Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Blog

Planning a wedding is all about making lists. There are a million tiny details to think about and everywhere a bride looks there are tools and websites to create and manage these lists. But what about after the wedding? When all the celebrating and paying and tipping and thank-you card writing is done, what comes next?


Print Your Pictures

This may seem like a given, but in a world dominated by electronics having a physical copy of a photo may just be an afterthought. Print your photos, frame your photos, give them and share them with your family members. You don’t want to have an entire wall of your living room devoted to your wedding, but it’s nice to have its presence in your home. After all, those photos are the start of it all.


Cut Your Hair

You’ll want to do this before your wedding of course, but it’s also nice to get a fresh post-wedding chop. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but it makes for a nice reminder that you are entering a different chapter of your life.


Write Letters

Write letters and emails, and little notes on slips of paper to each other. Write completely ordinary messages about picking up milk at the grocery store. Write sweet messages. Write I love you and sign it your wife because it is so much fun to write that. Compile these little messages over the course of your first year of marriage and you will be left with the prefect anniversary gift as well as a wonderful record of what your year was like.


Reminisce With Your Spouse

This is a polite way of reminding you not to talk about your wedding all the time. It’s hard, trust me, it is hard not to constantly talk about how fun and wonderful and perfect your wedding was, but you have to give your friends and family a little break. They have been patiently listening to you talk about all the details for months, but now that it’s over it’s time to share the spotlight again. Good thing there is one person who still wants to talk about it.


Use Your Gifts

If you were given a lot of gifts over the course of your wedding season you might not have taken them all out of the box and really looked at them. That’s why it is a good idea to make sure that you don’t just put things straight into the cupboard or the closet and forget about them. Take them out, use them, love them, think of the person who gave it to you fondly, and most importantly make sure they work or didn’t get damaged in shipping.