always, stay tuned for information and updates on new gowns as our extensive stock continues to grow.  ...

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The Importance of Weddings

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Blog

For me to say that weddings are important is almost silly. I write a bridal blog for a top bridal salon. Yes, of course I’m going to think that weddings are important. But it wasn’t until this past weekend when I spent my day off, at where else but a wedding, that the importance really clicked.   When I was knee-deep in planning my own wedding I might not have said that I thought weddings were important, only that I thought my wedding was important. That’s a natural reaction. Obviously the occasion holds a little more weight for the happy couple actually tying the knot. The rest of us, outside the couple acknowledge the day as a rite of passage, as a reason to celebrate and as a happy day, but it doesn’t change us. Unless we are very close to the couple, unless we are welcoming a new member to our family, our lives are pretty much the same the next day.   But as I stood on the dance floor this past weekend as a techno version of Sweet Caroline poured over the speakers and the entire floor full of aunts, uncles, parents and cousins sang each word aloud I realized that weddings are important because joy and celebration are important. When it comes down to it there are so few chances for people to gather their favorite people together and just be completely joyous that we must all take advantage of every opportunity there is.   You’ve probably gone to a lot of weddings. You’ve probably gone to a lot of weddings of coworkers or distant relatives where you didn’t know the name of the bride let alone any of the guests. You’ve probably been dragged to a wedding out of obligation, and you’ve probably sat on the sidelines and maybe only danced to Shout because you just have to do that. Yes, it’s easy to fall into that. It’s easy to forget that no matter how close or distant you are to the happy couple that you have been invited not just to watch them wed, but to share in abundant and all-consuming joy. You,...

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After The Party

Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Blog

  My husband and I spent a little over a year planning our wedding together. We did the bulk of the work ourselves and it occupied a good deal of our free time. I devoted hours to DIY projects like hand-making envelopes and invitations. I became an expert crafter and I really enjoyed it despite the extra work. My husband enjoyed being the point-person with all our vendors. He liked the responsibility of writing emails and making phone calls to keep us on track. Rather than complain about the extra work we both looked at it as a hobby and a sort of team-building exercise.   But as the wedding neared my feelings of excitement and accomplishment were mixed with something that felt like dread. The dread was not about the wedding, but about what would I do after there was no wedding to plan. What would I do when not only was there nothing to do, but no big event to look forward to? Would I be blue? Would I just sit and look through my wedding album for hours at a time? Would I parade around in my wedding dress to try to lift my spirits?   Of course I was worried for no reason, but it’s reasonable for brides to expect a little post-wedding let-down. You just planned, hands-down, the best party you have ever been to and now it’s over. To make matters worse you probably just went on the best vacation ever, and now you have to come back. Now it’s back to reality.   Except that after your wedding the reality is different, and all the humdrum stuff is suddenly just a little more exciting. So if you find yourself with some post-wedding blues try a couple of these tricks.   Invite People Over You are now a couple! Even if you lived together before, having guests over takes on a subtle little nuance. You have created a home. You have stocked it, often with a lot of help from your wedding guests, with all the little essentials of an everyday household. You have cloth napkins now and glasses for every kind of...

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A Mad Men Wedding

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Blog

Last Sunday millions of viewers tuned in to say goodbye to the award winning drama, Mad Men. Through seven tumultuous seasons on the air audiences watched as characters maneuvered through the pitfalls of the advertising and homemaking world of the 1960’s always in fabulous and impeccable style. In fact, it was the painstaking authenticity of the show’s style that first drew in many viewers like myself. The dresses, the suits, the hats and gloves all harken back to a time that is hard for most of us to imagine and mesmerizing to see on the screen. We run to the grocery store in yoga pants, not our Sunday best. We have a different sense of occasion and we almost never wear hats unless they’re wool with a pompon on top and probably emblazoned with a sports team. Of course the acting was also superb and the drama intense, but the show owes more than a bit of its success to the sets and the costumes and so in homage to the show’s backbone I have created a Mad Men inspired wedding that I would love to be invited to. A Swanky Mid Century Cocktail Lounge This gorgeous couch courtesy of Joybrid would look perfect in the cocktail lounge portion of your wedding reception because let’s face it, if you’re having a Mad Men style wedding there has to be a cocktail lounge and strong cocktails to match. The mustard color is so evocative of the 60’s era, and the sleek design is just begging for the happy couple to pose for a retro pic on it.     Geometric & Abstract Patterns Mid Century patterns are all the rage and available everywhere. You can buy a roll of wallpaper or a few yards of fabric and create a great backdrop for your ceremony. You can stencil a quick geometric pattern onto your cocktail napkins, your invitations or your placards. Not to mention the fact that Ikea, the mecca for all things chic and inexpensive has an extensive selection of retro inspired items like this serving tray. Totally mod, and bright and fun and perfect to carry those old-fashionends.  ...

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