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Unexpected Centerpiece Ideas

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in Blog

Last week I spent some time going over alternatives to fresh flowers, and this week I am going to take things a step farther. In case you missed it, I highlighted the ways you can use paper or fabric or brooches to created bridal bouquets or floral displays for the reception, but this week I’m going even bolder. In keeping with current and emerging bridal trends I’m proposing you can have alternatives to fresh flowers that aren’t any kind of flower.   How you ask? Well, by using the close cousins fruits and vegetables. It might sound radical, but lots of weddings are starting to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their décor. They tend to show up primarily as centerpieces or escort cards, but the effects are quite transformative.   That’s because many fruits and vegetables are just as visually stunning as a flower and they also have the benefit of being unexpected. My favorite example of this is the pineapple. Pineapples are strange looking and beautiful and convey anything from an informal backyard vibe to an intimate rustic affair. Or what about broccoli? Or cauliflower? You probably aren’t going to see anybody walk down the aisle with a bouquet of broccoli, but a well-groomed bunch with a beautiful ribbon just might have a stunning effect on the table.   It’s also of course ok to use a combination of flowers and fruits and vegetables to create a diverse and layered look on the table. Never underestimate the effect a simple green leaf garland accented with fruit and flowers can have. It’s romantic and classic and I like that it makes these items seem precious, which they are. The fact that you have an abundance of fruits and vegetables to adorn your table with is in itself kind of joyful and celebratory.   More from Studio DIY Not to mention food on a dinner table does make sense, and the idea of food as decoration goes all the way back to the cornucopia. Of course with any wedding décor you have to consider the venue and you have to consider the personality of the couple, but it makes for...

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Come See Us at Baltimore Bride Aisle Style Wedding Event

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Blog

  This coming Thursday, March 24th, join us for Baltimore Bride Magazine’s annual Aisle Style wedding event from 5:30 to 8:30 at the Four Seasons. We’ll be there showcasing some of our gowns at the fashion show, and it makes for a great opportunity to see what wedding vendors in the Baltimore area have to offer.   You get to hang out the Four Seasons, sip champagne, sample wedding cakes and meet everyone you need to make your wedding day wonderful. You’ll meet caterers, photographers, wedding planners an peruse a long list of wedding venues. Plus, this year there is a fashion show to watch and great prizes to win.   I’ve included the link for tickets below, and we hope to see you there! Aisle Style...

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Alternative Bouquet Ideas

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Blog

It’s starting to feel a little like spring around here and although I don’t want to jinx anything, I thought it might be nice on this lovely sunny day to talk about wedding flowers. Weddings and flowers go hand in hand and it’s amazing the effect that a few vases full of flowers, arranged with care, can have on a hall or church or ballroom. It’s also amazing the different materials you can use to make your own floral décor or bouquets. For those who don’t have the budget for real flowers there are lots of easy ways to make your own. From fabric to paper to old brooches there are lots of ways to trim some money from your flower budget and say, oh, I don’t know, add a little to your gown budget. If you’re so inclined.     The Brooch Bouquet This bouquet really works hard for you and your special day. It looks beautiful and unique, it makes a great keepsake for after the wedding, and it covers your something old, new, borrowed and blue if you play your cards right. You can make these bouquets using brooches you collect from thrift stores and what not, but you can also collect brooches from the important women in your life. That way you carry a little memento of them with you down the aisle.     Paper Flowers I have made a million paper flowers, and I can tell you firsthand that they are a lot of bang for your buck. They are easy to make, even if you aren’t big into DIY, all you need to buy is paper, and they look stunning when you group them all together. Pinterest is peppered with hundreds of ways to make flowers and there are at least a dozen books and videos on the subject, so you won’t be alone if you choose this path.     Fabric Flowers My own bouquet and my bridesmaids’ bouquets were all made of knit flowers. I didn’t have the budget for real flowers, but I also liked the idea of having something that could last. As with paper flowers there are...

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The Ins and Outs of Sample Sales

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in Blog

This weekend is our big sample sale here at Betsy Robinson’s, and I thought it might be helpful to shed a little light on what exactly that means. First of all, a sample sale is not a running of the brides. No one is going to have to fight over dresses on a rack and no one needs a whistle or teammates to snag the perfect deal. In fact, this weekend will be very similar to any weekend here. Appointments are required and you’ll be assigned one of our lovely bridal consultants when you come in. You’ll chat with your consultant and she will help you pull dresses that suit your style and your budget. During a sample sale we put more dresses on sale, so that there is a wider selection of sample gowns to choose from. A sample gown is a gown that you purchase off-the-rack, as-is. It’s an opportunity for us to make room for new inventory, and it’s a chance for you to get a really good deal. Our samples are in great shape, and come in a range of sizes and even colors.     I’ve been watching as they’ve marked down inventory, and I have to say, there are some steals here for sure. I find myself staring at some of the gowns and thinking, sure, I don’t really need another wedding gown (married three years today, thank you) but what the heck, I’m sure I can find some use for it.   It’s also worth noting that sample sales are great places to find a second gown if you really want to make a show-stopping wardrobe change between the ceremony and the reception. Maybe you never thought of it as an option, but think about it now. You can come and find a very reasonably priced, stylish second dress and give your guests and your spouse a fun little surprise that they’ll never see coming.   Either way, if it’s for a first dress, or a second dress or in my case, an I’m-already-married-but-maybe case, it’s worth making an appointment for this weekend.   {Lindsey}    ...

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Wedding Tip

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Blog

It’s pretty easy to write about the fun stuff and the good stuff and the trendiest trends and hippest new wedding dresses. It’s easy to share advice about where to find centerpieces and how to get your bridesmaid dresses to look great together. All that stuff, though it can be a little stressful when you’re knee deep in it, is basically fun to do, fun to decide and naturally fun to write about.   But no wedding planning is stress-free. No wedding planning is free from hiccups and obstacles and every bride has the story of the one thing that sent her over the edge.   Here’s mine.   I was a tried and true DIY bride. I made my invitations, my thank you cars, the envelopes the cards came in. I was also low-budget. I had my maid-of-honor style my hair and make-up the day of, and I got my wedding shoes on clearance at DSW. The combination of these two things is probably why I chose to dye my hair myself roughly two weeks before my wedding.   Did you just gasp a little? You should have. It was a bad, bad, bad idea. At the time I didn’t even try to rationalize it. I had dyed my hair from a boxed dye dozens of times before. Two summers before I had dyed it a nice reddish brown and since the color had faded unevenly I wanted to dye it back to my natural darkish brown. Easy peasy. It wasn’t even a question of going to a salon. I had not only successfully dyed my hair multiple times, but I could also read directions and discern what part of my hair was covered in the wet gloppy dye and what part wasn’t.   The very lovely lady at the organic salon I ended up at two days later was kind enough to inform me, as I sobbed, that I did a beautiful job at application. The dye job was nice and even. The coloring was good. It was just the wrong color.   For this I still maintain that the color on the box was wrong. Not...

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Wedding Trend: Satellite Bar

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Blog

I decided to take a look at the Knot’s list of the wedding trends that are supposed to take 2016 by storm. You can take a look at the list here, but most of the trends are more or less more extreme or extravagant versions of what people have already been doing. For example, wedding websites have been very popular in recent years, but now couples are having personalized websites designed just for them.     But one trend stood out as something that has practical as well as extravagant capabilities, and one that I wouldn’t be surprised to see couples embrace: the satellite bar. It’s a fancy way of saying a second bar, and it’s intended to be a place where couples can serve up a signature drink or offer a wine tasting or introduce guests to their favorite expensive liqueur.   If your guest list is pretty long the satellite bar is a practical way of reducing any bottleneck and helping to control the drink line. It might even make sense to designate one bar for wine and beer and leave the satellite bar just for mixed drinks. That way both lines will run smoothly, no bartenders will get overwhelmed and you can save the fancy drinkware for the signature cocktails. You’ll want to make sure guests know which bar to go to, but as long as you can accomplish that, guests will appreciate your efforts.   As with so many wedding trends the most relevant question is, is any of this necessary? Again, if you have a big crowd, it’s certainly helpful, but the real benefit is that it makes guests feel special. Can you make guests feel special in other ways? Sure. Is it fun to design a signature cocktail and have it served in retro patterned vintage glasses. Yep, it sure is.   The choice as always is up to you, but at least you can stay on top of the upcoming trends to know which ones to ignore and which ones to embrace.  ...

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