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Shop the Capsule Collection from Watters at our Trunk Show this Weekend

Posted by on Jul 10, 2017 in Blog

  That’s right. It’s time for Watters Weekend, and we can’t wait. It’s time for three solid days packed full of the newest and most gorgeous gowns that Watters and WToo have to offer. We are pulling out all the stops as usual as we get ready to showcase gowns that aren’t even available in stores yet. There is always something for everyone at a Watters Trunk Show, and this weekend is no exception. From brides to bridesmaids from vintage vibes to modern twists to boho flow we’ve got it all and more. When it comes to fulfilling the varied needs of today’s brides and bridesmaids, no one does it better than Watters.     They have also recently stepped up their game and their exclusivity through what is called their Capsule Collection. The collection is comprised of six gowns that are made from the finest materials and available only at select locations. In fact, unlike with ordinary Watters gowns, if a salon does not carry gowns from the Capsule Collection they cannot order them. That means we are the place to find them, and I can tell you first hand how beautiful they are. The gowns feature materials like French lace, Indian hand beading and even ostrich feathers. All of these special fabrics are engineered for a supremely special day and fashioned into stunning pieces.     What you’ll notice most about these exclusive gowns is how they are able to look both timeless and modern. That’s because of Watters’ ability to mix classic silhouettes with modern fabrics. It’s because of their ability to use vintage lace for a modern neckline. It’s all about making a bride a part of the grand tradition of brides while remaining uniquely herself. So shop our Trunk Show this weekend and find the gown that connects you to a history of brides and lets you leave your own mark too.   Trunk Show July 14th – 16th. By appointment. 410.484.4600....

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To Mr. Betsy

Posted by on Jul 3, 2017 in Blog

  If you were to frequent our salon on a typical bustling weekend afternoon you would find it full of happy brides, of boisterous groups of bridesmaids debating between shades of blush, and dozens of proud mothers and soon to be mothers-in-law waiting patiently for the gown. You would find a swirl of commotion as consultants hurried back and forth with gowns draped over their shoulders and veils trailing behind.   But amidst all the hubbub you would likely find an older gentleman in black turtleneck and signature sport coat surveying the scene from his post next to the front desk. Quietly he would watch over the bright lobby taking care that all was well in the little kingdom he helped build. When he would introduce himself to passing groups he would point to the golden Betsy Robinson’s logo on the wall and say light-heartedly that he was “Mr. Betsy.” Today’s post is a special dedication to him as I sadly inform you that over the weekend he passed away and will no longer be our beacon in a sport coat at the front of the salon.     Known among us as Mr. Betsy or Mr. Allen or even as Big Pops, Allen Robinson was a constant fixture at the salon. Together with his wife, Betsy Robinson, he helped to build the salon into the name and place that it is today. The couple were married in 1972 and with the help of Allen’s business prowess his family department store was transformed over the years into Robinson’s Bridal and Formal and finally into Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection. It has grown into one of the most trusted names in bridal in the entire region.     Allen was active not only at the bridal shop where he could always be called upon to fetch a gown, but he was also active in the community. He helped to found the Summit School for dyslexic children in the Annapolis area, served as its Chairman of the Board for eight years, and continued to serve as an active board member. He was also on the board of the Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital...

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Spotlight on Designer Galia Lahav

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017 in Blog

  Our Galia Lahav Trunk Show is this weekend, and now makes for the perfect time to share a little bit about what makes these gowns so special. If the name doesn’t ring a bell that’s ok because you’ve probably spied their designs all over the internet without even knowing it. It’s also likely you’ve come across numerous Galia-inspired gowns, so this weekend is the perfect opportunity to see the real things in person.     The Fit Makes the Difference Galia Lahav gowns are designed and made in Israel from the finest materials in a meticulous process that begins here with precise measurements. These haute couture gowns are custom made for each and every bride and the result is extraordinary. Some of the best seamstresses in the world work tirelessly on the hand-sewn applique, the intricate beading, and the exquisite fit and construction of these gowns.     That Signature Galia Look But Galia Lahav is more than just fine materials and good-construction. They create gowns that are breathtaking. They create gowns that explore, embrace and accentuate the beauty of the female form. They are often daring gowns and they take a daring bride to wear them. The sheer volume of these gowns is often what makes them so interesting and eye-catching. The skirts are full of layer upon layer of fabric and the trains seem to gown on at a royal length. Everything is bigger and more dramatic. They also boast plunging necklines, sheer backs and lots of cut-outs. One of the great incentives of shopping these gowns during a trunk show is that you can also make custom changes to them. Perhaps you want to be daring, but you still prefer a little more coverage. Or maybe you want less. Either way it’s easy to get exactly what you want for your perfect look.   For more info on Galia Lahav Haute Couture and Gala Bridal check out the video below with brand representative Katharina....

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Spotlight on Designer Lillian West

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Blog

Between emotional yeses to the dress and racks of designer gowns, there are always a lot of exciting things going on at Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection. This coming weekend we even have a little extra to cheer about because we are hosting our first ever Lillian West Trunk Show. In fact, not only is it our first show with this inspiring line, but we are the only place in the area that carries them.     Lillian West is known for their mix of bohemian chic vibes and vintage flair that all add up to pure romance. They design gowns that are as varied as the brides who wear them and what is especially nice is that they care about value as well. That means you can get the perfect Boho look you’ve been searching for without breaking the bank. Bridal fashion that’s affordable? Yes please. They also offer some custom changes, which is what makes a trunk show so appealing. It’s the perfect time to see the newest gowns and learn what tweaks the designer will make to make it perfectly yours.     When it comes to variety that fits the modern bride, Lillian West seems to really get it. They offer a variety of silhouettes and shapes as well as sleeve options. I love that you can get this great seventies throwback off-the-shoulder look that is so popular now, and that from the same designer you can get a more traditional full-sleeve. Another great reason to come check out these gowns is that many of them are so different than what we have normally. If you are looking for something more relaxed and ethereal, something perfect for a destination wedding, something chic and boho you didn’t always have that many options. Lillian West gives you those options, and you don’t want to miss out.   Trunk Show June 23rd – 25th. To make your appointment 410.484.4600. {Lindsey}...

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Feature Betsy Bride of the Week: Elizabeth

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in Blog

  A love of water gave this week’s Betsy Bride couple the perfect inspiration for their wedding at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore. Elizabeth and her husband, Capt. John Straub, USMC, scoured the internet and used help from their planner at Nouvelle Weddings to come up with a perfect elegant nod to nautical. The details of their wedding, starting from their Old Bay inspired Save the Dates and right down to their crab shaped favors are full of charm and personality.     It’s something the couple seems to have a lot of. Work brought the pair together two years ago, but to them it was something far more. It was fate. “A summer love bloomed and grew into a deep and cherished companionship. It took John little time to realize a life altering thought which he quickly shared to his good friend, “I’m going to marry that girl.” It wasn’t long before an elaborate proposal led to the beautiful May wedding.     The weather, the details, the beautiful Harbor and of course the bride herself were all absolutely perfect on the big day. When asked how she picked her strapless lace fit and flare gown by Allure she said simply “It picked me.” Fate again. She finished her look with a satin beaded sash and a delicate string of pearls that highlighted the strapless neckline.     The day went exactly as planned with no surprises, and so it makes sense that as usual the best part of the day was just finally being married.  The bride and groom did however have a special recessional that surely set them apart from many other couples. “After the declaration of marriage, nearly 20 Marines from John’s platoon lined the aisle and performed a traditional sword arch for us to recess under.” Such a special and beautiful moment, and to see more of them check out the Anna Grace Photography gallery.    ...

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How to get the Perfect Blush Bridal Party

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Blog

Wedding trends are constantly changing and what is supremely popular one year may not be the next year. Of course some trends have more staying power than others and the color blush just happens to be among those perennial trends. Blush flowers, blush décor, even blush wedding gowns have been favorable for many years now, but nothing seems more popular than the blush bridal party.   A quick search of Pinterest makes it easily apparent why brides like to put their bridesmaids in blush: it’s soft and feminine, it looks great next to white and ivory, and it creates a great canvas for accessorizing. But the brides of 2017 don’t just want one shade of blush in one fabric, they want to mix and match to create a party that has depth and variety. It’s a worthy vision that I fully support, but it can be hard to pull off without a lot of thought and effort. Here are a few ground rules to help you mix and match the perfect blush bridal party.   Know Your Blushes Every designer has a different concept of what blush is, and it might not always coincide with your vision. Some blushes have more beige in them and others have more peach. Looking at colors online is helpful to a point, but it’s also great to come into the salon and see the swatches in person. Once you know what colors are available it will be a lot easier to piece things together.     Use More Than One Designer If you stick with only one designer, you will likely only have one, or at most two, shades of blush to choose from. By mixing other designers in you help to broaden your color palette. Just be sure that the blushes are similar in tone, but not so similar that they look like a mistake. Also, don’t be afraid use a few other neutral shades that compliment your blushes to help round things out and bridge the gap between shades.   Mix Fabrics To help make your choices look more intentional you can use a variety of fabrics or even patterns to...

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