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BE Mine2


It is right around the corner people; Valentine’s day. If you and your sweetheart are spending Valentine’s day as an engaged couple, you probably want to make it super special. Generally for my husband and I, when we try to make something special it turns into sort of a disaster that will make a funny story sometime in the future, like last Valentine’s day when our champagne bottle exploded in the freezer (oops) and we spent the evening cleaning it up.


So my rule for making an evening special tends to be to keep it simple. Grand gestures leave a lot of room for catastrophe and they can feel a little staged too. If that’s your thing than go for it, get the big balloon ride as the sun sets but for the rest of us I think the way to have a killer Valentine’s is to cook a meal together.


There is still plenty of room for disaster, but when you do it together at least it is a shared disaster. There isn’t pressure for one person to surprise the other one and make everything perfect. The pressure is on the two of you to plan and prepare something edible and to work as a team to do it. You spend time together, you get (fingers crossed) good food, and you get a nice sense of accomplishment, too. What I think is also fun about opting to stay in rather than go out is that you can expand your grocery budget and not feel bad. You can spring for the really nice ingredients and know that your bill will still be less than a fancy restaurant.


In the end you might get an amazing meal or you might have to run and get Chinese take-out, but you’ll still have the nice tablecloth and the candles and the experience. And besides, being in the kitchen together is fun. All you have to do is turn the radio on and all of the sudden your dancing and tossing dinner plates a la The Big Chill and you’ll wonder why you don’t do this every night.