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New Bridal Trends

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Blog

If you don’t work in bridal you probably don’t know much about New York Bridal Market and you might not have even known that it was this past weekend. It operates much like New York Fashion Week and it’s simply a chance, twice a year, for bridal designers to unveil their latest designs and creations. This past weekend designers were showing off their Fall 2016 looks, and below are few examples of some of the trends we will be seeing more of in the near future. Some trends, like sleeves are carried-over from previous collections, but they have changed and evolved each time. It’s always fascinating to see how trends are interpreted and changed and how reactionary design can be.     Sheer Sheer is still big in bridal and you’ll find that a lot of gowns have some element of illusion to them. This allows brides to remain covered and feel secure, but also not feel too stuffy or conservative. It’s the best of both worlds and something that modern brides really like.   Back to Back Designers have always emphasized the importance of the back of a bridal gown, but this year more than ever they seem to be trying to make it even better than the front. One way they are achieving this is by making sheer dramatic backs with layered appliques.   Interesting Fabrics This season is all about texture and depth and dimension. Lace is still dominating the runway, but you’ll see more lace patterns and a combination of laces on a single dress. Lace is also being mixed with other fabrics like tulle or netting to make it more modern and fresh.   Varying Necklines It’s not just sweetheart and strapless anymore. This year the necklines are all over the place, from plunging low to riding high the options are a lot better. Off-the-shoulder gowns seem to be having a moment as well and it seems to be the result of trying to incorporate sleeves in more interesting ways. Again, it’s about creating a sense of balance and revealing here and covering there.   {Lindsey}  ...

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Repurposing Your Wedding

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Blog

Weddings, just like any big party, can create a lot of waste. From the food, to the cake, to the centerpieces and flowers, there are lots of items that often get ditched after the big day. Some of the waste is simply unavoidable; anytime you throw any kind of function it’s bound to happen, but fortunately there are ways to minimize it.   Donate Your Flowers Earlier today I came across a wonderful story about a company that takes donated flowers and delivers them to nursing homes. The flowers are still beautiful the next day and the effect they have on the people they are given to is pretty amazing. I hope that more companies like this pop up or I hope more wedding venues or wedding planners will start to offer similar services. But until then there is nothing stopping you from making your own arrangements. True, you’ll probably have a honeymoon to get to, but I bet a few of your friends would be more than happy to make such a sweet errand on your behalf.     Encourage People To Take At the end of the night tables are always littered with beautiful centerpieces and everyone seems unsure about what to do with them. If you bought the centerpieces yourself and can’t think of another time you’ll absolutely need twenty five marble filled vases or gold colored candlesticks, then encourage your guests to take them as they leave. Tie a little not to each centerpiece and let guests know they are allowed to take one if they like. You can do this same thing with the food and cake by providing take-home boxes.   Don’t Put All Your Cake in The Freezer I’m not sure if we accidentally ended up with an enormous cake, or whether our guests just didn’t eat enough of it, but after our wedding, my husband and I had leftover cake for years. Literally. Sure, I brought some into work and sure, we brought it out at many family gatherings, but we were never able to finish it. I’m a sentimental person, so I still suggest saving the top layer of your...

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Wedding Find of the Week

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in Blog

Planning a wedding is full of lots of fun tasks like sampling cakes and trying on dresses, but it’s also full of some not so fun tasks, and high on that list is addressing envelopes. To get out of this drudgery you can hire a calligrapher or see if your stationer has an addressing option, but both of these choices are pricey.     Luckily, I have found the perfect little gadget that makes addressing envelopes at least a little easier if not more fun. The lettermate guide has been popping up all over pinterest and in stationary boutiques across the country. With good reason: it’s an inexpensive tool that helps you space out your lettering, center your address and keep your lines straight. Plus, the template can help keep you from smearing your letters, especially if you’re a lefty. It’s not likely to make addressing any less of a chore, but it will at least limit the number of mistakes you make and keep you from needlessly wasting envelopes. Trust me. It will also come in handy when you address your thank you notes, and if you’re doing a lot of DIY decor for your reception you can definitely get a lot of miles out of this little guy. Placecards, escort cards, signage, all of these things can benefit from one simple tool....

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Everything You Need for A Reception Coffee Bar

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Blog

I’m all for bars at weddings. I love cocktail bars and wine bars. I like main bars and satellite bars. I like candy bars and dessert bars anytime of year and I like s’mores bars in the summer and hot cocoa bars in the winter. All of these little extras can make a big statement at a wedding and can make guests feel extra special.   Which is why I propose the coffee bar. A cursory internet search will tell you that some couples have already adopted this for their weddings, but I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to pull it off perfectly.     Really Good Coffee That sounds pretty straight forward, but trust me, at most weddings coffee is an afterthought. This is understandable given the amount of money you have to shell out for cocktails, but consider quality over quantity when it comes to coffee. You don’t need to provide a vat of it because most guests will pass. What you’re really doing is saying hey, all you people who don’t want to drink a lot or who have to drive home or who want something besides a beer with the cake, I care about you, too. It will likely be a small number, so you can spring for a bag or two of really nice coffee with a big bold flavor. To really wow guests, choose something from a local shop that they can’t find anywhere else.   Personalized Mugs I love a good chance for a couple to show off their personality, and a coffee bar with personalized mugs is a perfect way to do that. You can buy actually personalized mugs with words or images of your choosing, or you can opt for a particular color or style that goes with your theme. For the quirky couple, a trip to Goodwill and an assortment of World’s Best Grandpa or the Grand Canyon is really Grand mugs is definitely in order.   Cream Not the little plastic tubs of creamer, but actual carafes of half and half and whole milk and soy milk to make sure all your bases are covered. Again...

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Wedding Trend: Banquet Tables

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Blog

If you flip through enough bridal magazines or spend enough time clicking your way through inspiration galleries on the Knot, you’ve probably noticed that these days the tables are a changing. Overwhelmingly the images of beautiful table settings feature long banquet tables weaving their way across a ballroom floor or through a dewy garden with hanging vines and tea lights. Inside or outside the charm of the long banquet tables is hard to ignore.     There is something about the way they look in a photograph that is really captivating. They manage to somehow look regal, majestic and formal but also cozy and communal. The long banquet tables evoke a royal air of long long ago and a familial air of backyard weddings from not so long ago. Regardless of the size of your reception, guests will feel as if they are part of the family.   Not to mention the endless decorating options the long tables provide. Quite often you’ll see them with a green leafy garland draped from end to end and punctuated by flowers or candles. The centerpieces can be stunning, but they can also still be simple. Simple centerpieces capitalize on the grandeur of the table itself to do a lot of the work.   As beautiful as they are you’ll still have to make tough decisions about the seating chart. You might even want to consider assigned seats over simply assigned tables so that guests don’t feel set adrift. More than likely, depending on the size of your reception venue and your guest list you’ll probably have to have more than one banquet table. In that case you want to make sure that guests don’t feel packed in like a cafeteria lunch.   You’ll also have to consider the tone of your wedding and the personalities of you guests. You want to make sure that you are considering more than just the pictures when you opt for long tables.  ...

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Unexpected Centerpiece Ideas

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in Blog

Last week I spent some time going over alternatives to fresh flowers, and this week I am going to take things a step farther. In case you missed it, I highlighted the ways you can use paper or fabric or brooches to created bridal bouquets or floral displays for the reception, but this week I’m going even bolder. In keeping with current and emerging bridal trends I’m proposing you can have alternatives to fresh flowers that aren’t any kind of flower.   How you ask? Well, by using the close cousins fruits and vegetables. It might sound radical, but lots of weddings are starting to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their décor. They tend to show up primarily as centerpieces or escort cards, but the effects are quite transformative.   That’s because many fruits and vegetables are just as visually stunning as a flower and they also have the benefit of being unexpected. My favorite example of this is the pineapple. Pineapples are strange looking and beautiful and convey anything from an informal backyard vibe to an intimate rustic affair. Or what about broccoli? Or cauliflower? You probably aren’t going to see anybody walk down the aisle with a bouquet of broccoli, but a well-groomed bunch with a beautiful ribbon just might have a stunning effect on the table.   It’s also of course ok to use a combination of flowers and fruits and vegetables to create a diverse and layered look on the table. Never underestimate the effect a simple green leaf garland accented with fruit and flowers can have. It’s romantic and classic and I like that it makes these items seem precious, which they are. The fact that you have an abundance of fruits and vegetables to adorn your table with is in itself kind of joyful and celebratory.   More from Studio DIY Not to mention food on a dinner table does make sense, and the idea of food as decoration goes all the way back to the cornucopia. Of course with any wedding décor you have to consider the venue and you have to consider the personality of the couple, but it makes for...

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