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Thanksgiving is a week away and like many of you this time of year gets me thinking about all the wonderful things to be grateful for. If this were a personal blog I might tell you about how thankful I am for my family or for finally finding a travel coffee mug that doesn’t spill. But since this is a bridal blog, what better way to ring in a season of thanks than to think of a few of the things in bridal that I most appreciate.


More than One Way to Wear Sequins



I’m a big fan of the sequin trend in bridesmaids gowns. I love sequins, and I’ve got a pretty good dose of them in my day-to-day wardrobe, so I am especially thankful to see designers coming out with multiple ways to wear them. Last year, if you wanted sequins in your bridal party you only had a few silhouettes and a few color options to choose from all across the board. Now designers are mixing fabrics and changing up the silhouettes, so that even your trendy bridal party can be unique to your wedding.


The Mrs. Box

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You might not know this company by name, but I promise that you have poured over images of their products in magazines and on Pinterest and in real wedding albums. The Mrs. Box specializes in vintage velvet ring boxes in a huge assortment of colors. They not only look amazing in photographs, but they also make for a really great place to store your ring for safekeeping. Pretty, colorful and functional? I’m in.


Year-Round Weddings

Ok, maybe not January in Minnesota, but for the most part I really dig that weddings aren’t relegated to June and July anymore. Year after year we see more of our brides here getting married in November and March and April and proving that the warm months don’t get to have all the fun.


Gold Foil


I love it on invitations, I love it on drink ware, I love it on place cards and menus. I really can’t get enough of it. It’s a testament to both simplicity and constancy; some things just never go out of style. I also really appreciate that now that it has reached its zenith, you can find gold foil everywhere, including of course the bargain bin at Target which is what I’m always most thankful for.


The Last Dance

There is a lot of emphasis on the first dance at a wedding and with good reason, but it’s the last dance that always get me. It’s the last dance, as those who truly partied hardy squeeze together in a crowd of unbounded joy and jump up and down, that makes me think isn’t life just the most amazing thing. It’s when you look around the dance floor and see your people, you see the ones who stayed for every second of your wonderful day. So really, I guess it isn’t the last song that I’m grateful for, it’s the people who get up and dance to it.


Many Thanks & Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving