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OMG Look Who Just Got Engaged Part 2

Posted by on Feb 12, 2018 in Blog

For those of you in the know, our very own bridal consultant Ashley Gray, got engaged this fall. We thought it would make the perfect opportunity to follow her journey all the way down the aisle, and get a little insight along the way. Planning a wedding is all about being overwhelmed. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by the daunting logistics. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by prices and opinions. But you also get to be overwhelmed by an outpouring of love and support.     We’ll stick with Ashley as she tackles all these predicaments. I’m already predicting she’ll be a steady hand and a cool cucumber who can offer some good tips to the rest of us. Here she is in her own words as she tackles the tough questions. When is the wedding?! Have you picked a date?! These are questions I hear  frequently. Very frequently. Now that Martin and I are engaged, it’s time to start planning. Even though I have been in this business for almost five years, I have struggled with the number one question on every recently engaged bride’s mind: where do I start? Martin joked, “I fully expected you to pick up the phone, call someone and say ‘it’s on’ and everything would be done and set and all we had to do was sign the checks.” If only it were that easy! The most important thing to me while beginning to plan our wedding was exactly that, it is our wedding. His input is just as important in the planning process as mine is. The day is about us and our love and commitment to each other. So we sat down and began to talk seasons. He prefers colder rather then warmer and I’ve always dreamed of a Christmas wedding. And just like that we made our first decision. A winter wedding in 2019. With a season and a year decided it was time to start thinking where. I started looking up hundreds of venues. New ones pop up all the time and the task seemed never-ending. I called and emailed. I asked about dates, prices, amenities. But then Martin pointed out...

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Three Reasons Why A Sample Sale Bridal Gown is Right for You

Posted by on Feb 1, 2018 in Blog

Everyone knows that weddings can get really expensive really quickly. By the time you pick a venue, a caterer, and a photographer, it can feel like you’ve already cracked the budget wide open. It doesn’t help that the words wedding and bargain hardly ever go together unless you’re talking about getting married on a Tuesday afternoon in February.   But bridal sample sales are wonderful exceptions to these rules. You can find a beautiful designer gown, come in under budget, and walk right out the door with it. Sound like a sample sale might be right for you? Check out the top three reasons to consider buying from the sale rack.       1. They’re On Time Timing is everything, and wedding timing is unlike anything you’ve dealt with before. Most brides start planning their wedding at least a year in advance because of how long things take. Ordering a bridal gown, for example, takes anywhere from three to six months. There are rush options available and occasional exceptions based on designer and style, but in general, a bridal gown takes months.   That means that if you didn’t make your bridal gown vision board a year in advance you might be feeling a little stressed out. Don’t worry. Sample gowns don’t need to be ordered. You simply walk in, find your dream gown, and leave with it that day.   2. They’re On Budget For some brides, money is no object, but lots of other brides want to be pragmatic and practical. Having a hard time wrapping your head around spending so much money on a gown you’ll only wear once? Obviously I see the value in splurging on the most important thing you’ll ever wear, but I also love a good deal. We’ve got designer gowns in excellent condition in a wide variety of styles and sizes for roughly half off the original price. Style and thrift combined? That makes you one smart bride.   3. They’re On Trend We are constantly getting new bridal gowns in our stock inventory. Hardly a day goes by that we aren’t unboxing a new gown to put on the...

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Easy Bridal Shower Themes with Minimal DIY

Posted by on Jan 22, 2018 in Blog

Your bridal shower doesn’t have to have a theme, but having a focus can make planning it easier. Themes can be as simple as a color palette or a time of year. They can also be as complicated and fancy as you like. I’ve picked a few of my favorite themes that can all be done on a sliding scale depending on the resources available.   Brunch   Because brunch. Am I right? Brunch is pretty much the coolest thing there is these days. It creates the perfect backdrop for a relaxed shower. You can opt for a few tables at a restaurant for something small and intimate or you can host it at someone’s home relatively easily. Set up a make your own mimosa bar and a waffle station and everyone will be happy.   Tea Party   I love the idea of a tea party because you can make it really complicated or really simple depending on your budget and how much time and effort you can afford to spare. All you really need are a few tables decorated with fresh flowers, some mismatched teacups and kettles and tiny little foods served on tired trays. No matter how intricate or simple your displays are or how vintage or not your teacups are, guests will still feel fancy.   Pool Party   This one is a little trickier in that you obviously need a pool, but beyond that it doesn’t require anything but nice weather. Cute oversized pool rafts were the biggest accessory of the summer and now’s the time to collect them from clearance wracks and populate your pool with a little whimsy. Giant inflatable engagement ring anyone? Of course as long as you have good weather the best thing about a pool party shower is that guests can sit outside, enjoy a drink and keep things nice and...

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Feature Betsy Bride of the Week: Michele

Posted by on Jan 15, 2018 in Blog

  This week’s Betsy Bride couple owes their love story to the water and the cosmic alignment of the stars. Michele and John grew up in the same place and shared mutual friends, but did not meet officially until he arrived by boat on the dock of an Annapolis restaurant. He caught Michele’s eye right away, and the grand entrance seemed fated to happen. In fact, Michele and John believe their loved ones in heaven helped guide them to each other. They spent years milling about near each other, but it wasn’t until that day on the dock that their paths finally crossed.   After that it was predictably smooth sailing for the couple and, Michele is full of nothing but the sweetest things to say about John and their love. John proposed on Christmas Eve at the water’s edge and their families were all waiting to celebrate with them at McGarvey’s in Annapolis.     They were married on October 21st 2017 at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, and everything went so wonderfully that their only regret is not being able to relive the day over and over again. It went by in such a blur that it was hard to remember and appreciate every moment. That’s a common problem for so many brides, but Michele has some amazing pictures by Amy Deputy Photography to help her reminisce about each moment.   Michele loved every bit of wedding planning and exclaimed in all caps that it was “FUN.” That kind of enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s a welcome reminder of what wedding planning should actually be. Sure, you have a lot of decisions to make and people to please, but the more you focus on what’s truly important, the more fun you will have. It should be a fun experience that culminates with an even more fun day.     Every detail of the wedding, from getting ready at her parent’s home in downtown Annapolis to her perfect Martina Liana gown helped to make the day special. Michele looked amazing from head to toe. The delicate lace straps, the low back, the buttons, and the contouring applique all made...

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A Look Ahead at Our 2018 Trunk Shows

Posted by on Jan 5, 2018 in Blog

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve recovered from the holidays and are looking forward to the new year. December is still by far the most popular time to get engaged. That makes January the perfect time to get moving on making wedding plans. Good thing our January is jam-packed with great trunk shows.   January 5 – 7 Essense of Australia   This Essnese of Australia trunk show is especially special because they are sending tester dresses. A tester dress is essentially an exclusive preview of a gown that is not yet part of the line and may not become part of it. These are gowns that are not available in stores or online so the only way to see them is at a trunk show. If you order a tester gown you could potentially be one of only a few brides to ever wear it on her wedding day.   January 13 – 15 Watters & WToo, Thomas Knoell and Toni Federici   This is a one stop-shopping trunk show because you get three designers in one weekend. First, you can shop the very newest bridal gowns from Watters and WToo that are not available in stores yet. Then you can pick from their newest bridesmaid gowns in all the latest styles and hottest colors. To complete your look you’ll have a designer from Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs and one from Toni Federici veils to help you customize your wedding accessories.   January 19 – 21 Enzoani Bridal   Enzoani is known for their modern bridal gowns that fit exquisitely and feature gorgeous details. At this trunk show you can shop their newest gowns and meet with a stylist. She will help you make custom changes to create the gown of your dreams.   January 26 – 28 Justin Alexander   Justin Alexander is all about variety. No two brides are alike and neither are their gowns. They not only feature a wide variety of styles, but also a variety of price points. This is a great trunk show if you are just starting to look and are unsure of what you are looking for. You’ll have...

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2017 Year in Review

Posted by on Dec 30, 2017 in Blog

I usually like to round out the year with happy thoughts of all the wonderful things that happened during it. To keep this broad topic under control I limit it to all the great things that happened in bridal. Here is where I would usually talk about sleeve options and modern laces and mixing and matching bridesmaid gowns. But this year and this time things are different.   It is hard to think about the events of this year without thinking about our Betsy Robinson family. Like a real family it has gained and lost. We have watched members leave to pursue other career paths, and we welcomed new ones. We jumped and cheered at the announcements of babies (my own!) and engagements and major milestones. We got to say hello to so many new brides as they said “yes!”   But we also had to say the hardest goodbye to our patriarch of sorts, Allen Robinson. It is a loss that is deeply felt by all of us and a presence that is daily missed. Which is why it seems fitting to re post what I had originally published about Mr. Betsy. I put it here as a reminder of him personally and a chance of reflection for us all. Here is wishing you a 2018 that has more ups than downs and is filled with lots and lots of love.     If you were to frequent our salon on a typical bustling weekend afternoon you would find it full of happy brides, of boisterous groups of bridesmaids debating between shades of blush, and dozens of proud mothers and soon to be mothers-in-law waiting patiently for the gown. You would find a swirl of commotion as consultants hurried back and forth with gowns draped over their shoulders and veils trailing behind. But amidst all the hubbub you would likely find an older gentleman in black turtleneck and signature sport coat surveying the scene from his post next to the front desk. Quietly he would watch over the bright lobby taking care that all was well in the little kingdom he helped build. When he would introduce himself...

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