Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Blog

I have long believed that Ikea is oddly the perfect place for people who are planning a wedding. They may major in home décor, but they’re definitely sitting on a minor in reception style. For a good price you can decorate your tables with placemats, table runners and chargers. You can mix up the drink ware with colored or patterned glasses. You can find inexpensive frames for everything from your pictures to your table numbers. The best wedding advice I can offer is to head to Ikea and spring for the big yellow bag to cart all your treasures home in.


So with all this Ikea love I find myself pointing out great items on a regular basis, and I show no signs of stopping. I’m not going to hold back. I’ve got another wedding find that is startlingly cheap and astoundingly versatile.


It might not look like much, but trust me; this little roll packs a punch. Let’s just look at this by the numbers. Five dollars! Five bucks for more than ninety feet of paper. This paper may have been designed for kids and finger-paints, but it’s perfect for creating a backdrop to your ceremony. You take some black paint, some nice scripted handwriting and some clever quotes about love and voila. This was made for the DIY couple. It is calling out for creative minds to take that ninety feet of recycled paper and turn it into hand-painted table runners.


Don’t forget about signage pointing the way to eats and drinks, and don’t underestimate this paper’s ability to morph into a colorful pattern perfect for a DIY photo booth. You can even draw inspiration from its intended use and cover the kids’ table with it, giving them a great space to color and play. If you can draw it or paint it or trace it or find a friend with a crafty hand, then there is no end to what you can create for your wedding with just a $5 roll of paper.


The possibilities of the paper made me so excited that I found myself picking up a roll for absolutely no reason. Of course I’m sure I can find a good use for it, and I’m sure you can too.