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The Perfect Fall Wedding

Posted by on Oct 24, 2017 in Blog

Ok everybody, it’s that wonderful time of year again. The weather is getting cooler, the air is tinged with the smell of damp leaves and firewood and just a touch of cinnamon. Autumn is nearly upon us, and it’s the perfect time to highlight everything you need for the perfect Fall wedding. Now, over the past few years people have gotten a little over saturated on Fall. An abundance of pumpkin flavored everything is largely to blame, but I don’t care. I love fall and scarves and chunky knit cable sweaters. I love pumpkins and pumpkin flavored things. To the naysayers I say more pumpkins! More spice! But it’s also possible to throw the perfect fall wedding without being so predictable. Here’s how.   Jewel Tones There is nothing wrong with signifying Fall through a traditional mix of leaf colors like yellow and orange, but I think it’s time to try something new. Swap your orange and yellow for rich jewel tones. Deep colors like emerald, plum, ruby and navy call upon the richness of the season in a refreshing way. They can give the feeling of fall without the cliche of it. The other positive about these tones is that they look good on everyone. This makes choosing bridesmaid gowns a lot easier.   Flannel I myself wear flannel all year round, but nevertheless it evokes a very strong autumnal feeling and it does it without having to be red and orange and yellow. In other words, you get a much more subtle feeling of Fall without overdoing it. You can use hints of flannel on the tables or put flannel wraps about the bride and groom chairs. You can offer a basket of flannel blankets for any outdoor portions of the wedding, or even buy a flannel wrap for some of your own pictures.   Cider The pumpkin spice latte may be the current champion of Fall drinks but does it have the staying power to oust the record holding cider? Cider in any form is perfect for a Fall wedding and there are two great ways to serve it. You can’t go wrong with a hot...

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The Latest Trends from New York Bridal Market

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in Blog

Two of our bridal consultants just braved the heavy traffic and the surprisingly sweltering New York heat to bring you all the latest trends from this fall’s bridal market. They pounded the pavement moving from one showroom to the next to watch the newest bridal and bridesmaid gowns make their way down the runway.   The bi-annual New York Bridal Market is where our consultants and all the other pros in the industry come to see the latest designs. It’s also where they go to place their orders and decide what makes it from the runway to the store. Often times they go hoping that designers have created new gowns to fill a certain void. They go hoping that designers have caught up with the current demands of brides.   They also go to see when the designers are ahead of the game and setting rather than following trends. This year they accomplished that with off the shoulder gowns, jackets, and straight across necklines.   Off the Shoulder   For so long it was hard for brides to find gowns that were anything but strapless. In fact, strapless reigned so supreme that often brides looking for a strap had to have one added. Then the pendulum swung the other way and straps and sleeves and v-necks were abundant. Both trends ran their course and resulted in the reemergence of the off-the-shoulder. It makes perfect sense. The off-the-shoulder is really a hybrid between the two trends. It also let’s brides show off their gorgeous shoulders and collarbones and still feel a measure of security. The straps are delicate and feminine and showing a little shoulder is always sexy.   Jackets   Modern brides want options, and they want to stand out. They don’t always want to look traditional, and they want to be able to add their own personal touch into their bridal gown the same way they would their everyday wardrobe. Jackets give brides all of that and more. They get multiple looks for their day and they get a pop of street style. From bomber jackets to leather jackets to loads of lace there are more options than...

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Our Favorite Burgundy Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted by on Oct 9, 2017 in Blog

It might not coincide with Pantone’s color of the year, but around here we’ve been noticing a lot of brides looking for burgundy bridesmaids gowns. It makes prefect sense. Burgundy is a deep rich color that looks good on everyone and is just as appropriate in a rustic outdoor setting as it is in a grand ballroom. It also may be a current trendy color, but it’s also a classic and timeless one. It looks elegant now, and when you look back at your wedding photos in ten years, it still will. Here are our top picks for burgundy dresses.   An Elegant Touch   This Watters gown in Marsala is a real show-stopper. The front is simple and elegant and the spaghetti straps add a delicate touch. It’s also a welcome surprise to find a bridesmaid gown that is more fitted. Most chiffon gowns tend to be flowy A-line silhouettes and so the fit of this gown makes it truly special. The real winner is the back though. The draping is gorgeous and sexy and might even want to make them wear it again.   Relaxed and Flowy   This Ruby colored gown from Amsale is light and delicate and both an easy color and easy style for anyone to wear. Unlike some halter neck gowns that either come up too high in the front or that have thick straps, this gown features spaghetti ties and a slouched front. That coupled with the free flowing ruffle skirt and tie waist make it flattering and easy to wear.   The Off the Shoulder   This luxe double knit garnet gown from Sorella Vita is perfect for the bride who wants her maids to rock the latest off the shoulder trend. The gown material is a velvety soft, slightly stretchy, jersey-like material making it stylish and comfortable.  ...

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A New Way to Wear Sequins

Posted by on Oct 2, 2017 in Blog

Aside from Mason jars, I’m not sure there is a more pervasive wedding trend than sequin bridesmaid gowns. And as for trends, it’s one that has an unusual amount of longevity. Mason jars relinquished their reign long ago, but bridesmaids in sequin gowns don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Perhaps this is because the trend has found new ways to morph and adapt. Sequins are able to stay fresh and new. That’s quite a feat in a world of fashion that changes in the time it takes to create a hashtag on Instagram.     The evolution of the sequin bridesmaid gown has brought about new silhouettes, new colors and now new patterns. Bridesmaid designer Sorella Vita is one of the companies leading the way. They perfected a cap sleeve sequin gown with a draped back that basically won weddings, and now they are back for more.  Their newest collection is called Nouveau Sequins and it’s inspired by art deco themes. The subtle scallop pattern gives off a Gatsby glow without stealing the show. The gowns are available in a few silhouettes that each come in rose gold, gold, bronze, platinum, crimson, sapphire and onyx.   I love how easily these gowns add depth and texture to a bridal party. As a result you can mix them in with other sequin gowns or even chiffon or satin ones. They’re a perfect way to make a maid of honor stand out or achieve a more mix and match look. It’s all part of creating bridal parties that are as unique and varied as weddings themselves. The subtly is the real key. Full sequins are not for every bride or every party, but a little sparkle goes a long way.  ...

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Feature Betsy Bride of the Week: Mo

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Blog

If you’re like us, you never get tired of hearing about people’s weddings and about their individual love stories. It’s amazing how both very different and very similar each one is. Each story, in the re-telling of it, seems to be a case of two people just meant to be together. Each story is really about the way the world drew them together. One way or another.     For Mo and her now husband Jide this inevitable collision began when they both attended UMBC for undergrad. The two ran in similar circles, but never seemed to connect. They had mutual friends. They went to the same parties. It was only a matter a time. Mo and Jide became friends somewhere along the way and somewhere along the way after that, so much more. They don’t even remember when it was exactly that they met, but no matter what, their story culminated in a day they will always remember.     Mo and Jide were married at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church with a cocktail hour and reception that followed at The Bellevue Event and Conference Center, both in Chantilly, VA. The weather was gorgeous and the air was full of excitement. The couple used shades of blue as their inspiration and the vendors delivered big time. Everything from the cake to the stunning chandelier was bathed in a beautiful blues. It was just as Mo had envisioned it. All the details were a result of Mo’s careful planning. In fact, she loved every minute of it. “It was second nature to me.” Part of what helped her enjoy the planning was the vendors she was able to work with. Among them, Alakija Studios that captured her day perfectly.     Glamorous doesn’t even begin to describe Mo in her delicate v-ncek Eddy K ballgown topped off with a stunning tiara and drop earrings. But it’s her smile and totally obvious happiness that steal the show. Both are infectious. Her bridesmaids also rocked the ombre effect in WToo gowns in various shades of blue. The groom and groomsmen proved that there is so much more to menswear than a...

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OMG! Guess Who Just Got Engaged?!

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017 in Blog

At Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection we have both the pleasure and the privilege of being involved in the lives of so many wonderful brides. We get to hear about their proposals and admire their rings and get to know them and their love stories. We share in their special day from the very beginning when they pick out their gown. Then we follow them through their journey right down to the day they take it with them. It’s pretty neat to be a part of that. On a day-to-day basis it’s a great reason to get up and go to work. But today, it’s just a little bit better. Today we get to announce that one of our own will be tying the knot!     You may have spied our bridal consultant Ashley Gray on our Instagram account or our Facebook page or working diligently in the salon. She has been here for nearly five years, and since that time she has played the model bride on dozens of occasions. This time she gets to do it for real. This past Sunday Ashley got engaged to fiancé Martin Simon in a private proposal at Loch Raven Reservoir. With help from family and friends Martin also planned a giant surprise birthday party for Ashley immediately following the proposal. It was a surprise party in which everyone got a surprise. The crowd yelled happy birthday and then Ashley gave her announcement with her hand raised. More screaming followed, which was pretty much our reaction here.     We are so thrilled for Ashley and have already begun to pepper her with a million wedding planning questions. No, she doesn’t have exact date just yet. She’s at the start of a long journey toward matrimony, and we’re going to let you in on it. Follow us and Ashley as she plans her wedding, picks her gown and counts down the days. We’ll check in with her periodically to hear more of her story and more of her experiences as she plans her big day.  ...

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