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How to Make the Most of Your First Married Holiday Season

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in Blog

For most people December is a pretty busy month full of hustle and bustle. It can go by in a whirl of wrapping paper and tinsel, but if you’re newly married you might be looking for ways to savor it. Your first everything as a married couple suddenly seems a little more important, so try these tips to make the very most of your first married holiday season.   Make a Holiday Card I mean, you do have a few pictures to choose from, right? Go ahead and rifle back through all your gorgeous wedding photos and pull out your absolute favorite. Then head on over to any number of online photo card sites, add a little holiday cheer and voila! First holiday card done! The joint Christmas card shows you have arrived. You are an official unit. If you haven’t sent one out before, take this opportunity to give it a try. You might even get to use that brand new address label with your names on it.   Go Ice Skating This might sound like a silly suggestion, but I promise it’s not. Sure, you might look silly, but you’ll feel happy. Going ice-skating is a ‘date’ kind of thing. It’s a date kind of thing because it’s innately romantic. The two of you bundled up, hand in hand and arm in arm? Takes you back, doesn’t it? It’s also a great example of getting out there and making plans and having adventures however small.   Start Your Own Tradition Whether it’s watching a movie or making a special meal together it’s nice to find your own holiday traditions. Navigating the choppy waters of family holidays can get tricky once you are married, so it’s important to establish a few things for yourselves before you get pulled in all sorts of family directions. It’s a lot like your wedding day actually, you have to remember to take a little bit of it for yourselves.   Make an Advent Calendar If you celebrate Christmas, make your own custom, interactive advent calendar. I realize it’s ambitious and it’s already a week into December, but it’s never too late to...

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Bridal Party Gift-Buying Guide

Posted by on Dec 1, 2016 in Blog

It’s December first and the season of giving is upon us. While it can be stressful to hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, it can also be a lot of fun. I have some tough customers to buy for, like my mother, who never needs anything, but that just means I have to get creative. I think the same goes for your bridal party, and that’s why I’ve jotted down a few gift buying tips that will take beyond monogrammed flasks.     Skip the Date Your wedding date is really important. To you. Even the people who are a big part of your day, like your bridal party, really don’t need a gift with your wedding date on it to commemorate the occasion. Instead, go for gift that will remind them of the day or of your friendship. Subtle symbolism is the key.   Keep it Individual Giving the same gift to everyone appeals to logic and equality and it’s also easier, but it’s just not as much fun. You love these people because they are unique individuals, not because they would all carry the same bag or wear the same tie. I promise that whatever the gift is, if it’s tailored to each person they will truly appreciate it. They’ll get to feel special all over again.   Get Sentimental This is a time for reflection. These special people are a part of your day for big reasons, and now is the perfect time to think about your history together. Do you share any inside jokes? Is there something significant about how your first met? Is there an activity you always do together you could build a gift around? This is where the thought really counts, and it may take some serious brainstorming, but I know you can think of something that will make at least your maids go ‘awwww.’   Be Useful This is the exception to some of these tips, but if you are requiring specific items other than the dress or tux from your party, it might be nice to gift them. For example, if you want all your girls...

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Small Wedding Things to be Thankful For

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Blog

Thanksgiving is a week away and like many of you this time of year gets me thinking about all the wonderful things to be grateful for. If this were a personal blog I might tell you about how thankful I am for my family or for finally finding a travel coffee mug that doesn’t spill. But since this is a bridal blog, what better way to ring in a season of thanks than to think of a few of the things in bridal that I most appreciate.   More than One Way to Wear Sequins   I’m a big fan of the sequin trend in bridesmaids gowns. I love sequins, and I’ve got a pretty good dose of them in my day-to-day wardrobe, so I am especially thankful to see designers coming out with multiple ways to wear them. Last year, if you wanted sequins in your bridal party you only had a few silhouettes and a few color options to choose from all across the board. Now designers are mixing fabrics and changing up the silhouettes, so that even your trendy bridal party can be unique to your wedding.   The Mrs. Box   You might not know this company by name, but I promise that you have poured over images of their products in magazines and on Pinterest and in real wedding albums. The Mrs. Box specializes in vintage velvet ring boxes in a huge assortment of colors. They not only look amazing in photographs, but they also make for a really great place to store your ring for safekeeping. Pretty, colorful and functional? I’m in.   Year-Round Weddings Ok, maybe not January in Minnesota, but for the most part I really dig that weddings aren’t relegated to June and July anymore. Year after year we see more of our brides here getting married in November and March and April and proving that the warm months don’t get to have all the fun.   Gold Foil I love it on invitations, I love it on drink ware, I love it on place cards and menus. I really can’t get enough of it. It’s a testament to both...

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First Dance Fridays

Posted by on Nov 4, 2016 in Blog

Whenever I am weary about the state of the world, or anxious about the balance of my bank account or that weird sound the car started making, or when I think I just don’t have any motivation left to do anything, I turn to my cure-all remedy. I dance it out. I can worry, or I can dance, and dancing is just so much better.   It seems like we could all use a little more dancing these days, and so I am finally returning with a first dance Friday suggestion. For this special occasion I have pulled out a favorite song of mine that most of you are probably not very familiar with. It’s called a “With a Girl Like You” by the Troggs. If you’ve never heard it then you have to give it a listen. The Troggs are probably most famous for “Wild Thing” which would be another cool and unusual choice, but first give this number a chance.   It’s catchy, it’s fun and the lyrics are all about asking a girl for a dance. Seems like a no brainer. ‘I want to spend my life with a girl like you.’ It’s a short song, which is a bonus if you’re nervous about being up there for a long time, and it’s a unique choice, too. I love a classic song, but you are an original couple, aren’t you? You want an original first dance. It has a great retro vibe, and you can easily bob around the floor for two minutes and not worry if your dance moves are perfect. The lyrics also lend themselves well to a little choreographed dance number if you and your spouse are up for it. For this I imagine a little sliding across the floor, a plea made on bended knees, and a quickly timed jumped that ends with a hand extended just as the singer asks ‘can I dance with you?’   Ruminate on this song for a moment and think about how you could best leverage the lyrics with your dance skills for an adorable outcome. I promise you can do something amazing with it, and...

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Celebrate Halloween in Style with 4 Couples Costume Ideas

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016 in Blog

Don’t get me wrong I love Halloween, but every year it makes me anxious. Every year I wrack my brain trying to think of a clever costume idea only to wind up feeling defeated. All the good and clever costumes have already been done. Every time I think I have an original idea it turns out about a million other people had that very same original idea.   These costume conundrums are compounded by the fact that ideally I would like not one but two clever ideas. I’m sure I’m not alone in this couples costume no-man’s-land. If you’re newly engaged or newly married you may be looking for the chance to turn Halloween into just one more example of what an awesome duo the two of you make. The fact is, any holiday becomes more exciting during those special times, and you want to make the best of it, don’t you? I know you do. I’m with you, and if we can all agree that a great idea can be repeated then I can provide a few good couple’s costume ideas for this year.   Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise   The cutest cartoon couple on 90’s Nickelodeon is the perfect costume for all the super nostalgic couples who pine for the days of Saturday morning cartoons and orange-couch-Snick Saturday nights. Aside from being a cute little throwback, this costume is also easy to do and not quite as overdone as others. Plus, people are going to get so excited as all their childhood cartoon memories come flooding back.   Jake and Sam   For the true romantics this iconic 80’s couple is topnotch and best of all easy to do. Bonus points if you have red hair, but even without it the beauty and brilliance of this costume is carried by the prom-stocked aisles of Goodwill. I am one-hundred percent certain that you can find an appropriately peach or pink puffy-sleeved prom or bridesmaid gown at your local thrift store and conjure Samantha in a snap. As for Jake Ryan all you need is a good brooding look and a preppy sweater vest. You can do it....

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The Newest Trend in Cute Wedding Desserts

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Blog

Move over French macaroons, it’s time to go nuts for doughnuts. That’s right, I can declare with almost absolute certainty that the French macaroon has been dethroned as the trendiest wedding dessert. I am ecstatic about this change in the dessert top dog mainly because I’m looking forward to enjoying more gourmet doughnuts in the future. Who isn’t? And let’s be honest, French macaroons are petite and pretty and colorful and all, but when it comes to taste, doughnuts reign supreme.     This progression to doughnuts seems pretty natural to me. For one thing they can look as pretty and as customized to a wedding theme as a macaroon can. In fact, they look so good that it’s becoming normal to see doughnuts creating a backdrop to the dessert table. They’ve been attached to walls, they’ve been hung on wooden pegs, they’ve been stacked into sugary towers. They’ve also been drizzled in colorful frosting, and arranged in ombre order. You’ll see them speckled with sprinkles and wrapped in colorful paper boxes.   They are also a lot easier to get than macaroons. Macaroons are notoriously finicky to make and that finickiness often displays itself in a higher price tag and a more limited availability. As with anything associated with a wedding you can find a pricey version out there, but in general, doughnuts won’t set you back nearly as much and you’ll find more places willing to make them. That means you’ll have lots of options and can find one that fits your taste buds and your budget.   Lastly, the best part about a doughnut on the dessert table is that it checks two important boxes that will mean a lot to your guests: it’s a great edible favor and a perfect after-party snack. Imagine your guests leaving the wedding with a wax paper bag with a doughnut inside. Do you know what they’ll be saying? Best. Wedding. Ever.  ...

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