Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Blog

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over, but it’s even harder to believe all the things that have happened over the last twelve months. It’s also hard to remember everything that has happened, but I think I’ve hit the highlights in bridal.


Marquee Signage



The cutest way to show your love this year was through marquee initials. These lighted letters and hearts popped up at receptions and bridal showers everywhere. Initially brides were ordering custom made marquee letters off of vintage websites, but eventually the trend trickled down to places like Target and made it super easy for everyone to brighten their event.


The Gold Standard



Gold lettering was everywhere this year. From whimsical cocktail glasses to wedding invitations gold was the way to go, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Highs and Lows



It might be too early to tell if reality TV star Whitney Porter’s high-lo wedding gown will have long-term effects on bridal gowns, but goodness it’s hard not to think it will.


The Sequin Gown



This gown started popping up in magazines at the beginning of the year and brides and bridesmaid started scouring the internet to find it. Designers followed suit and now sequins are perched to become even bigger in 2016.


And This Sequin Gown



This Adriana Papell dress may have been the most popular bridesmaid dress that wasn’t a bridesmaid dress. It also helped pave the way for wedding parties who matched in more figurative than literal terms. “Dress like you are going to a New Year’s Eve Ball.” Check.


Risque Business



From runways to receptions there were low backs, low fronts, thigh-high slits, sheer panels and a whole lot of double-sided tape. This was the year of the barley-there wedding gown.


Sleeves, Finally



Brides this year had the option of anything from a spaghetti strap to a wrist length sleeve and everything in-between. This year we finally said hello to sleeves for the first time in decades, but we also said goodbye to the notion that everyone should wear strapless. Options now abound for everyone and that’s a pretty great accomplishment for 2015.


Love Wins



We are pretty proud of the photo we snapped to commemorate the Supreme Court’s Decision on same-sex marriages, and it’s hands-down the best bridal moment of 2015 if not just the best moment overall.