Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in Blog

By now I am sure that most of you have seen at least one viral wedding video of a groom or a bride or a group of groomsmen surprising the guests at the reception with a full fledged choreographed dance number. Sometimes they are singing and dancing. Sometimes there are hats and props, and of course some of the videos are amazing and some are terrible. However, good or bad they seem like another item to add to your Knot checklist: choreograph a dance routine.

I have mixed feelings about these kinds of surprise dances. On the one hand surprises are fun and who doesn’t want to feel even for a moment that they are living in a musical. But on the other hand the motivation for the dance numbers seems less about showing love and more about trying to go viral. Is it a treat for the audience? Maybe, but only if it is done well.

Perhaps a better alternative is to involve everyone in the dancing. So to shift gears to another popular cultural sensation, I give you the whimsical dance routine in the middle of 500 Days of Summer.



Powered by the Hall and Oats classic You Make My Dreams Come True the dance is fun and funny and full of life and love. It also involves everyone in a sort of spontaneous expression of love. Imagine the couple  bursting into the reception venue as the riff beings. They dance and jive and pull unsuspecting guests up onto the floor with them. Those guest pull up more guests and by the time the song is over the whole wedding is up and dancing and celebrating.

It is not an intimate first dance idea, but for the couple who truly wants to show their love and appreciation for everyone in the room, it is a fantastic way to do it. Also, you can always have a second, slower, more intimate first dance song to follow. Either way An unchoreographed dance is probably not going to make your wedding a hit on Youtube, but it will make it a hit with your guests.


Happy Dancing.