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The Newest Trend in Cute Wedding Desserts

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Blog

Move over French macaroons, it’s time to go nuts for doughnuts. That’s right, I can declare with almost absolute certainty that the French macaroon has been dethroned as the trendiest wedding dessert. I am ecstatic about this change in the dessert top dog mainly because I’m looking forward to enjoying more gourmet doughnuts in the future. Who isn’t? And let’s be honest, French macaroons are petite and pretty and colorful and all, but when it comes to taste, doughnuts reign supreme.     This progression to doughnuts seems pretty natural to me. For one thing they can look as pretty and as customized to a wedding theme as a macaroon can. In fact, they look so good that it’s becoming normal to see doughnuts creating a backdrop to the dessert table. They’ve been attached to walls, they’ve been hung on wooden pegs, they’ve been stacked into sugary towers. They’ve also been drizzled in colorful frosting, and arranged in ombre order. You’ll see them speckled with sprinkles and wrapped in colorful paper boxes.   They are also a lot easier to get than macaroons. Macaroons are notoriously finicky to make and that finickiness often displays itself in a higher price tag and a more limited availability. As with anything associated with a wedding you can find a pricey version out there, but in general, doughnuts won’t set you back nearly as much and you’ll find more places willing to make them. That means you’ll have lots of options and can find one that fits your taste buds and your budget.   Lastly, the best part about a doughnut on the dessert table is that it checks two important boxes that will mean a lot to your guests: it’s a great edible favor and a perfect after-party snack. Imagine your guests leaving the wedding with a wax paper bag with a doughnut inside. Do you know what they’ll be saying? Best. Wedding. Ever.  ...

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Bridesmaid Trends From New York Bridal Market

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in Blog

As I mentioned last week, New York Bridal Market has just wrapped up and we spent several days tracking all the latest looks. I’ll start today by giving you a peek at the newest trends in bridesmaid dresses. Over the past several years these gowns have transformed dramatically. Not long ago is was commonplace to see maids all in matching gowns, probably strapless, probably chiffon, and probably all with a sweetheart neckline. But understated has morphed into glamorous and you’re now more likely to see bridesmaids wearing gowns they might wear to other functions. That is, less bridesmaid-y than the norm. So how have the newest crop of gowns from the top designers moved away from the traditional?   They’ve Separated   The separates trend is not new, but it’s also not going away. It’s gaining momentum as more designers come out with tops and skirts that can be mismatched. This allows for each maid to pick an individual look without really veering from uniformity. Also, bonus points for being able to throw on your top with a pair of jeans for a night out later.   It’s not just Dresses Anymore   Say hello to the jumpsuit. It’s sleek and stylish and available in varying necklines and styles. The jumpsuit has a throwback vibe to it, but it’s also thoroughly modern. You don’t have to wear a dress to be in a wedding and that’s pretty cool.   They Keep it Quiet   Muted, pastel tones are definitely dominating the runway and the showroom. It’s not surprising that in the year whose Pantone colors are rose quartz and serenity that color palettes would shift in this more subdued direction. These softer tones make it easier to do prints or sequins or mismatched gowns without the whole party becoming too loud and overpowering. Tulle and sequin gowns in red might take a lot of attention away from the bride, but the same look in pale blush is a totally different story.   Check out the newest bridal trends next time!  ...

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Follow Us for New York Bridal Market Updates

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog

New York Bridal Market starts this weekend and it’s kind of a big deal. If you don’t spend your hours researching current bridal trends or if you don’t make your living in bridal, then you might not know much of anything about it. But you’ve heard of New York Fashion Week, right? Well swap the avant-garde street-wear for a bridal gown and you’ve got Bridal Market.     It’s most exciting because it’s where designers unveil their newest collections. It’s the place where we start to see new trends emerge, and it’s the event that influences what styles will be available in salons across the country. Betsy and a few members of our staff will be on their way to New York early tomorrow morning to peruse these new styles, and they’ll be sharing a lot of sneak peeks with all of you. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook and let us know what you think of the latest designs. Will we see more color again this year? More lace? New fabrics? Have you been looking for the perfect gown, and it just doesn’t seem to exist? Maybe you’ll spot it amongst our peeks.   And Bridal Market isn’t just about bridal gowns. It’s also the place where the newest bridesmaid gowns and accessories will be showcased. Over the past few years we’ve seen bridesmaid dresses add more and more sequin and sparkle. What will be the trend this year? What will be the color everyone is clamoring for? We’ll have to wait and see.   Before social media Bridal Market was a much more under-wraps event, and most brides weren’t aware of new trends until they went into production several months later. That’s all changed now, and images of the new gowns strutting down the runway are available instantly to anyone who is eager. That of course doesn’t mean the gowns are available instantly, but it does typically mean that social media is the first and only place these gowns will be visible. We are happy to have the opportunity to share the newest trends with you, and we hope you’ll follow along.    ...

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Great Details to Include in a Fall Wedding

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Blog

I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year today, which can only mean one thing. Fall is here. Both officially and superficially the grand old time of year has arrived when we seem to get the urge to wrap the whole world in a flannel shawl and give it a pair of knee-high soft leather riding boots. There are so many things to love about fall. There are the cliché things (like pumpkin spice lattes) and there is the smell of the air and the golden glow the sun gets in the morning and late afternoon. There is the tangible taste of nutmeg and cinnamon and the intangible feeling of the low overcast sky rolling in.     I love fall. I wanted to be a fall bride, but the timing didn’t quite work out. I know. It’s ok. It’s safe to say it all worked out pretty well, but if I had the chance to plan a fall  Baltimore wedding here are the top things I’d include.   Out in the Outdoors I know it’s risky what with the unpredictability of the weather and all, but I would still take advantage of the fall temperatures and that wonderful smell in the air. Depending on the time of the wedding (the nights do get chilly) I might opt for a sort of outdoor lounge area. It would give guests a chance to cool off from the dance floor and also provide a little place to relax that isn’t at a banquet table. Toss in a few flannel throw pillows and you’re set and on theme.   As Rich as Your Color Palette I am a pretty firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to wedding colors and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, but I would certainly capitalize on the season with a rich color palette. I love a mix of navy and cranberry and emerald with just a hint of burnt orange in there. I would also take a cue from the various changing colors and not worry to much about limiting my colors to one or two. You can...

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This Fall Find the Perfect Fit

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Blog

I came to work at Betsy’s because I had such an enjoyable experience finding and purchasing my own wedding gown. I fell in love with the atmosphere and was happy to find a way to be part of it. What I loved most when I was shopping for my gown was the wide variety of styles and prices. I had made pilgrimages to many other shops and had trouble finding what I was looking for. I know that many other brides have had that same experience, and I know how frustrating it can be to wander from shop to shop. So in the hopes of cutting down on some of that aimless wandering, I thought I’d take a minute to highlight some of the variety from our collection.   Sleeves A few short years ago the options for sleeves was none at all. Everything was strapless. While strapless gowns are probably still the most popular, we have a great variety of sleeve options. Now brides can choose from long sleeves, cap sleeves, short sleeves, spaghetti straps, wide straps, you name it. I think this change in trends is really important because it acknowledges that not everyone wants to wear strapless and that it’s possibly to be modern and chic with sleeves.     Perfect Fit Bridal runs small. It runs notoriously small and this can make trying on dresses, well trying. Most bridal shops have samples in the sort of mid-sizes to try and accommodate all ends of the spectrum. It’s a good try, but it doesn’t go far enough to ensure every bride feels comfortable and beautiful. That’s why we have made a concerted effort to seek out gowns in a range of sizes. Part of that effort is a collection of gowns on loan from Essense of Australia. We have had the gowns in store for several months, but it’s worth reminding everyone that they are still here in their variety of sizes and shapes.     Price Planning a wedding is all about setting a budget, so we understand how important price and value are to brides shopping for a gown. We carry some really amazing...

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Dealing With Rain on Your Wedding Day

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Blog

Here at Betsy’s when a bride comes to pick up her dress before the big day we pack it with care and carry it right down to their car. In the elevator ride to the lobby of the building most brides are full of equal parts stress and excitement. Lately the majority of these elevator conversations have revolved around the weather. I hope it doesn’t rain is the constant refrain. I’m not sure that September poses anymore of a threat of rain than any other month, but it’s definitely on a lot of people’s minds. However, barring some sort of hurricane level phenomenon, there are easy ways to prepare for it. Just in case.   Plan for It While there is no point in dwelling on something as unpredictable as the weather, it is always good to be prepared. If part of your wedding is set to be outdoors then you should definitely have a backup plan. And not a backup plan that’s just ok. Have a plan that you almost wish you had the chance to put to use. For example, if your ceremony is outside and your reception is inside, you could conceivably move everything into the reception hall. That’s the way a lot of people do it anyway, so no problem there. Think about how you might arrange things or what décor elements you could use to bring the outside in and make it just as pretty.   Assemble Cute Rain Gear We’ve all seen the photos of brides and bridesmaids in matching rain boots. Not only are the photos cute and fun, but they show great spirit. Rain or shine we are committed to having a great time. The same goes for stylish umbrellas. A cloudy sky and the right umbrella can make your wedding photos better than anything you could’ve imagined. Oh, or a raincoat draped over your shoulders! I can see the series of images now: your spouse pulls out a bright raincoat, wraps it lovingly around you, and shelters you from the raindrops. Perfection.   Embrace It Guests might get wet. At least some part of your dress is going to get...

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