Posted by on Dec 22, 2014 in Blog


It’s officially winter and even though it doesn’t quite feel like it, why not celebrate the season? Winter offers so many wonderful opportunities for love and romance and beautiful weddings. Here are four great things about winter weddings.

1. Flannel

I think any excuse to wear or use plaid and flannel is a good one, but especially as a nice touch at a winter wedding. Picture the couple wrapped up in a flannel blanket for their outdoor pictures. Cozy and romantic. Or picture the bride with a flannel scarf wrapped around her shoulders. The mix of the rugged flannel with the delicate gown. What could be better?

2. Pine

The smell of it. The look of it draped in sweeping garlands over balconies and across doorways. It’s warm and inviting and homey. It makes decorating the hall or venue so simple and it gives that perfect understated elegance effect.

3. Rich Colors

Winter weddings lend themselves so well to deep shades and heavier fabrics. A nice velvet or brocade. A deep hunter green accented with white blossoms. Dark mahogany tables. Bowls of red cherries. It doesn’t have to be holiday festive to fit right in.

4. Hot Chocolate

Or even better: alcoholic hot chocolate. Oh, and handmade marshmallows. What about a hot chocolate bar? Fresh sticks of cinnamon. Peppermint sticks. I feel warmer already.