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A love of water gave this week’s Betsy Bride couple the perfect inspiration for their wedding at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore. Elizabeth and her husband, Capt. John Straub, USMC, scoured the internet and used help from their planner at Nouvelle Weddings to come up with a perfect elegant nod to nautical. The details of their wedding, starting from their Old Bay inspired Save the Dates and right down to their crab shaped favors are full of charm and personality.



It’s something the couple seems to have a lot of. Work brought the pair together two years ago, but to them it was something far more. It was fate. “A summer love bloomed and grew into a deep and cherished companionship. It took John little time to realize a life altering thought which he quickly shared to his good friend, “I’m going to marry that girl.” It wasn’t long before an elaborate proposal led to the beautiful May wedding.



The weather, the details, the beautiful Harbor and of course the bride herself were all absolutely perfect on the big day. When asked how she picked her strapless lace fit and flare gown by Allure she said simply “It picked me.” Fate again. She finished her look with a satin beaded sash and a delicate string of pearls that highlighted the strapless neckline.



The day went exactly as planned with no surprises, and so it makes sense that as usual the best part of the day was just finally being married.  The bride and groom did however have a special recessional that surely set them apart from many other couples. “After the declaration of marriage, nearly 20 Marines from John’s platoon lined the aisle and performed a traditional sword arch for us to recess under.” Such a special and beautiful moment, and to see more of them check out the Anna Grace Photography gallery.