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For Brian, with Love

Posted by on Feb 21, 2020 in Blog

In the bridal business we spend an awful lot of time focused on love. It’s the reason we’re all here. We have jobs, I have a job, because people are in love. It’s a pretty cool reason to have a job, and it’s especially nice because most of the time that love is happy. Most of the time we get to focus on happy couples who get to stand up in front of the people they love and proclaim it loud and clear. Sometimes the love is the sad kind. Sometimes we have to take time in our appointments to acknowledge a person whose presence is keenly felt by their absence. Sometimes love is very hard. This is one of those times, and if you’ve been through our store and passed our front desk, then you may know why. Earlier this week we lost our Front Desk Manager, Brian Young. All of the words in that sentence are wrong. First, to call him simply a Front Desk Manager does not begin to describe his role here. He was the light of this whole operation. He greeted every bride and every family with a magnetic smile and a heavy dose of Southern, Arkansas charm. He helped out in every aspect of the store, and he was the definition of a team player. He could breeze through difficult situations and befriend anyone. He could put stressed out brides at ease with a flash of his smile and a legitimate wink of his eye. He loved to laugh, and he had a real skill for making all of us laugh. Like any true Southerner, Brian loved to cook, and we were all the happy beneficiaries of that. I can personally say that I have never and will never taste better mac and cheese as long as I live. He was interested in everyone, and I don’t just mean the staff here. Countless times I would catch him deep in conversation with a group at the front desk and later ask, “Brian, do you know them?” No, he could just strike up a conversation that easily. When he came to work here nearly...

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Boho Vibes

Posted by on Jan 9, 2020 in Blog

Your search starts right here, and it’s pretty easy, all thanks to a new line from Essense of Australia. Boho in bridal is big. And it’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. A few years ago Boho seemed like a fad. In fact, it seemed like the kind of wedding trend that was just manufactured by the Internet, but one that didn’t really live out in the real world. Boho editorials were everywhere, and it was hard to open up a magazine without seeing a styled shoot of a bride in a broad-brimmed hat carrying a dream catcher down the aisle. The elements have changed a bit in those few years, but the sentiment remains the same; the spirit of the Boho bride lives on. Only now, Boho brides are after a little more sophistication. These are brides that want to push boundaries and push back against princess gowns while still embracing romance and delicate details. Introducing All Who Wander For these brides, we have just the thing. We are so happy to carry the newest line from the Essense of Australia team, All Who Wander. It’s a line designed for the Boho bride, for the adventurer, for the darer and the daring. These gowns have a free-spirited vibe for sure, but these are also dresses for brides who want choices and options. These are dresses for brides who don’t think that a bride is any one thing or that a wedding dress is any one thing. Getting married isn’t about following a bunch of rules. It’s about tailoring a day around your love and what’s important to you. The same should be said of your gown, right? It should feel like you and move like you. You want a gown that fits your personality and not just a magazine editorial. So you can put down your dream catcher, or you can pick it up if that’s your thing, and then you can make your appointment to find the Boho gown you’ve been waiting for. Finally, designers have caught up to your vision, and your gown is here!...

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How to Save Big on Your Wedding Dress

Posted by on Dec 2, 2019 in Blog

Sample sale. Sample sale. Sample sale. Just whisper that three times and your dream dress materializes in front of you with a giant red sale tag. Voila. Well, it’s not exactly that easy, but it is that magical. This Saturday kicks off our biggest sample sale ever. Seriously. All our sale gowns will be 50% off the original price. We’ve been tagging and organizing, and we’ve almost worked off that pumpkin pie moving rack after rack of gowns. Almost. We’ve got dresses from all of your favorite designers and every style and size. We’ve been posting pics of some of the deals on our Instagram feed, and the savings are real. Half off. I mean, with prices like that you can’t afford not to buy a dress. Right? Again, it’s my job to write about store events and get brides into the salon, but I’m also still a person who lives on a budget and knows how pricey planning a wedding can be. So if you can get the gown of your dreams without breaking the bank, I want to let you know. Your Wedding Dress is Waiting There are some really pretty sale gowns in here.  Many of them just never found the right bride, but you might be that bride. That’s kind of a sweet though, right? Your dress, much like your fiancé, was just waiting for you and once the two of you are together, everything just makes sense. Of course, with your dress, there’s no waiting around. In fact, the other beauty of a sale wedding dress is that you get to take it with you that day. That’s great news if you have a close wedding date, but even if you’re a 2021 bride who is on top of it (love that) you have the satisfaction of getting a big item checked off your list. So if you’ve been searching for just the right gown or just the right price, this is the sale for you. Literally hundreds of gowns are on sale (I said it was our biggest ever, didn’t I?) and somewhere in here is a gown for you. Actually, the gown...

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The Ultimate First Dance Song

Posted by on Nov 22, 2019 in Blog

Choosing a first dance song for your wedding is tough. There’s so much to consider. Can you actually dance to it? Is it too long or too short? Is it too obscure or too cliché?  Does it fit your wedding vibe and your personality as a couple? There are lots of qualities to look for in a first dance song, but I think the best ones are those that are both romantic and fun. They are the songs that make people put down their salad forks and pay attention. I’ve been to a lot of weddings, and I’ve also written a lot about first dance songs. My own will obviously always be my favorite, but thanks to my cousin who got married this past Saturday, I have a pretty close second. I don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Aerosmith isn’t really my thing, and the song choice kind of surprised me. But as the bride and groom swayed across the floor I realized I was really into the song, and so was everyone else. We were belting out all the notes with the raw emotion of people who can’t sing and don’t care. We had the hand gestures and the facial expressions down. Like celebrity-lip-sync down. Everyone basically transformed into Steven Tyler. It was theatrical and dramatic and all out magical. A Song That Everyone Can Get Into This is a pretty accurate representation of how we looked, or at least felt. Then the happy and beautiful couple did my most favorite thing that you can do in a first dance; they invited everyone else onto the dance floor to finish out the song. The guests let loose. They got even more into it standing up than they had been sitting down. All around the dance floor my relatives joined hands or embraced. We swayed together and played air guitar together and really felt all of those lyrics. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure. The song was perfect. It was fun and entertaining and it let everyone know that their presence there was appreciated and meaningful.   As you plan your wedding there...

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Getting to the Wedding on Time: From the ER to Toasting the Bride

Posted by on Nov 1, 2019 in Blog

It was last Tuesday afternoon. My sister Stephanie was getting married that Saturday, and she was picking up her wedding dress on Wednesday. I was sitting in the emergency room watching the clock and the heart rate monitor. I had a fever and a pretty bad infection. The timing could not have been worse. Family members were flying in from all over the country. The wedding countdown was on, and I, the Matron of Honor was out of commission. Then a member of the surgical team walked in and told me I would need surgery to stop the infection. I immediately burst into tears. He didn’t know what to do. “Is this about the wedding?” he asked. Duh. I was not missing the wedding. My killer toast was planned, I had a great dress to wear, and an adorable ring bearer to dance with. I wasn’t missing it. I wasn’t going to miss the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner either. Tuesday night faded into Wednesday and all day I waited for surgery. I delegated my Matron of Honor duties from my hospital bed. There was signage to complete, labels to print and pictures to frame. Friends even found me a pair of shoes when the ones I ordered online arrived too small. Through it all Stephanie remained calm, and I remained determined. I told every person who came into my room that I was leaving Friday morning. I told them so many times that it was written in my chart. She has a wedding on Saturday. Each new nurse that came into my room would say, “I hear you have a wedding to go to,” and I would tell them that it wasn’t just any wedding. It’s not just a wedding. It’s my sister’s wedding. Just in Time for a Beautiful Wedding True to my word I made it out of the hospital on Friday morning, and true to form I danced my way out of the room and down the hall. I was there for the pre-wedding manicure and the rehearsal and the dinner. I was there for the morning make-up and the prosecco toast to the bride....

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What do the Newest Enzoani Gowns Look Like? Come Find Out!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2019 in Blog

Our Enzoani trunk show is heading into its second week here at the salon, and after a weekend of seeing real brides in the new dresses, plus our lovely model consultants, I’d really like to tell you all about them. The Enzoani wedding dresses came to our store fresh off the runway. They are brand new! They aren’t on their website, they aren’t anywhere. Except here. And when they leave our store, they won’t be back for a long time. Did you just pause and make your appointment? I hope so, in which case, let me tell you more about these gorgeous gowns. I’ve seen a lot of trunk shows, and I’ve seen a lot of dresses from Enzoani come through our doors. They always have amazing fit and structure.  The gowns strike a great balance between va va voom sexy and sweet and romantic. You can always count on Enzoani to push bridal forward while keeping the classic close at hand. Stunning New Gowns from Enzoani Yes, I always expect great things from Enzoani, but this time, they hit it out of the park. I mean way out there. Tore the cover off the ball, it’s gone, out there. Sports metaphors are okay on bridal blog, right? Anyway, you get the idea. This collection of wedding dresses has something for everyone. You’ll find ballgowns and slim gowns and gowns with high necks or sheer sides. There are lace details and beaded details. You can find a completely clean gown or one loaded with sparkle from every angle. They’ve also done some really great things with their lace patterns. You’ll find a lot of gowns with three-dimensional lace patterns and lace with bigger, more geometric patterns. It’s modern lace that’s hip and fresh. We’re also huge fans of the stretch mikado dresses that hug every curve. Gowns that stretch? Um, yes please! They’re are off the shoulder gowns that show off your beautiful collarbone and plunging necklines that show off everything else. I’m telling you, these dresses are amazing, and you have to come see them in person. From the detailed bodices to the extravagant trains, these wedding dresses...

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