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Plus Size Wedding Gowns in Our Sample Sale

Posted by on Aug 16, 2018 in Blog

In my years here, I’ve written a lot about our bridal sample sale. I’ve listed the many pros of buying an affordable gown off the rack and getting a really good deal for a designer gown. I’ve written at length about these things, but there is a key part that I often gloss over. It’s an aspect of our sample sale that deserves more attention.   I’m talking about the sizes. Look, when I bought my wedding dress I never, ever, at all the shops that I looked at, once looked at the sale rack. I associated bridal bargains with smaller sizes. I’m sure a lot of you do too.   It’s quite often the case, but our bridal sample sale actually includes plus size bridal gowns. As it should, right? We want every bride to have the opportunity to try on gowns that fit and make them feel good. We also want everyone to have the chance to hunt for a bargain.   Real talk, most of our samples, are in 8’s, 10’s and 12’s, but if you’re a plus size bride, don’t despair. We have gowns for you to try on. These gowns range in size from 16 to 28 and they are gorgeous. Just look at some of the examples of our sale gowns.     Looking at these photos you are probably struck by two things: the gowns are beautiful, and the models look like average sized women.   That’s bridal for you. Bridal runs small.   If we’re still talking real talk, then it’s important to know that bridal runs small, and plus size is a label that applies to a lot of brides.   That’s why having a range and a variety of plus size wedding gowns is so important. Between our sample sale and our special order bridal gowns, we have gowns to make every bride feel like a bride.   So if you’re in the Baltimore or D.C. area and you’re looking for a bridal salon near you that has a wide range of sizes, Betsy’s is a place worth checking out.    ...

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What’s New in Bridesmaid Trends: Crepe Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted by on Aug 10, 2018 in Blog

Revolutions in bridesmaids gowns are usually pretty rare. Trends have come and gone, but the general concept, right down to the fabric, has pretty much remained the same for decades.   For as long as I have been here, the fabric of choice for bridesmaids has been chiffon, and the popular silhouette has been a nice flowy A-line. It makes sense. Chiffon photographs nicely, it’s very forgiving, and it’s easy to wear.   But for brides who wanted a different texture or silhouette, there were few options. Until now. Designers have slowly but surely been making beautiful crepe bridesmaid gowns that turn heads and change minds about what it means to wear a bridesmaid gown.     Take a look at this Amsale crepe gown. It’s gorgeous. It’s beyond gorgeous. The high-neck is elegant, the shape is sleek, and the crepe is luxurious. It hugs in all the right places, and it embraces rather than camouflages the female form.     The same can be said of this Watters crepe gown. Its sleek shape is inspiring. Often times the harshest criticism of a bridesmaid gown is that it looks too much like a bridesmaid gown. While it seems unfair to criticize a gown for doing its job too well, these refined crepe gowns are a nice breath of fresh air. They look more evening gown than bridesmaid gown. Sometimes that’s just the perfect note to hit.     This Hayley Paige gown is another great crepe example, but with a twist. While most crepe gowns tend to be pretty body hugging, this one has a gorgeous full skirt. And it has pockets! Yep. It’s the total package. The neckline is delicate, and it balances nicely with the fullness of the skirt.   Guests who aren’t fabric experts might not be able to pinpoint what makes these crepe gowns so spectacular, but they will surely know that they look fancy. They look more expensive than they are, and they feel pretty nice to the touch too.   What’s also great about these new crepe gowns is that they are more forgiving than you might think. Traditional crepe tends to show...

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Feature Betsy Bride of the Week Latisha

Posted by on Jul 27, 2018 in Blog

  Our newest feature Betsy Bride, Latisha, first emailed us about her wedding pretty much immediately following it. She sent pictures and stories to her bridal consultant right away, and just about every sentence in her email ended in an exclamation point.   But who can blame her for her enthusiasm? Even from the initial cell phone pictures it was clear that her Puerto Rico destination wedding was a major success.     And just look at her! Now I’m using all the exclamation points, but really, she looks gorgeous in both of her wedding gowns, and it’s clear what an amazing day they had.   The couple’s romance began at Howard University as both Latisha and Brandon were hard at work studying law. Their story, at least from Latisha’s perspective, was not exactly love at first sight. He stared at her intensely, and she thought he was just a creepy staring guy. It’s actually cute; trust me. It’s a Bella/Edward kind of thing.   A mutual love of volunteering brought them together, and a chance meeting that was really meant to be formed the foundation of their relationship.   Jump nearly 5 years later and the two were planning their big day. As litigating lawyers, their schedules are pretty full, but they still tried to plan their destination wedding on their own. Then Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico followed by Hurricane Maria.   It was time for professional help.   Latisha enlisted wedding planner Maria Lugo who helped set her up with great vendors. Latisha learned quite a bit about how to plan a destination wedding, and she is all about passing on some advice to other brides who want to do the same.   The main thing she learned is to do everything early. Send save the dates early. Send invites early. Ask for responses, you guessed it, early. Brides need a lot of time to plan a destination wedding, but guests also need time. They need time to plan and save and book travel.     Despite the early planning obstacles, and having to coordinate everything by phone and email, the couple enjoyed the planning process....

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3rd Annual National Bridal Sale Event

Posted by on Jul 16, 2018 in Blog

  Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection is participating in the 3rd Annual National Bridal Sale Event, and it’s a great opportunity that anyone looking for a bridal gown can take advantage of.   From July 21st – the 29th all of our hundreds of sample sale gowns are an additional 15% off of their already reduced price. That’s right, thanks to the National Bridal Sale Event, our sale is on sale!   Sure, we always have sample gowns on sale, but it’s a little bit different this time. Not only do you get an extra 15% off a sale gown, but we also have just marked down lots of great gowns. All of the gowns are in great condition, and some of them are practically perfect. They’ve just been waiting for the right bride to come along, and it could be you.   You can choose from all the top designers, and get an incredible bargain just because we have to clean out our closet a little.   That’s exactly what the National Bridal Sale Event is. It’s a chance for salon’s all over the country to make room for new inventory by offering special incentives on their current inventory.   We get space and you get savings. It’s win win.   Sample sale gowns are perfect if you are looking for a designer gown at a great price. They are also great if you have a close wedding date. Most bridal gowns take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to arrive after they are ordered, but you get to take a sample gown with you that day! You can walk right out the door with your beautiful bridal gown.   The National Bridal Sale Event is a great reminder that your dream dress doesn’t have to blow your budget or break the bank. Weddings can get ridiculously expensive pretty quickly, but you can also easily plan the day of your dreams without bankrupting your future.   So be sure to check out our sale starting this weekend! Call 410. 484.4600 to make your appointment and find the perfect dress at the perfect...

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Enter Our Instagram Contest!

Posted by on Jul 5, 2018 in Blog

Our Watters Trunk Shows are always amazing, but this time around we’ve really upped the ante.   Not only can you shop all the newest bridal and bridesmaid gowns from Watters, WToo and Willowby for 2 big weekends, but you can also be a part of an amazing Instagram contest.   The new gowns are bringing along a special guest. The incomparable Xay. She’s one of the top designers at Watters, she is full of wedding gown advice and insight, and once you see her shoe game, you’ll pretty much trust her to make all of your life decisions from here on out.   Okay, cool, so this amazing designer will be here for the trunk show. What does that mean for you? It means you can win a chance to shop for your Watters bridal gown with the person who actually helped design them!   That’s right. You can actually win a chance to shop for your bridal gown with Xay. You’ll get to sit down with her a few minutes prior to the start of your appointment, chat about your wedding, your vision, and what you want in a bridal gown.   Then the work and the fun begin.   The contest is easy to enter, so if you want to be a Watters girl, shop the newest gowns, and get to shop with Xay, enter our contest today! The contest rules are listed below, and 5 lucky brides will get appointments on Saturday July 14th!...

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What Kind of Watters Bride Are You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Posted by on Jul 2, 2018 in Blog

Our Watters, WToo, and Willowby trunk show is right around the corner.  We’re starting to get pretty excited and so should you. We are a Watters Flagship store, and that exclusive title means that we are getting the entire new Fall 2018 collection. All of them. Every single new dress will be here just for you. These dresses aren’t even online yet let alone in store.   So if you want to shop these exclusive gowns you have to do it here, and you have to do it now.   That’s because we’re the only store in the region with this awesome perk. Not Philadelphia. Not D.C. It’s just us, Betsy Robinson’s, and we’re pretty excited to show them off.   But to make sure you get the absolute best out of your shopping experience we want to arm you with a little designer knowledge. It’s time to find out just what kind of Watters bride you are.   Are you strictly a Watters girl? Does WToo hold the secret to your wedding day bliss? Or is Willowby your #goals? Take this quick little questionnaire, and find out which gowns are right for you.     Shop our Watters, WToo & Willowby Trunk Show Friday July 6th through Sunday July 15th. That gives you 2 weekends to find the right gown before they’re gone!  ...

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