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Three Things to do After You Get Engaged

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Blog

  Ok, so you’ve just answered a pretty important question and you are excited for the many months of planning and celebrating that await you. There is going to be a lot of both, but before you dive into all the festivities considering concentrating on a few important first steps that will make everything else easier.   Pick a Date I know it’s really tempting to immediately head for inspiration and ideas online and in magazines, but try to peel yourself away from pretty gowns and pick a date first. Your date influences so many other decisions including, to a degree, the dress you’ll wear. The date influences where you can logically have your wedding and who will be able to attend. The time of year and date can help you with your flowers and your colors and your bridesmaids dresses. Even if you can’t pick an exact date, if you can narrow it down to a month and a year then you’re almost there.     Prioritize Before you even talk budget, it’s good to talk priorities. You probably can’t do everything you want to for your wedding, but what are the absolute musts? Are they the same for both of you? This will help you when you create your budget because you’ll already know the areas that need more money and the areas that need less. These priorities will also help you when it comes to the tone and theme of your wedding. Maybe for you the most important thing is making sure the food is amazing, and so you’ll dig deep on the catering. Or maybe the most important thing is that you get a chance to talk to every single guest at the reception in which case maybe you want to focus on a smaller gathering. Whatever your priorities are, pick them and stick to them.     Pick Your Bridal Party You don’t have to send out monogrammed wine bottles to all your bridesmaids the day after you get engaged, but it’s still a good idea to pick them. For one thing you need to know how the numbers work out. Is the bridal...

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How to Pick Your Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Blog

  Maybe it’s because they will outnumber you or maybe it’s because of the overwhelming emphasis on creating a particular look, or maybe, like so many problems in life, it’s all Pinterest’s fault. However you slice it, picking bridesmaid dresses can be really tough. There are literally millions of options and it’s easy to feel like it’s impossible to choose, but there are a few tips that might help you navigate the path to perfection.   Pick a Fabric This is the easiest place to start and once you can accomplish this choice it will simplify other choices. For many people that might mean familiarizing yourself with fabrics. Lace is great, but it doesn’t always come in a wide range of colors. Chiffon is nice for summer because it’s light and flowy. Satin is heavier, but it also has a little natural stretch to it and often captures metallic tones better.   Don’t Rely on Magazines or the Internet Oh, but it’s so hard with all this boundless inspiration. How can you turn away from it? Because actually going and seeing the gowns in person, on people, all together, is much more helpful and much less overwhelming. Also, the internet is great, but it often portrays looks that are either impossible to find, hard for everyone to afford, or not realistic for you know, real actual people.   Classic Over Trendy Look people, so many of our mothers and aunts tried to be trendy and we’ve all seen the results; big puffy sleeved peach gowns with yards of taffeta. There of course is no guarantee that what you pick will weather the storm of time and trend well, but you can minimalize the effect. The best advice is to limit yourself to one trend rather than trying to capture all of them. For example, those peach taffeta puffy-sleeved gowns might be easier to stomach if they didn’t have the sleeves.   Give Direction Even if you decide to have a more free-flowing bridal party in which your girls can choose their own gown, please, please give them direction. They really want to be told what to get because they...

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Donna Morgan Bridesmaids Trunk Show

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016 in Blog

On any given weekend, it’s a pretty fair bet that we will be having a trunk show. In fact, throughout the year we are fortunate enough to host dozens of trunk shows and showcase the very latest in bridal. It is not often, however, that we get to host a bridesmaid trunk show, so we are pretty excited about this coming weekend. And you should be, too.   Donna Morgan is one of the top bridesmaid’s lines in the country, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The styles are trendy, ethereal, and easy to mix and match in accordance with a given theme. My favorite thing about them is that they respond to consumer tastes fast, like trending on Twitter and available in stores fast. A few years ago when mint suddenly became the “it” color, they were on it, and they were way ahead of the curve. In an industry that takes months to manufacture dresses, being on top of trends is extremely helpful and extremely important.     Their latest trend triumph is the sequin gown. The desire for this evening gown twist on bridesmaid dresses is not dying down and Donna Morgan is capitalizing by adding their own perspective. They mix sequins and tulle and they also arrange sequins in patterns giving the gowns more dimension.       Their color palette tends to be more limited, especially in the sequins, but I love the soft tones, and I love mixing them together. I’ve also found that sometimes having a narrower color palette just makes it easier to make decisions. It’s a lot easier to choose a shade of blush, if you only have one shade to begin with, right?   So if you haven’t found the prefect gowns for your bridesmaids yet, or if you know a bride who has been on the hunt, then definitely stop by this weekend to see these new gowns. You won’t be disappointed and PS, there’s a discount! New and on Sale? Yes please. Check Out More Gowns Here.  ...

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How to Save Your Bridal Party Money

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Blog

We all know that weddings are expensive all the way around, for everyone, but we generally concentrate on how expensive weddings are for the couple getting married. It’s true, if you’re planning the shindig yourself it’s easy to spend a lot of money, but you aren’t the only ones who have to pony up so to speak. These days, between destination bachelorette parties and showers and engagement parties, your wedding party ends up with a hefty bill for your nuptials.     That’s not to say they aren’t happy to spend the money. By accepting the invitation to be in your bridal party they are also happily accepting the expense that goes along with it. But just because they are happy to spend money on travel and hotels and parties and drinks and gifts, doesn’t mean you can’t try to make it easier on them.   You can’t control certain expenses like airfare and hotels for those in your party who are out-of-town, but here are a few ways you can lessen the load for them.   Don’t Worry About the Shoes Everyone thinks you should be concerned about what shoes your bridesmaids wear, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter. They don’t need matching shoes. Pick a color and ask everyone to wear something close to that. Even if the gowns are short, as long as the shoes are similar no one will notice. If you pick a fairly common color, then odds are everyone will already own a pair and that’s one less expense.   Do it All in One Weekend As tempting as it may be to spread out the festivities, you will save your bridal party a lot of expense and trouble if you plan all the extra activities for one weekend.   Don’t Insist on Professional Hair and Make-Up If you want to gift these services to your bridesmaids, then by all means do, but if not, there’s no reason to make them mandatory. They will all look beautiful regardless.   Their Presence is Their Present Right? Of course they may still want to give you gifts because they love you, but let it...

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First Annual Robinson’s Running of the Brides Sale

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Blog

Friday, June 17th from 6 – 9pm we are hosting our first annual Robinson’s Running of the Brides Sale. You don’t have to pack a water bottle and run a course, but if you’re looking for a bridal gown for an incredible deal, then you’ll want to come prepared to sweat a little.     Betsy Robinson’s Bridal has been in business for nearly four decades, and this sale will be one of the biggest in our history. More than two-hundred current bridal gowns from top designers like Maggie Sottero, Watters and Allure will be on sale as low as $99 and as much as 90% off their original price.   If you don’t spend a lot of time in bridal you might not understand just how amazing that is, so let me reiterate for you, that’s amazing. You can’t get anything for a wedding for $99, but these three brief hours might actually provide you with a wedding gown for that shocking price. The gowns that line the racks are in excellent condition. Some are trendy, some are classic, and all of them have been waiting for just the right person. The gowns range from white to ivory to champagne and from lace to silk to crepe and everything in-between. There are also styles in a variety of sizes to suit every bride.   And in speaking of every bride, that’s what the running of the brides represents, an opportunity for everyone to find a top-quality, designer gown at a great price. Like I said though, for this incredible opportunity, you’ve got to put in some work. Most importantly you need to know what you’re looking for. This is not a fact-finding mission, it’s a gown finding mission. So grab your closest confidants, formulate a plan, know your bridal size (remembering that bridal runs very small) and get to the salon early. No appointments will be taken for the sale; it’s just first come first served. That means the process will involve a little less pomp and circumstance than brides may be used to, but it means more of the thrill of the hunt. Somewhere in the racks...

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Tips For Keeping Your Guest List Small

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Blog

Short answer, you can’t. That is, if you have a big family or your fiancé has a big family and you both have lots of close friends, then odds are you’re just going to have to pony up and go for the big wedding. But big families and big friend groups don’t automatically mean big weddings, so long answer, it is possible.   Consider the Location Maybe you each have twenty, first cousins spread out all over the country. How likely are they to travel? Did your cousin Becky from California fly out last year for your brother’s wedding? If she did, she would probably do the same for you. If she didn’t it’s probably safe to assume that the distance is a little much for the wedding of a cousin she sees every couple of holidays.   Consider the Relationship You’ve both got all those great college friends, I’m sure. So many memories with lots of great people. It’s natural to think you should invite all your old chums, but do you still keep in touch? Are you likely to still be in touch in five years? It might make you a little wistful to admit you aren’t as close with certain people, but the ultimate goal, above keeping the guest list from being unwieldy, is to have people at your wedding that you really want there. Trust me, guests can tell when they are an afterthought or an obligation and it’s not the most fun way to spend an evening.   Do You Both Know Them? This is an important question to ask, and it will rid your list of a lot of casual acquaintances or those you have lost touch with. It’s not a blanket rule because of course there are some people you will both be meeting for the first time at the wedding like relatives or far-away friends. It’s a rule more designed to determine if the guy your fiancé sometimes gets a beer with after work, but who has never met you, should be invited.   Be Generous With Plus Ones I know, this is counter-productive to the small guest list goal, but...

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