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2016 Pantone Wedding

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Blog

Pantone has forecast two colors as the trendsetting it shades of 2016: rose quartz and serenity. These pale pastels present a sharp contrast to the bright, strong, jewel-tones of the past several years. They are soft and subtle and perfect for adding an accent color to any outfit or affair. If Pantone’s forecast is correct and if their color influence is strong, which it is, you’ll likely start to see these colors pop up in wedding photos more than you already do. Because of course, these colors are perfect for weddings. Blues and pinks are pretty standard wedding fare because they are easy to wear, easy to coordinate, and easy find. In fact, they are so easy to find that I’ve already coordinated the perfect 2016 Pantone wedding. The colors help give this imaginary wedding a light and airy, easy going charm that is appropriate and at home in any number of venues. I see outdoor Southern rustic charm here or a beachfront toes-in-the-sand sunset wedding. But don’t let these easy going tones fool you, they can easily captivate a regal ballroom with their soft, subtle nobility.    ...

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Enjoying the Engagement

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Blog

When I first got engaged it felt really strange to use the term fiancé. Much like it felt strange to say boyfriend in the beginning and much like it still sometimes feel strange to say husband. Of course the tricky part about fiancé is that you aren’t called one for very long. Engagements are generally about a year, and that year can go by very quickly. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also the in-between time. With all the planning that goes into a wedding it’s easy to focus solely on the future.   Brides are always advising other brides to enjoy every moment of their wedding day and not let it rush past, and I offer the same advice for the engagement. Enjoy the in-between time. Here to help are some great holiday and winter activities to get in on when you take a break from addressing envelopes.   Ice Skating There’s basically nothing cuter or more romantic than an outdoor skating rink, and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor offers the perfect backdrop for your escapades. You hold hands. You huddle together for warmth. You fall down and you get a cup of hot cocoa to share, and snap a photo #engagedlife.   Catch a Movie The Senator Theater is great for date night. It’s grand and historic and it plays great old movies. This year they have special screenings of Home Alone and It’s a Wonderful Life, but it’s worth going to even for a new blockbuster. Afterwards stroll through Belvedere Square, peruse the delicacies at Atwaters and stop for a drink by the fire in Ryan’s Daughter. Everything is warm and cozy there and far from wedding planning.     Mt. Vernon Monument Lighting If you’ve never been then you have to go. You have to go at least one time. It’s more or less the same ceremony every year, but there are lots of great food vendors and lots of good music and it’s the perfect time to bust out your knit hat with the pompoms. Thursday Dec. 3rd 5 – 8pm.    ...

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Giving Thanks

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Blog

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means it’s time to give thanks. As an individual I have much to be thankful for, and I am sure that the same is true for all of you, but I’ll spare you my own list in favor of one with a broader appeal. The world of bridal also has much to be thankful for this year. From new trends to old favorites we are feeling pretty lucky.   Thinking Beyond Strapless     Not all brides want to wear a strapless gown, and the designers have finally gotten the message. The landscape of sleeve options for bridal gowns has changed dramatically in the past few years. It’s no longer so difficult to find something beyond a spaghetti strap. Hooray for cap sleeves and long sleeves and T-shirt sleeves. Hooray for variety.   Bridesmaids Look Less Like Bridesmaids     Over the past few years the gowns that bridesmaids have graciously worn down the aisle have gotten more and more stylish. Gone are the days of fitting six different body types into one dress. Gone are the days matching the gowns to the shoes to the tablecloths to the invitations. Who knows if anyone will ever really wear their bridesmaid dress again, but we’re thankful that at least these days they actually could.   The Great Great Gatsby       Probably the only theme more prevalent in bridal than the Mason Jar is Art Deco. Even though the updated version of the Great Gatsby lit up the screen two years ago, brides are still in search of the themes it epitomizes: glamour, Hollywood, drama, glitz. Using one single word brides have been able to channel their entire wedding theme and communicate it to planners, vendors, and dress shops. Thanks Gatsby for keeping us on point.   Running Wild for Table Runners     This year brought us a renewed devotion to the reception table and everything that goes into making it look pretty. Plain white tablecloths became a thing of the past as more and more couples opted for fancy runners in a wide variety of materials and styles. This year tables...

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Tips for the Seating Chart

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Blog

At some point you’re just going to have to do it. You have to do it. Making the seating chart for your reception is an onerous task, and it’s only made worse by the fact that you usually can’t finalize it until the very last moment and even then it’s subject to change. The seating chart is difficult because it involves both logistics and relationships.   For example: You might have only invited a small group of work friends to your wedding and you’d like them to be able to stick together, but there are nine of them and eight seats. Ok, we’ll split them up, five and four. Easy right? Oh, but then who comprises the other seats at those two tables. Do you know other people who might get along with them? Of course you do, that’s easy. It would be easy except that the other people you know are all couples. How are you going to get that odd number of three people? Let’s start over.   And on it goes. So yes, it’s difficult, but there are ways to make it easier.   Group People by Who they Know Sure, you want your guests to mix and mingle and get to know new people, but save that for the dance floor. People want to sit next to people they know, so use that as a starting place. Once you group together all the people who have to sit together then look at your free agents. Who are they similar too? Whose company might they enjoy? It also helps to have a list of odd and even numbers of people who need to sit together. Remember those work friends up there? You could pair four of them with two couples who already know each other, and you could pull from your odd number list to fill in the gaps at the table of five.   Opt for the Sweetheart Table This is becoming more popular at weddings than a head table, and it’s easy to see why. For one thing it allows you and your brand new spouse a teeny tiny bit of time together on...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Blog

Today I feel like I am writing more of a public service announcement than a blog post about what is new in stock. I feel this way because I am introducing you to a gown that you need to know about; this is for your own good. I know all too well what it’s like to be scouring the internet and magazines and stores looking for the perfect dress. It’s exhausting. It’s a tough job, and if you aren’t in the bridal world it can be hard to get all the information about what really exists.     That’s where I come in, and that’s where this dress, by Willowby (a division of Watters) comes in. I know so many of you are searching for this kind of look. You want something delicate and pretty and hopelessly romantic. Maybe you’re looking for an ethereal rustic vibe. Maybe you desperately don’t want to go strapless, but sleeves aren’t your thing either. You want a gown that feels on trend and modern, but one that still makes you feel like a bride. Most importantly you’re looking to get carried away by a feeling you can’t even describe.     And here is the gown to carry you away. It’s got everything. The soft tulle skirt is lovely and feminine and the layers add depth and dimension. The floral appliques on top seem to grow organically out of the bodice up to the illusion neckline in a way that is charming and whimsical. You can dress this gown up with a beaded belt and big crystal earrings or you can adorn it with a flower crown. It works on all ends of the spectrum. This is the breath-of-fresh-air dress. This is the rustling-of-leaves-on-the-forest-floor dress. This is the handwritten-note-on-the-kitchen-counter-signed-xo dress.   And it could be your dress, so say hello.  ...

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The Sweet Stuff

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 in Blog

You might not know it, but today is national candy day. It’s an entire day devoted to the sweet, sugary, colorful side of life. Between you and me I think everyday is candy day, but I will still take this opportunity to discuss some of the ways that the sweet stuff can make your big day even sweeter.   Photo Courtesy of the Knot   Let’s Get Personal If you want to get creative with your candy it makes a great way to help personalize your wedding. You can get candy wrapped in your wedding colors to sprinkle on tables. You can spring for the personalized M&M’s with your faces on it, or for a more reasonable price you can buy bags of M&M’s in your wedding colors, too. If you have a signature candy, or if some part of your love story involves a candy you can incorporate that into your dessert table. If you are a famously fun, silly kind of couple you can also take advantage of the numerous candy puns at your disposal.   Add Local Color Candy also is a great way to give your out-of-town guests a taste of your town. For example, tons of brides along the Eastern shore must certainly take advantage of the salt-water taffy and have bowls full of it around their reception hall. If you can’t think of signature candy from your town you can also visit local mom and pop stores and purchase handmade chocolates. The candy itself may not be specific to your area, but buying local is always fun and appreciated.   Do Me a Favor I’m usually not big on favors, but making favors that are edible is certainly the best way to go. Here’s all you have to do: you buy tiny little paper bags in one of your wedding colors, you get a thank you stamp to print on each bag, you set out jars of candy and invite guests to fill a bag before they go. Guests will love it because one, candy, and two it’s interactive. They get that candy shop experience that we can never get enough of no...

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