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Tips For Keeping Your Guest List Small

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Blog

Short answer, you can’t. That is, if you have a big family or your fiancé has a big family and you both have lots of close friends, then odds are you’re just going to have to pony up and go for the big wedding. But big families and big friend groups don’t automatically mean big weddings, so long answer, it is possible.   Consider the Location Maybe you each have twenty, first cousins spread out all over the country. How likely are they to travel? Did your cousin Becky from California fly out last year for your brother’s wedding? If she did, she would probably do the same for you. If she didn’t it’s probably safe to assume that the distance is a little much for the wedding of a cousin she sees every couple of holidays.   Consider the Relationship You’ve both got all those great college friends, I’m sure. So many memories with lots of great people. It’s natural to think you should invite all your old chums, but do you still keep in touch? Are you likely to still be in touch in five years? It might make you a little wistful to admit you aren’t as close with certain people, but the ultimate goal, above keeping the guest list from being unwieldy, is to have people at your wedding that you really want there. Trust me, guests can tell when they are an afterthought or an obligation and it’s not the most fun way to spend an evening.   Do You Both Know Them? This is an important question to ask, and it will rid your list of a lot of casual acquaintances or those you have lost touch with. It’s not a blanket rule because of course there are some people you will both be meeting for the first time at the wedding like relatives or far-away friends. It’s a rule more designed to determine if the guy your fiancé sometimes gets a beer with after work, but who has never met you, should be invited.   Be Generous With Plus Ones I know, this is counter-productive to the small guest list goal, but...

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Your Guide to Wedding Season

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Blog

We’ve made it past Memorial Day weekend and finally, finally the weather has warmed up and is starting to cooperate. We may have missed out on an official spring, but at least it’s not cold and rainy anymore. Fingers crossed this means that summer is coming and you know what summer means, don’t you? Summer means weddings.   The Save-the-Dates are already plastered all over your fridge and the RSVP cards are starting to roll in. Wedding season is upon us and to make it all the way through you’ve got to show up prepared. That’s why I here with your summer wedding survival guide.   Barbara Ann Surfs up dudes! It’s time to shake up the typical wedding playlist with the perfect Beach Boys song that’s sure to make you want to leave the other wallflowers behind and hit the dance floor. So when the DJ starts to take requests hit ‘em with this classic and rejuvenate your dance moves in one easy step.   Mojitos After all that over joyous dancing you need a light refreshing drink, so sidle up to the bar and order yourself a mojito. It’s my go-to summer drink because it’s the perfect blend of mint and citrus and it instantly makes you feel cool and comfortable and kind of like you might be sitting on a beach somewhere under a giant umbrella.   A Good Go-To Gift Rose gold and copper colored accessories are super popular and thanks to the cocktail the Moscow Mule, copper drink ware is the perfect gift for the trendy couple. I love this copper shaker because it’s a practical gift, it’s pretty and it’s something that most couples probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Fancy, pretty and fun? I’m in.   A Versatile Outfit No one wants to wear the same thing to every wedding, but between hotels, travel and gifts, you can end up shelling out a lot of money during wedding season. That’s why it’s good to have an outfit that you can tweak and wear again. This dress is a great example. It’s a blank canvas with a modern fit, a little bit of structure,...

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Displaying Photos at Your Wedding

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Blog

When you sit down and start to think about your wedding décor you probably think about the flowers and the vases and what color tablecloths and napkins you want. You probably think about theme and mood, and you probably jot down a bunch of words like rustic or vintage or elegant. You might find yourself pinning a hundred DIY centerpiece ideas or standing in front of a bulletin board of color palettes trying to make sense of them.   Clearly, you’ve got a lot of options and a lot to think about, and while I can’t help you choose a theme from your endless word maps, I can remind you of one key ingredient you can’t forget to include. Pictures. It sounds really simple. Duh, you should have photos at your wedding, but there is a little more to it.     Go Beyond Engagement Photos Most of your guests have probably already seen your engagement photos, at least your favorite shots. They’ve got your Save-the-Date on the refrigerator and they’ve looked at all your posted pics on your wedding website. In short, they’ve already seen the polished, best version of you and your fiancé. What they want to see are the photos that tell the whole story. The first photo that you took together, or the one where you are making funny faces or totally jet-lagged from an amazing adventure, or the one where you just look so happy and you don’t even know why. As usual, showing off these more private moments is a way of showing your guests that they are a part of a special circle. Not everyone gets to see that photo of you with no make-up on and a goofy grin, but these people do because they are important and you want them to know just how you two crazy kids fell in love.   Show-Off Older Photos It’s also fun to include photos of the two of you when you were little or with your friends or in that cat Halloween costume that your mom made for you. Many of your guests will remember you when you were that age, and they’ll...

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Wedding Find of the Week

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Blog

It’s been a little while since I have discovered a new wedding find for all of you, so this week I made sure it was a really really good find. Voila.   I mean come on, right? Can’t you just picture a hundred ways to incorporate this light into your ceremony or reception décor? The photo here offers a lot of inspiration on its own. Replace the dresser with a dessert table and you’ve just created the most adorable arrangement in wedding history.   If you are setting up a photo booth for your guests then all you need is some white paper, a few hand drawn clouds and one or two neon balloons floating against the backdrop. Cute. Fun. Bingo. They would also make a great backdrop for your ceremony or your escort card table. Or you can one-up all those sparkler photos by attaching these to a wooden dowel and posing for a quick smooch before you speed away in your limousine.   These neon lights satisfy all my major requirements for a truly great wedding find. It’s clear that they are versatile and that make for fantastic photo ops, but they are also ahead of the curve. While everyone else is still posing in front of vintage letters with old-fashioned light bulbs, you’ll have something fresh and funky. You are the coolest couple you know, right? Of course, and that’s why you want your wedding to be different and fun and full of personality.   Of course the last great bonus about these guys is that you can get them at Target. You were going there anyway, right? I mean if you are planning a wedding and you haven’t been doing a bi-weekly Target dollar bin check then you are missing out. So once you finish in the bargain aisle and hit up the clearance at the end of the aisles then you can grab a pair of these hearts and stroll out confident that your wedding is going to be amazing and amazingly fun.  ...

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 8, 2016 in Blog

Happy Mother’s Day everybody! I hope you remembered to pop a few cards in the mail for all the special moms in your life. My own (ahem, handmade) card is on its way to my mom along with a homemade gift, but I have doubts that everything will arrive on time. Holidays on Sundays really mess with my snail mail.     So just to hedge my bets I thought I’d share with all of you what I did in honor of my mom. I’m something of an amateur midnight oil-burning baker, and I’ve spent the last few months perfecting my royal icing techniques. To be honest, and to throw all modesty aside, I have to tell you that these little guys taste Amazing and that capital A is with a purpose. But that’s not the only reason that I sent a box of them to my mom.   I did it because they represent all the wonderful things my mom has taught me. First and foremost to be creative. She taught me to make things. She taught me how to level off a scoop of flour and how to doodle and scribble and make things for the sake of making them. She taught me that if something you need doesn’t exist you have to find a way to make it. She has also taught me to be thoughtful and try to be kind. She taught me to stay busy and work hard and send real letters and cards in the mail. She takes no credit for these lessons and seems to think I became who I am independent of her, which is such a mom thing to think.   But what better day to think like a mom than on Mother’s Day. So to all the mothers out there who shaped all of you, who taught all of you big lessons and small lessons go out and celebrate today. Be thoughtful and kind just like they taught you to be.   Thanks mom(s).  ...

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Taking Care of the Day-Of Tasks Without a Planner

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 in Blog

If you’ve paid any attention to wedding checklists then you know that there are about nine hundred things you have to do before the big day and about a hundred that you have to remember the day of. Some of those checklist items are silly, superficial or totally unnecessary, but even after you ditch the items that don’t apply, there’s still quite a lot to do.     Though all the preparation and planning can seem overwhelming, it’s the day-of stuff that I found to be the most difficult. It’s probably because the majority of the day-of tasks had to be delegated and I was no longer in charge. Classic control issues. But it’s not just control that can prove tricky on such a big day, it’s foresight. You have to prepare for all the little tasks that can or will crop up and you have to find a person to fill in for each of those places. If you don’t have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, then there are some key tasks you want to make sure you have assigned before the big day.   Cards and Gifts Whether it’s a box of cards or a whole table full of gifts, you want to know ahead of time who is responsible for loading them up, keeping track of them and delivering them back to you. If you forget to assign a person then at the end of the night certainly someone will take care of it, but there will also certainly be a bit of panic before you figure out who that person is. Don’t leave that up to chance.   Tips You don’t want to have to bother with keeping track of envelopes and doling out money at the end of the night, so make sure that you give someone else, usually the best-man, the task of tipping your various vendors.   Emergency Numbers Brides and grooms are often the point-person for most of their vendors, but for any day-of emergencies you want to make sure they have a different contact. This way if there is a problem with the DJ while you are getting your...

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