Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in Blog

I don’t want to jinx it because you never know what cold weather could be lurking around the corner, but I’m pretty sure that spring has arrived. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and slowly we are beginning to peel off our layers of wool sweaters. Yes, spring is here and with it comes all the delights of spring weddings. Flowers begin to bloom and DC becomes one giant cherry blossom engagement photo session. There is so much to love about the change of season and what it means for weddings.


Floral Patterns



I’m a lover of pattern, and I tend to think you can work it in whenever and wherever you like, but floral patterns in springtime are just a no-brainer. There are so many opportunities to incorporate floral patterns in a subtle way or a big way, depending on your preference. An easy place to incorporate floral patterns is on the table. Think of floral napkins dotting the table as a nice accent. Or think bigger and cover each table in a floral tablecloth with simple white centerpieces to balance the effect.



The Outdoors



Whether it’s the ceremony itself or the cocktail hour, it’s nice to incorporate some of the great outdoors in your big day. The weather is always a risk, but as long as it holds (and you have a backup plan) it is so nice to be out in the open air. The outdoors provides great photo opportunities, great natural light, and a relaxed and informal atmosphere that help guests to mingle. Besides, how cute does a garden cocktail party sound? Pretty cute.



Plants and Seeds



Weddings involve so many tiny little details and in order to plan all of them sometimes it is helpful to use the season as inspiration. So if you have a spring weeding and you need favor or escort card or place card ideas look no further than potted plants or packets of seeds with a cute card attached. They look pretty and they make for favors that your guests might actually get use out of.