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The Hottest New Trends from New York Bridal Market

Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in Blog

Betsy and some of the team have just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York Bridal Market, and there is so much to share with you. New York Bridal Market is a big deal for the world of bridal, but something that most of you have never heard of before. This mega-bridal fashion event held twice a year is essentially where all the biggest names in bridal as well as the aspiring start-ups showcase their newest gowns and accessories and give salons a chance to find their newest stock pieces. It’s a week full of runway shows, couture gowns and trendsetters for the coming year. Betsy always comes back with a million pictures, stories and observations about what the next big thing will be. Here are just a few of the trends that emerged from the week.     Bows Bows and bridal gowns have gone together since practically the beginning of time, but sometimes their presence is felt more than others. This is definitely the year that the bow is back in a big way. It’s the perfect feminine touch that can add equal parts sweetness and drama to a gown. Bows appeared big and small on the fronts, the sides and the backs of gowns. This year brought us crystal bows and silk bows and bows with long trailing trains. In every case they made for a perfectly balanced detail, and one we are eager to see more of.     Detachable Skirts Bridal gowns are big on drama and theater and nothing is more theatrical than a quick costume change. Detachable skirts, which were everywhere this market, fulfill that magician’s-like flare for a gown that is more than it appears. Not only is it dramatic to have a skirt that detaches and transforms the gown into something entirely different, it’s also plainly economical. Who can say no to two gowns in one? The abundance of detachable overskirts satisfies the desire of many brides to have different looks for the ceremony and the reception without having to buy two entire dresses. It’s a great response to the needs and wants of the modern bride and I’m...

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Customize Your Wedding Day Jewelry At our Thomas Knoell Trunk Show

Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Blog

After the pomp and circumstance of picking out your dream bridal gown it is easy to forget that your work is not done; you still have to complete your wedding day look. For many that will mean looking at veils and headpieces and for just about everyone it will mean considering jewelry. Your wedding day jewelry should be special, not an afterthought. It’s something you want to keep and treasure in a velvet box on your vanity and take out on special occasions and anniversaries. That means you shouldn’t be looking for something run of the mill. You should be looking for something made just for you.   In just a few short weeks (May 5th – 7th) you will have the perfect opportunity to find just that at our Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs Trunk Show. Aside from making stunning, stylish and timeless jewelry from the finest materials, they also love to make custom changes. That means you can change the color of the crystals, of the pearls, even the color of the metal. Take a look at these stunning pieces shown in various finishes.   The ability to make these changes totally transforms the look of the piece and will help you to pick jewelry that matches your style, your gown and your theme. You can incorporate different color crystals, you can change the size of the drop in the chandelier earring, and you can do it all with the help of some serious experts.   The advantage of coming during a trunk show is that not only will you get to see the newest pieces and more than we typically carry, but you will also be able to meet with Thomas or Raquel Knoell. Both designers have a wealth of bridal knowledge and can truly help you pick the perfect look for your big day. That is a rare chance to upon and it’s one that you should really take advantage of. It’s pretty much the royal treatment and their stunning pieces that sparkle from every angle are sure to make you feel like royalty on your wedding day.   Check out more here! Call 410.484.4600 to...

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Great Things to Look Forward to at Summer Weddings

Posted by on Apr 12, 2017 in Blog

The weather has started to warm up, the sun is shining, the trees are blossoming and wedding season is almost upon us. In just a few short weeks the wedding marches will start to play in full force and brides all over the country will tie the knot. For us here at the salon it means lots of alterations appointments, but for you it’s going to mean signature cocktails and chalkboard signs and lots of dancing. So to get you prepped, here are some great things to look forward to about all the upcoming summer weddings.   Late-Night Food I have yet to go to a wedding where late-night food is served, but I’ve certainly heard about it a lot and the trend is growing more frequent. I love this idea mostly because I love food, but it also makes a lot of sense. Wedding receptions can last hours and after all that dancing, and especially drinking, it’s nice to give guests a chance to refuel before they leave for the evening. Plus, a few trays of French fries or donuts or pizza rolls is a really easy way to make guests feel like they are getting the royal treatment.   Stylish Bridal Parties From grooms and groomsmen in navy suits to tweed blazers and bridesmaids wearing prints and sequins there is plenty of wardrobe fun to watch at weddings these days. I think the creativity is the most interesting part, and I love the way that couples tailor their bridal parties to match their overall theme. I love separates for bridesmaids or mismatched prints, and I love a good patterned tie or sock on a groomsman. I love when couples trade in the old notion of a bridal army in all the same thing to a cohesive group of cool people that you obviously want to get to know.   A Little Place to Lounge Weddings make for great places to catch up with friends and relatives but between the seating charts and the dance floor, it can be hard to find a place to strike up an audible conversation. That’s why I love the lounge idea. I...

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See What’s New From Maggie Sottero

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in Blog

As a totally objective, non-biased person who did in fact buy her dress at Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection, I can say that one of the best features here is the selection. This is because we meticulously order gowns from designers that cover a range of styles, tastes, trends and prices. It’s also because we are constantly getting in new gowns. So many in fact, that I admit I have a little trouble keeping up. To make up for lost time, let’s just dive right in to a few our newest beauties waiting to be tried on. Both are from Maggie Sottero and they are perfect examples of variety.     This newest gown from Maggie Sottero is one of my favorites. First and foremost the sleeves are what set this gown apart. I love long-sleeved gowns, especially when they are as delicate as these. Because they are illusion you are able to get a gown with vintage vibes and a modern twist. It also straddles the line between conservative and daring. Sure, the neckline is high, but there is also a deep illusion in the front and the low-cut back is stunning. It’s the kind of gown that seems like it was once your grandmother’s and then they took it apart and put it back together in a way that makes it look like you too. A perfect blend of the traditional and the modern.     This next Maggie Sottero gown is all about sleek, stunning, modern flare. The fit and flare silhouette hugs you in all the right places and the delicate spaghetti straps let you show-off plenty of skin. The crisscrossing strap detail on the back of the gown accentuates the low-back and adds a very simple, but alluring touch. It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but the gown also has a touch of sparkle and beading which help to make it feel more bridal and special.   By the way, these new Maggie gowns arrived just in time for our big Maggie Sottero Trunk Show taking place this weekend, March 24th – 26th, so don’t miss the chance to see these and...

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Simple Ways to Incorporate St. Patrick’s Day Details into Your Wedding

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 in Blog

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and while many of you will be celebrating with a green beer or a pub-crawl, others will be hitting the dance floor at a wedding. I’m always a big proponent of planning weddings around holidays; it gives your celebration a little extra oomph and also provides a nice little template for your theme and décor. The danger of course with planning your wedding around a holiday is that it can easily slip into a chintzy theme party rather than an elegant soiree. The key to avoiding the pitfalls of a holiday-timed wedding is to use the holiday for inspiration rather than the focus. With that in mind here are several ways to incorporate fun details into a St. Patrick’s Day wedding.     Shades of Green and Gold This first one is pretty easy. St. Patrick’s Day provides you with a pretty rigid and obvious color palette, but in order to keep your wedding party from looking like participants in a town parade stick to deeper shades of green. Dark emeralds will look classy, elegant and flatter any skin tone. Put your Maid of Honor in a gold sequin gown and voila! You’ll have a nice mix and match bridal party that evokes the holiday without screaming it.   Simple Details It’s really tempting to turn everything into a shamrock or a pot of gold, but be light-handed with the décor and details. Perhaps simple white flowers in gold vases, or white tablecloths with gold runners. For place cards try textured white cards with black calligraphy and a little horseshoe. It’s ok to be a little understated with your theme because remember, you’re throwing a wedding, not a St. Patrick’s Day part-ay.   Shamrock Shakes and Other Drinks If you want to let loose though, food and drinks are the perfect outlet. Green food is totally acceptable and practically required. Everything from French macaroons to signature cocktails to the famous shamrock shake will all add a lighthearted touch of fun to the festivities. All of these things are a great way to incorporate the holiday into your big day, and it’s ok if...

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Our Spring Sample Sale Starts Thursday, March 9th!

Posted by on Mar 6, 2017 in Blog

  Finding a wedding gown can be hard, and finding one that fits your budget can sometimes be harder. Magazines are filled with gorgeous designer gowns that often come with a hidden and hefty price tag. Sometimes it can be hard to find out pricing information, and it makes planning on a budget more difficult. But this Thursday, March 9th, our Annual Spring Sample Sale kicks off, and it’s a great way to find an expensive designer gown at a discounted price. Like really discounted.   We have updated our sample sale to include dozens of newly discounted gowns, some of them up to 90% off their original price. All of our top designers are included in the sale like Essense of Australia and Maggie Sottero and Watters. We have to do a bit of spring-cleaning to make room for new gowns, and you get to save some serious cash on a gorgeous gown. It’s even a great place to find a second gown if you want to do the show-stopping reception change-up. Why not, right? It’s also a great place to look if you are on a time-crunch. If you’ve got a close wedding date, the sample sale is the prefect place to look for your dream gown – you can walk out the door with it that day!   The sample sale is by appointment, so don’t worry that it will be a free-for-all. You’ll still have one-one bridal consultation, and you are welcome to look at all our gowns during your appointment, even the special orders. Sounds like a win-win, right? If you’d like to get an idea of some of the gowns that are on sale, you should check out the link below to our Sample Sale page. Keep in mind, of course that this is not a minute-by-minute list, and if you find gowns you like you can always call and speak to a bridal consultant about their availability. It also means that if you see gowns you like, don’t waste time, because a good deal and pretty dress don’t hang around for long.   {Lindsey}   Spring Sample Sale March 9th – 19th...

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