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Dealing With Rain on Your Wedding Day

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Blog

Here at Betsy’s when a bride comes to pick up her dress before the big day we pack it with care and carry it right down to their car. In the elevator ride to the lobby of the building most brides are full of equal parts stress and excitement. Lately the majority of these elevator conversations have revolved around the weather. I hope it doesn’t rain is the constant refrain. I’m not sure that September poses anymore of a threat of rain than any other month, but it’s definitely on a lot of people’s minds. However, barring some sort of hurricane level phenomenon, there are easy ways to prepare for it. Just in case.   Plan for It While there is no point in dwelling on something as unpredictable as the weather, it is always good to be prepared. If part of your wedding is set to be outdoors then you should definitely have a backup plan. And not a backup plan that’s just ok. Have a plan that you almost wish you had the chance to put to use. For example, if your ceremony is outside and your reception is inside, you could conceivably move everything into the reception hall. That’s the way a lot of people do it anyway, so no problem there. Think about how you might arrange things or what décor elements you could use to bring the outside in and make it just as pretty.   Assemble Cute Rain Gear We’ve all seen the photos of brides and bridesmaids in matching rain boots. Not only are the photos cute and fun, but they show great spirit. Rain or shine we are committed to having a great time. The same goes for stylish umbrellas. A cloudy sky and the right umbrella can make your wedding photos better than anything you could’ve imagined. Oh, or a raincoat draped over your shoulders! I can see the series of images now: your spouse pulls out a bright raincoat, wraps it lovingly around you, and shelters you from the raindrops. Perfection.   Embrace It Guests might get wet. At least some part of your dress is going to get...

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Trunk Shows Coming this Fall

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Blog

It’s September first and time to give you all an update on all the great things that are happening this fall! We are so excited for our first round of fall Trunk Shows, and we have some really popular designers bringing in their newest gowns. Trunk Shows are a great way to see a wide selection of the given designer above our normal stock, and there are also special incentives to take advantage of.   September 9th – 11th Enaura Bridal   If you are looking for a beautifully hand-beaded gown that will sparkle and shine and fit like a glove, then this trunk show is for you. Enaura is practically synonymous with bling and that’s exactly what you get with their gowns. Each gown is crafted expertly and beaded in exquisite fashion.   September 16th – 18th Justin Alexander Justin Alexander’s best quality aside from fit is variety. They truly have something for everyone. This is a great trunk show for brides who just can’t seem to find exactly what they’ve been envisioning. I promise if you think your design might not exist, Justin Alexander has what you’re looking for. From lace to mikado, from sleeves to strapless and from winter to fall they have lots of options.   September 23rd – 25th Maggie Sottero   Everybody knows Maggie Sottero. They are one of our most popular designers and every trunk show of theirs is filled with energy and fun. This trunk show will bring in some of their newest gowns that we are all dying to see. They are also experts at variety and offer lots of fun looks to play around with.   Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs Thomas Knoell is a nationally-known jewelry designer who specializes in crafting beautiful handmade pieces. He uses the finest materials including Swarovski crystals and customizes each piece down to the color of the metal to the color of the pearls and stones. He will be here in-person to help you find the perfect jewelry to complete your wedding day look.  ...

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Bridal Designer Spotlight: Eddy K

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Blog

I am so pleased to introduce another bridal designer to our extensive collection here at the salon. Eddy K gowns are designed in Milan, and they are known for their exquisite fabrics, their attention to detail and their flattering fit. We have already been showing-off some of the beautiful gowns to our brides here, and now I can walk you through some of our favorites,     The fit of this first gown is just phenomenal. I think it has such a lovely shape and the texture of the embroidery on the tulle gives it depth and dimension. The pattern of the embroidery is also intricate and unique and I love the high neckline. We keep seeing a lot of lace and applique and embroidery in bridal, so I love when we come across pieces that keep those fabric trends fresh and beautiful.     One of the biggest fashion trends of this summer has been the resurgence of the off-the-shoulder look and this next Eddy K gown takes full advantage. I love the cap sleeves sitting just off the shoulder and I love how they really open up the neckline. Again this gown shows lace in a new light as it becomes almost sculptural on the body. And if the front of the gown wasn’t enough to win you over, then just check out the stunning back. There’s a pretty big affinity around here for buttons down the back of the gown and they way they dot the illusion tulle is perfect.       And lastly we come to the tried and true silhouette of the ballgown. I love the cascading organza and horsehair skirt and I love the way the flashiness of the jewel-encrusted bodice is balanced by the clean skirt. The sweetheart neckline is flattering as always and the layers of organza probably make every bride give it a nice good twirl.  ...

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Wedding Find of the Week: Flower Girl Skirt

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Blog

So I was on my weekly trip to Target strolling through the main aisle with a basket full of a healthy mix of essential, on-the-list-items and a few ‘ooh that’s pretty’ things when I stumbled upon this week’s wedding find.     There it was, staring at me from the little girls’ section, the most perfect flower girl skirt in the history of the world. I’m not exaggerating. This little skirt makes having a flower girl simpler than it’s ever been before and it’s so cute you might wish, like I do, that it came in a bigger size. I mean look at those pom poms!   When it comes to what your flower girl should wear you don’t have to make things complicated or expensive. You can certainly special-order adorable dresses, and we have worked with several designers over the years who do a great job, but buying a dress off-the-rack definitely has its advantages. For one, sizing is less of a guessing game, which is especially nice when you are dealing with possible growth spurts. The elastic waistband on this skirt is nice for that same reason. If you buy it a few months in advance you still have a little wiggle room.   Traditionally, flower girl dresses can cost a pretty penny, and so my favorite thing about this has to be the price. All you have to do is find a cute little t-shirt and your work is done. The t-shirt or top is really your chance to be creative. Happily Ever After. Here Comes the Bride. The date of the wedding. There are so many possibilities each as adorable as the last.   I think the important thing to keep in mind when looking for flower girl attire is that little kids are going to look cute in whatever you put them. Period. And there’s no guarantee that the clothes they are wearing to start the shindig are the clothes they’ll be wearing at the end of it. That means you don’t have to follow any rules. You don’t have to custom-make a miniature of your gown or make sure her dress incorporates an...

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Wedding Tip: Writing Wedding Day Notes

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Blog

Planning a wedding can make a person awfully sentimental. You think a lot about your relationship with your fiancé and you also end up thinking a lot about your other relationships. You think about the people who have been important in your life. You think about your maid of honor and why she’s your maid of honor. You think about the people on your guest list and why you want them there. You think about your childhood and your dreams and your future with your person.   With all this sweet sentimentality swirling around it’s best to have an appropriate outlet for it. You can get weepy at your bachelorette party after a few drinks and gush about how wonderful everyone is, or you can opt for something a little more tangible if not as cringingly memorable.   Enter the handwritten notecard. Getting married really gives you an opportunity to let the people in your life know just how important they are to you. You’re probably planning on writing really nice thank-you notes to your bridesmaids or to your aunts who helped with your shower, but who are some other people who might deserve a note?     I was browsing greeting cards the other day and came across a set of cards that were labeled “To My Mother on My Wedding Day” and “To My Father on My Wedding Day.” I was immediately struck by two thoughts: one, what a great idea, and two, why didn’t I do that? Which is why I am telling all of you about it. I wrote my parents a nice thank-you note, sure, but those two card ideas offer a lot more meaning.   Of course it might not be a mother or father that you feel compelled to write to, but the point is, you should pick those important people in your life and take the time to say a few words. You should also write a note to your very-soon-to-be-spouse. They make for really wonderful keepsakes and you should never underestimate the value of something written in a person’s own hand. There’s nothing like.   Weddings also inevitably make you...

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Special Style Event Going on Now!

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in Blog

Today I get a chance to share news about a really wonderful style event that is going on now through Sunday at Betsy Robinson’s Bridal. The event features two of our most popular designers, Watters and Essense of Australia and it will be giving special focus to a variety of shapes and sizes.   Bridal gowns run notoriously small when compared to what most of us are used to wearing and to compound the problem, most designers send very small sample sizes out to bridal salons. This can make finding the perfect gown more stressful than it needs to be. And that’s why I am so excited about the next few days. We will have a really good selection of gowns in anything from a size four to a size twenty-four with additional sizes available. We will have some of the newest trendiest gowns from these top designers in sizes that will make every bride feel beautiful and confident. Lace, tulle, fitted, a-line, separates, beaded, you name it. We have had these gowns since last weekend, but we are holding on to them a little bit longer just for all of you. Over the past few days it has been wonderful to see so many different brides have so many different options to try on.   We are always eager to be able to accommodate more and more brides and this weekend’s style event is a great way to do that. Both Watters and Essense of Australia have been driving forces behind increasing the range of sample sizes available in stores and they are as committed as we are to finding the perfect fit for every bride. I hope you will join us in the coming days to participate in this great style event that we hope will become a growing trend.  ...

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