Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Blog

I love to scout through wedding checklists that I spy online in order to see if they have anything new or insightful to say. Quite often it’s a lot of the same information over and over again, or it’s common sense stuff like remember to bring your shoes. That is almost insultingly simple. Of course you know to check that you have all your necessities with you the day of, like shoes. In fact, you probably have already assigned one of your bridesmaids to make sure you have your shoes. You’re on top of things. You’re a pro. But even you may not have thought of this one pro tip that I am totally in favor of.


Assign someone to post-reception snack duty. Odds are you won’t get to eat much during your wedding. You should make a real effort to try some of the food, but you aren’t likely to have time to finish a plate. It won’t matter. You won’t notice or care that you’ve barely had anything to eat. That is, until the receptions is over. At that point you’ll suddenly become aware that you are starving. The rush and emotion and excitement of the day will give way to exhaustion and hunger, but hunger is going to win out.


That’s where your post-reception snack coordinator comes in. Perhaps they can arrange ahead of time for your caterer to make a tray of sweets and cake and take it to your room. Perhaps they can arrange for room service to have late-night food delivered. They could order you a pizza, or stock your room with your favorite after-party snacks. Whatever it is you want, it’s good to consider it beforehand, especially if you celebrate until the wee hours of the morning. If you wait until then it’s not likely that you’ll have many options. It could be as simple as finding out what time the kitchen closes in your hotel, or how late the local pizza chain delivers.




You can of course appoint yourself or your spouse-to-be to this position. It isn’t necessarily a task that needs delegated, it’s just a task that needs discussed. This way you’ll end your day feeling relaxed, full, pampered, and awesome because you thought of everything there was to think of.