Posted by on Dec 14, 2020 in Blog

Today was supposed to be the date of our annual holiday party. It wasn’t going to be big, obviously, but a chance to boost morale and enjoy a few tasty treats. Perseverance has been the word of the year for us here and for our brides, so we thought, let’s try.


Let’s persevere, and let’s make a cheesecake while we do it.


But despite the best of attitudes and intentions, it became clear that this year, there really can be no party. We work with a pretty small staff generally, but with Covid-19 many of our team have been sidelined for one reason or another. It would be hard to include them, and harder still, to exclude them.


So we scrapped the little party that was to take place in our break room this afternoon. Like so many of our brides, we chose to postpone it to a happier time.


As the self-appointed party planner here, I was feeling a little down. When I say this was a small celebration, I really mean it, and yet, it meant a lot. And there is that insult to injury that 2020 has handed us; in a year when we need to celebrate the smallest of victories, we can’t gather together in the smallest of ways to do it.


But like our brides and their micro weddings and drive-through receptions and zoom showers, we wandered back to that word, perseverance. I picked it up, polished it off and set it back down on our break room table with handmade marshmallows and hot cocoa.


A Great Time for Small Gestures


What we ended up with, in our break room hot cocoa bar, was not a party, but a gesture. It was the same kind of gesture that has bolstered us all, through this difficult year. It’s the way we’ve checked on our neighbors. It’s the way we’ve traded paper towels for a sourdough starter, or sent dinner to a healthcare worker.


We’re holding tight to these small gestures of love and kindness, and I hope you can too. I hope you keep coming back to that magical word, and I hope that no matter what 2021 brings, you’ll be ready for it.


But mostly, I hope we can all gather and celebrate. There are first dances that need to be danced, toasts that need to be made, and for us here, so many brides to say, “Yes!”