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This is just a friendly reminder about a great Bridal Expo going on this Wednesday at Smyth Jewelers in Timonium. It’s a great chance to meet and mingle with a lot of local vendors from a whole host of categories. We will be there modeling a few gowns and passing out information and special offers.


Bridal Expos are great for fact-finding missions, and it’s especially nice to have one on a local level. If you’re just getting your feet wet or your deep into planning Bridal Expos can really help you get things sorted out, so don’t miss this great opportunity. I promise you’ll get to try some tasty treats and walk away feeling a little more solid in your decision-making. It helps if you bring someone else along with you, and it also helps if you have some questions in mind to ask vendors. This might require a little research ahead of time, but knowing what questions to ask is immensely helpful.