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Throwback Thursday time and this trend is a favorite of mine. Gloves! Oh, I wish I could have had a truly vintage wedding with a tea-length gown and a pair of short crochet gloves to match. Maybe even a pillbox hat, but let’s not get carried away. It is true there are plenty of contemporary brides who wears gloves these days, but it’s still primarily a trend associated with the 40’s and 50’s.


Brides wearing gloves comes from a time in which women in general could be seen wearing gloves at the super market or the cinema, or in other words, a time of style. Wearing gloves was also considered proper etiquette according to politeness guru Emily Post. Wearing gloves while out and about was just the proper thing to do.


In a contemporary world of sheer chiffon blouses, crop tops and skinny jeans it’s hard to imagine women wearing gloves as anything but a means to keep warm in the winter. But if there was ever a time and a place to revive this formal fashion trend it’s certainly at a wedding. The delicate lace, the Swiss dots, the intricate crochet patterns all add an air of retro style and flare to an already special day. They also add a sense of formality and propriety; no, you don’t wear gloves everyday, but you don’t get married everyday either.

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