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So You Just Got Engaged Now What? Part 2

Posted by on Jan 12, 2017 in Blog

Last week I started talking about the first steps you should take in planning your wedding, and that list continues this week with step number two. After you pick your date, the most logical and helpful thing to do is to pick your venue. Some venues may not be an option for your date, but unless it’s your absolute dream location, don’t let it throw you for a loop. In fact, you want some places to be unavailable so that you can automatically cross them off your list and move along. As for picking the right venue I can’t tell you where to get married, but I can give you a few things to keep in mind when you are deciding.   Size You don’t have to already have your guest list inked out, but you should have a general idea of how many people you will be inviting before you go venue shopping. Aside from price, the biggest factor that will determine whether or not a site will work, is whether or not it can accommodate and also not overwhelm your crowd. This means when you’re scrolling through the internet looking for places, be sure to check capacity first.     Parking Baltimore and D.C. have some amazing places to get married, but they don’t always have amazing parking lots. Some venues require you to hire a valet service, some suggest street parking, and others recommend a shuttle from the hotel to the ceremony and so on. Valet and shuttle services are a great option as long as you have the budget for it, and street parking is fine if the majority of your guests are familiar with the area and comfortable parallel parking. There are always solutions to parking problems, and a lack of parking should never completely rule out a venue, but it should definitely be on the top of the pros and cons list.   Restrictions Most places that are set up to do weddings will have a detailed and somewhat lengthy list of what is and isn’t allowed. It’s pretty standard and pretty common sense, but it can be a big factor in whether...

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So You Just Got Engaged Now What? Part 1

Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in Blog

Wow, first of all, Happy New Year to everyone! And second of all congratulations to all of those who are newly engaged! December is by far the most popular month for engagement proposals, so I suspect there are a few new fiancés out there. I’m equally sure that the past few days or weeks have been a blur of champagne bubbles and warm wishes. But after the first round of cheers comes the questions. Have you set a date? Where are you getting married? Who is your Maid of Honor? Things can go from overjoyed to overwhelmed pretty fast, but luckily there’s help. I’ll cover the first crucial steps in the next few blogs, so we will start with number one on the list.     After the champagne bubbles die down the easiest and most sensible thing to do is to pick a date. Many of the decisions you make, from your color palette to what venues are available, all stem from what day you are getting married. You probably already have a time of year in mind, so zero in on that, grab a calendar and get to work. Do you want to get married on a Saturday? A Sunday? Would you consider saving some money and getting married on a Friday? Once those decisions are made, picking the date gets easier.   If you aren’t set on a particular time of year think about what other factors might affect your day. Do you mind if the weather is warm? Do you see yourself getting married outside? Do you live in an area prone to hurricanes or blizzards? Those might be times of year to stay away from if possible. It’s also worth considering what kind of work you and your fiancé do. Is there a particularly busy or stressful season in what either of you do? Is there a time of year that it’s easier to leave work? Considering those things will again narrow down your days.   The last wild card to consider is the other important players. The day is yours to pick, but as a courtesy and a hassle-saver it’s worth reaching out...

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Our Favorite Things about 2016

Posted by on Dec 29, 2016 in Blog

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to take a few minutes to reflect on some of the things that happened during it. It’s pretty popular on the internet these days to speak in hyperbole about what a terrible year 2016 has been. Yes, in popular culture we have suffered many losses, and the world seems in constant turmoil and upheaval, and often turning on the news requires a strong stomach. Yes, there have been bad things, but there will always be things. This is a place where we talk about happy things. This is a place where we talk about weddings, which are only possible because so many people are in love. So many people in the world are in love, and that is the best thing there is. So to close out our year at Betsy Robinson’s I thought I would share for you some of my favorite photographs and moments.     The Double Rainbow This photograph, by Ashley Michelle Photography is certainly one of my favorite photographs of the year if not of all time. Capturing one beautiful arching rainbow over a couple of kissing newlyweds would be a feat in itself, but a double rainbow just seems like a sign. How amazing is it that these things even exist? How amazing is it that we get to look up and see them and sometimes even capture them?     Our English Garden Party This photo shoot was for an entry in a bridal contest. We didn’t win it, but come on, it’s clear that we should have. We had such a great time putting this together, and everyone in the salon helped to contribute to it. We brought in fresh flowers and tablecloths and teacups and even a pair of vintage gloves worn by my grandmother. I think this is one of our best moments from 2016 because we worked together, we got creative, and we had a lot of fun. That’s a perfect recipe for happiness even if not always for winning.     Perfect Fit This year we were fortunate enough to have on extended loan a collection of gowns from...

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How to Make the Most of Your First Married Holiday Season

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in Blog

For most people December is a pretty busy month full of hustle and bustle. It can go by in a whirl of wrapping paper and tinsel, but if you’re newly married you might be looking for ways to savor it. Your first everything as a married couple suddenly seems a little more important, so try these tips to make the very most of your first married holiday season.   Make a Holiday Card I mean, you do have a few pictures to choose from, right? Go ahead and rifle back through all your gorgeous wedding photos and pull out your absolute favorite. Then head on over to any number of online photo card sites, add a little holiday cheer and voila! First holiday card done! The joint Christmas card shows you have arrived. You are an official unit. If you haven’t sent one out before, take this opportunity to give it a try. You might even get to use that brand new address label with your names on it.   Go Ice Skating This might sound like a silly suggestion, but I promise it’s not. Sure, you might look silly, but you’ll feel happy. Going ice-skating is a ‘date’ kind of thing. It’s a date kind of thing because it’s innately romantic. The two of you bundled up, hand in hand and arm in arm? Takes you back, doesn’t it? It’s also a great example of getting out there and making plans and having adventures however small.   Start Your Own Tradition Whether it’s watching a movie or making a special meal together it’s nice to find your own holiday traditions. Navigating the choppy waters of family holidays can get tricky once you are married, so it’s important to establish a few things for yourselves before you get pulled in all sorts of family directions. It’s a lot like your wedding day actually, you have to remember to take a little bit of it for yourselves.   Make an Advent Calendar If you celebrate Christmas, make your own custom, interactive advent calendar. I realize it’s ambitious and it’s already a week into December, but it’s never too late to...

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Bridal Party Gift-Buying Guide

Posted by on Dec 1, 2016 in Blog

It’s December first and the season of giving is upon us. While it can be stressful to hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, it can also be a lot of fun. I have some tough customers to buy for, like my mother, who never needs anything, but that just means I have to get creative. I think the same goes for your bridal party, and that’s why I’ve jotted down a few gift buying tips that will take beyond monogrammed flasks.     Skip the Date Your wedding date is really important. To you. Even the people who are a big part of your day, like your bridal party, really don’t need a gift with your wedding date on it to commemorate the occasion. Instead, go for gift that will remind them of the day or of your friendship. Subtle symbolism is the key.   Keep it Individual Giving the same gift to everyone appeals to logic and equality and it’s also easier, but it’s just not as much fun. You love these people because they are unique individuals, not because they would all carry the same bag or wear the same tie. I promise that whatever the gift is, if it’s tailored to each person they will truly appreciate it. They’ll get to feel special all over again.   Get Sentimental This is a time for reflection. These special people are a part of your day for big reasons, and now is the perfect time to think about your history together. Do you share any inside jokes? Is there something significant about how your first met? Is there an activity you always do together you could build a gift around? This is where the thought really counts, and it may take some serious brainstorming, but I know you can think of something that will make at least your maids go ‘awwww.’   Be Useful This is the exception to some of these tips, but if you are requiring specific items other than the dress or tux from your party, it might be nice to gift them. For example, if you want all your girls...

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Small Wedding Things to be Thankful For

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Blog

Thanksgiving is a week away and like many of you this time of year gets me thinking about all the wonderful things to be grateful for. If this were a personal blog I might tell you about how thankful I am for my family or for finally finding a travel coffee mug that doesn’t spill. But since this is a bridal blog, what better way to ring in a season of thanks than to think of a few of the things in bridal that I most appreciate.   More than One Way to Wear Sequins   I’m a big fan of the sequin trend in bridesmaids gowns. I love sequins, and I’ve got a pretty good dose of them in my day-to-day wardrobe, so I am especially thankful to see designers coming out with multiple ways to wear them. Last year, if you wanted sequins in your bridal party you only had a few silhouettes and a few color options to choose from all across the board. Now designers are mixing fabrics and changing up the silhouettes, so that even your trendy bridal party can be unique to your wedding.   The Mrs. Box   You might not know this company by name, but I promise that you have poured over images of their products in magazines and on Pinterest and in real wedding albums. The Mrs. Box specializes in vintage velvet ring boxes in a huge assortment of colors. They not only look amazing in photographs, but they also make for a really great place to store your ring for safekeeping. Pretty, colorful and functional? I’m in.   Year-Round Weddings Ok, maybe not January in Minnesota, but for the most part I really dig that weddings aren’t relegated to June and July anymore. Year after year we see more of our brides here getting married in November and March and April and proving that the warm months don’t get to have all the fun.   Gold Foil I love it on invitations, I love it on drink ware, I love it on place cards and menus. I really can’t get enough of it. It’s a testament to both...

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