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Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection

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Aug 17

Enzoani Bridal Trunk Show

08/17/2018 to 08/26/2018

Aug 31

Labor Day Sale

08/31/2018 to 09/02/2018

Sep 07

Justin Alexander

09/07/2018 to 09/09/2018

Visit the salon voted #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region of Brides’ Magazine after a survey of Brides, Manufacturers, Designers!

Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection is a full-service bridal salon, featuring an extensive collection of gowns to suit every price range. Our staff of professional consultants are all dedicated to your satisfaction. Robinson's salon is conveniently accessible to Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia. Appointments are recommended.


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In Honor of Mother’s Day

Posted on May 11 by

There’s nothing to make you think about your mom quite like buying a bridal gown. Mothers play a big role in weddings and in bridal gown shopping. We keenly feel the presence of mothers, and we also feel their absence. Sometimes moms are only present in a pause, or a moment of reflection, and sometimes moms make their way here over text messages and through face-time.   Around here we see friends and aunts and future mothers-in-law that offer the love and support of a mother. We see proud faces, wide smiles, and lots and lots of happy tears. We see the village that it took to raise a bride, and we see their joy as she prepares for the big day.   Yes, moms play a big role around here, but they go by many names, and they show support in many ways. We celebrate these relationships all the time. Almost daily, we witness happy moms and daughters sharing this meaningful experience together.   But it isn’t just the moments in the salon we get to be a...


The Newest Trends in Bridesmaid Gowns

Posted on Apr 23 by

Picking the right bridal gown can be tricky. It’s the most high-pressure, high-stakes wardrobe decision you’ll ever have to make, and you want to make sure you choose perfectly. You want to love it. Ideally, you’ll hear trumpets, and you want your friends and family to erupt in a round of happy tears. Your dress has to be as amazing as you are, and that makes picking it a momentous decision.   Oh, but when you choose your gown you can breathe a nice sigh of relief. You had to make the biggest clothing decision of your life, and you did it. You passed! Hooray! It’s smooth sailing from here on out.   That is, until you have to pick your bridesmaid dresses. If you thought choosing what you were going to wear was stressful, try choosing what other people are going to wear. You love your bridesmaids, and you want them to each feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. You also have a wedding vision, and you want to stay on track.   Fortunately, we have all the latest...


Three Reasons to Wear a Veil If You’re on the Fence

Posted on Mar 26 by

Full disclosure, in case you didn’t know, we sell veils. We sell lots of veils. So it would make sense for us to tell you how important they are. We’re pretty smart cookies here at Betsy Robinson’s, but we’re also honest. And we’re here to help you. I hear brides question all the time if they should wear a veil, and when they do, I feel myself have practically a visceral reaction to the question. I want to shout from the rooftops, “YES!” Yes, you should wear a veil. But don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for us. Wear a veil because there are three really good reasons that you should.     1. When Else Will You Wear One? This might not be the most compelling argument in my bag of tricks, but it’s true. You might have other reasons to put on a big fancy gown. You might head to a big gala dressed to the nines. There may be other times, or even many other times in your life that you get yourself extra...

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