Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Blog

The weather the last few days could not have been more beautiful in Baltimore. It seems we have finally turned that tricky corner between pseudo spring and actual spring, which means it’s time to take off our sweaters and scarves and break out the capris pants and sandals. It also means it is time to get excited about all the upcoming spring and summer weddings. Yes, wedding season is upon us. Your own calendars are probably marked up with a few or a few dozen weddings to attend.


Wedding season can wear on a person; it’s true. It can dip into your bank account and it can take away precious weekend time, but here are the things I am looking forward to most as spring and summer weddings approach.


Personal Style

Weddings are getting less and less cookie cutter and I am so excited to see all the ways that this season of couples make the day their own. I am excited to see how couples mix and match tradition. I am excited to see hand painted signs and handmade programs and grooms who aren’t in tuxes. I’m excited to see how couples will take a ballroom and make it feel unique and intimate and truly their own.


Bridesmaid Dresses

Hand-in-hand with an increased emphasis on personal expression at weddings is an upped game in bridesmaid dresses. I am actually excited to see what the maids will be wearing. I’m excited to see what theme their gowns will be built around. I’m excited to see if they will match each other or if they will be completely different.


The Dancing

I used to feel extremely awkward whenever I made my way to the dance floor at a wedding, but I have since realized it’s the best part. Whether you have great moves or no moves, this wedding season, don’t sit on the sidelines. Get in there and get down.


Refreshing Drinks

Mint juleps. Mojitos. Sangria. Or classic homemade lemonade. All of these things make attending weddings fun and fancy. It’s especially great when the couple creates their own signature drink. It helps to save on the cost of alcohol while still giving the guests a special treat. Plus, in the heat of the summer everyone needs a little refreshing.