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Here’s Why Our Bridal Sample Sale is Right For You!

Posted by on Jun 4, 2018 in Blog

  This weekend, you have an incredible opportunity to save extra on our sample sale bridal gowns. Yes, that’s right, our sale is on sale. That sounds great, right? But it only works if you know the value of buying a sample sale gown to begin with.   Sample gowns are fantastic. We have gowns from all the top designers like Watters, Maggie Sottero, Essense of Australia, Martina Liana, and Justin Alexander. The gowns are on sale because we need to make room for new inventory. These are gowns that have been tried on before, but we keep them in excellent condition, and we only put gowns on sale that meet rigorous inspection.     That means you’re getting a bargain, and you don’t have to worry about strings attached. In fact, when you purchase a sample gown you get to take it with you that day. It’s perfect if you have a close wedding date. Ordering a bridal gown can take as long as 6 months, so sample gowns are perfect if you’re on a time crunch.     Who says you need months to plan a wedding? With a sample sale gown in your corner you don’t have to stress over delivery dates and timelines. You can tie the knot whenever you want to.   Our sample sale is also great because of its variety. Not only do we have a wide selection of the top designers, but we also have every style and shape imaginable. We also have lots of variety when it comes to sizes. This isn’t he kind of sale that only has 8’s and 10’s. Our sale is for everyone.     It sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it? So let’s talk about price. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or a limitless one, sample gowns can help you get the gown of your dreams at a reasonable price. We have high-end gowns that are on sale, and we have affordable gowns that are reduced so much, you just might want to buy two.   And speaking of two gowns, a sample sale is the perfect place to pick up a reception...

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Get the Royal Wedding Look Here!

Posted by on May 25, 2018 in Blog

Nearly a week has gone by, and we still can’t stop talking about the royal wedding around here. The fashion! The hats! Meghan’s gown! Every detail has been picked over, discussed, and dissected.   We’ve also been looking at lots of pictures, and we have some unanswered questions. What were William and Kate talking about during the ceremony? What did Meghan’s second dress look like in the back? How come literally no one had a wrinkled skirt?   You might have some questions of your own. Like how can you recreate Meghan’s gorgeous bridal gown for yourself. I feel you, and I have an answer. Luckily, we have 2 great gown options that will help you look like royalty on your own special day.     This first gown is from Pronovias, and it features the same elegant bateau neckline, form-fitting shape, and long sleeves that Meghan wore so well. The back dips to a low V and features a row of delicate buttons. It’s made from a buttery soft crepe that looks rich and refined.       The second gown is a Justin Alexander with a clean crepe front, and a breathtaking beaded illusion back with buttons that run the full-length of the train. This fit and flare silhouetted gown has a jersey lining to help hug you in all the right places, and the sleeves feature covered buttons at the wrist for a special added detail.       Both of these gowns are as timeless as the one the duchess wore. They drip with elegance, and yet they are simple. They are stunningly simple, but they’ll certainly let you show off your shape. Despite the high collar and the long sleeves, these gowns are sexy. They’re restrained, but not conservative. They’re classic, without being too traditional. We had so much fun watching the royal wedding, and so much fun sharing it with all of you. We can’t wait to help you find your own regal gown!  ...

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A Royal Wedding Review

Posted by on May 24, 2018 in Blog

I set somewhere between 5 and 10 alarms on Saturday morning to make sure that I was up in time to catch every minute of the royal wedding coverage. I hit the snooze a few times, so I did miss the entrances of some of the most famous guests. Luckily, I still had enough time to make scones from scratch as I listened to the commentators hypothesize on what tiara Meghan would be wearing.     I never considered myself much of a royal enthusiast. I didn’t, after all, throw a party, or bake a cake. I didn’t endlessly speculate on what the wedding gown would like look. And yet, when I heard the broadcasters announce that the Rolls Royce was on the move from the hotel to the church, I raced from the kitchen into my living room to catch the first glimpse of the beautiful bride.   And then I burst into tears.   I’m not ashamed. Weddings are emotional, and Meghan simply looked so beautiful that I’m sure she drove a great many people to tears. As I watched the Rolls wind through the lush British countryside from the comfort of my rain-soaked apartment, I realized they could not have bought a better day with the entire royal fortune.     The royal wedding was as extravagant and full of fanfare as anyone was expecting. The gown the now Duchess of Sussex wore was demure, elegant, and utterly majestic.     And that veil! The way it cascaded down the steps of the church, that’s what a veil should look like, and that’s why you wear one. It almost stole the show, and I could hardly take my eyes off of it.   The hats were big, and the fascinators fascinating. The Queen’s bright chartreuse ensemble was a defiant reminder that she will literally outlive us all. Camilla’s hat was wonderfully absurd, and I want to find out how to get a pair of Elton John’s pink tinted glasses.   The choir performance was emotional and stirring, and all signs point to a new way of doing things in the royal family with Meghan and Harry...

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In Honor of Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 11, 2018 in Blog

There’s nothing to make you think about your mom quite like buying a bridal gown. Mothers play a big role in weddings and in bridal gown shopping. We keenly feel the presence of mothers, and we also feel their absence. Sometimes moms are only present in a pause, or a moment of reflection, and sometimes moms make their way here over text messages and through face-time.   Around here we see friends and aunts and future mothers-in-law that offer the love and support of a mother. We see proud faces, wide smiles, and lots and lots of happy tears. We see the village that it took to raise a bride, and we see their joy as she prepares for the big day.   Yes, moms play a big role around here, but they go by many names, and they show support in many ways. We celebrate these relationships all the time. Almost daily, we witness happy moms and daughters sharing this meaningful experience together.   But it isn’t just the moments in the salon we get to be a part of. We also get to see a lot of wedding photos. We see the tender moments captured in black and white before the bride walks down the aisle. All the little moments, like buttons being buttoned and lipstick getting touched up. We see the quick hug, and the squeeze of a hand. Photos capture all those knowing glances and those whispered I love you’s.   What we don’t see, and what can’t ever be truly captured is the work that it took to get to those moments. We don’t see the late nights, the years of advice, the weeknight dinners, or the birthdays. There aren’t photos of the Band-Aids, the car rides, the failures and the triumphs, and the report cards.   All we have is the sum total of those efforts. All we have are our beautiful brides and the strong and wonderful women who helped them to stand with such poise and confidence and say, “Yes.”   We are grateful to those wonderful women, and we wish them the happiest of Mother’s Days.  ...

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The Newest Trends in Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted by on Apr 23, 2018 in Blog

Picking the right bridal gown can be tricky. It’s the most high-pressure, high-stakes wardrobe decision you’ll ever have to make, and you want to make sure you choose perfectly. You want to love it. Ideally, you’ll hear trumpets, and you want your friends and family to erupt in a round of happy tears. Your dress has to be as amazing as you are, and that makes picking it a momentous decision.   Oh, but when you choose your gown you can breathe a nice sigh of relief. You had to make the biggest clothing decision of your life, and you did it. You passed! Hooray! It’s smooth sailing from here on out.   That is, until you have to pick your bridesmaid dresses. If you thought choosing what you were going to wear was stressful, try choosing what other people are going to wear. You love your bridesmaids, and you want them to each feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. You also have a wedding vision, and you want to stay on track.   Fortunately, we have all the latest trends in bridesmaid gowns, and we truly have something for everyone. Take a look at some of our newest bridesmaid gowns that fulfill all the hottest trends in bridal. They’ll make it easy to say yes to the dress, again.   High Necks There’s nothing quite like a good high-neck gown. A high-neck is flattering, sophisticated, and very chic. It provides coverage in just the right places, but still shows off great shoulders and delicate collar bones. It was once super difficult to find bridesmaid gowns that had any kind of a strap, so it’s nice to see that high-neck gowns have become so popular. Pair them with a great chandelier earring for the wedding and a simple stud for an evening out. That’s right, these are totally gowns you can wear to another event.     Crepe For a long time chiffon bridesmaid gowns have reigned supreme at the altar. It makes sense, right? Chiffon is flowy, forgiving, easy to wear, and it comes in a great array of colors from the vibrant to the subdued. It also tends...

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Three Reasons to Wear a Veil If You’re on the Fence

Posted by on Mar 26, 2018 in Blog

Full disclosure, in case you didn’t know, we sell veils. We sell lots of veils. So it would make sense for us to tell you how important they are. We’re pretty smart cookies here at Betsy Robinson’s, but we’re also honest. And we’re here to help you. I hear brides question all the time if they should wear a veil, and when they do, I feel myself have practically a visceral reaction to the question. I want to shout from the rooftops, “YES!” Yes, you should wear a veil. But don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for us. Wear a veil because there are three really good reasons that you should.     1. When Else Will You Wear One? This might not be the most compelling argument in my bag of tricks, but it’s true. You might have other reasons to put on a big fancy gown. You might head to a big gala dressed to the nines. There may be other times, or even many other times in your life that you get yourself extra fancy for an event. But it’s pretty unlikely that any of those events will call for a veil.   Oh, but what if you’re not a very bridal-y bride? Well, the thing is, whether you’re a super bride-y kind of bride or not, you’re still a bride. It’s that whole words meaning things, thing. You are a bride. And you should feel like one. Which brings me to my next point.   2. You’ll Feel More Like a Bride This is true. The moment you put a veil on is like magic. In fact, no, it is actual magic. I’ve seen it in others, and I’ve felt it in myself. The veil is transformative. One minute you’re just an ordinary person about to embark on a great adventure, and the next minute you’re a goddess living on Earth powered by love and a really good pair of heels.   Wearing a veil can’t change your whole life, I don’t think, but it can make you feel like a bride. It makes your fairytale love feel real. It’s happening. Oh, yeah,...

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