Posted by on Sep 19, 2014 in Blog

When it comes to throwing an all-out-dance-party-celebration-extravaganza (which I assume is how you want people to describe your wedding) it isn’t just the way you start off the dancing that matters, its’ the way you finish it. Which is why this week I wanted to serve up some ideas for the almost just as important last dance song.


The last dance is truly about everyone. It’s a reward for the people who made it all the way through the night and if it doesn’t end in some sort of massive group hug then you might have done it wrong. Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen.


I have scoured the internet for ideas and compiled a few of my favorite essential crowd pleasing last dance songs. I was tempted to include a slow love song or two, but that can alienate some guests. The last dance song isn’t about couples or dancing cheek to cheek. It’s about dancing arm and arm with a heavy dose of air guitar and imaginary microphones.


Now that We Found Love – Heavy D & the Boyz

Ok, so I stole this idea from the last scene in Hitch, but I only stole it because it’s a good idea. Form two lines and have a dance off? Yup.


Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

This is the last dance song to end all last dance songs. Until the elevator tries to break us down, go crazy. What wonderful joie de vivre. And that guitar solo at the end? Bam.


Crocodile Rock – Elton John

Nostalgic song about the good old days and dancing? What could be better? How about when everyone joins in on the chorus? You know you want to.


Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Because if you grew up in the 80’s you’ve been dying to get your closets friends together in one room to dance to this song. If glitter and balloons happen to rain down from the ceiling so much the better.


I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

If you haven’t played this song by the last dance then you simply must give it a spin. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it. Even if they say they hate it they’re lying, and they’ll be singing it at the top of their lungs along with everyone else.


Happy Dancing.