Posted by on Sep 20, 2013 in Blog

Planning a wedding is like having a second job. It’s work. It can still be fun and it can be a great way to bring you and your future spouse closer together, but it’s still a project. It’s early morning emails, late night phone calls, errands halfway across town in rush-hour traffic. It’s frantic texts and meetings on your lunch hour. And the closer you get to the wedding the more stuff you find you have to do until you seem lost in a swirl of place cards and napkin choices, and who hasn’t sent a reply card and what earrings should the bridesmaids wear and hair up or hair down? And should the toasts be before the first dance or after? The nightmares start. And then the nightmares get weirder. Before you know it Diana Ross has crashed the party and is now dictating the color of the table linens.

Hold on. Somewhere along the line priorities have gotten flipped upside down. The details, the little things that no one will notice or talk about in five years let alone five weeks, have somehow pushed their way to center stage. They have pushed their way in and have obscured the most important thing about this whole wedding thing, in fact, the only important thing; you and your future spouse are getting married. You are standing in front of the people you care about and you are making public the most noble of promises.

Keep that in mind. Take a breath. Keep that in mind and because it is Friday take the night off from wedding stuff. Go to dinner and talk about non-wedding things. See a movie. Curl up on the couch and watch reality tv. Grab a drink and a really greasy slice of pizza afterwards. Waste time. Don’t think about the millions of things you have to do. They can wait. Take a day or a night for you and your fiancé and enjoy being engaged.