Posted by on Dec 2, 2019 in Blog

Sample sale. Sample sale. Sample sale. Just whisper that three times and your dream dress materializes in front of you with a giant red sale tag. Voila.

Well, it’s not exactly that easy, but it is that magical.

This Saturday kicks off our biggest sample sale ever. Seriously. All our sale gowns will be 50% off the original price. We’ve been tagging and organizing, and we’ve almost worked off that pumpkin pie moving rack after rack of gowns. Almost.

We’ve got dresses from all of your favorite designers and every style and size. We’ve been posting pics of some of the deals on our Instagram feed, and the savings are real. Half off. I mean, with prices like that you can’t afford not to buy a dress. Right?

Again, it’s my job to write about store events and get brides into the salon, but I’m also still a person who lives on a budget and knows how pricey planning a wedding can be. So if you can get the gown of your dreams without breaking the bank, I want to let you know.

Your Wedding Dress is Waiting

There are some really pretty sale gowns in here.  Many of them just never found the right bride, but you might be that bride. That’s kind of a sweet though, right? Your dress, much like your fiancé, was just waiting for you and once the two of you are together, everything just makes sense.

Of course, with your dress, there’s no waiting around. In fact, the other beauty of a sale wedding dress is that you get to take it with you that day. That’s great news if you have a close wedding date, but even if you’re a 2021 bride who is on top of it (love that) you have the satisfaction of getting a big item checked off your list.

So if you’ve been searching for just the right gown or just the right price, this is the sale for you. Literally hundreds of gowns are on sale (I said it was our biggest ever, didn’t I?) and somewhere in here is a gown for you.

Actually, the gown for you.

The sale runs Saturday December 7th – Sunday December 8th. By appointment. 410.484.4600.