Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Blog

Weddings, just like any big party, can create a lot of waste. From the food, to the cake, to the centerpieces and flowers, there are lots of items that often get ditched after the big day. Some of the waste is simply unavoidable; anytime you throw any kind of function it’s bound to happen, but fortunately there are ways to minimize it.


Donate Your Flowers

Earlier today I came across a wonderful story about a company that takes donated flowers and delivers them to nursing homes. The flowers are still beautiful the next day and the effect they have on the people they are given to is pretty amazing. I hope that more companies like this pop up or I hope more wedding venues or wedding planners will start to offer similar services. But until then there is nothing stopping you from making your own arrangements. True, you’ll probably have a honeymoon to get to, but I bet a few of your friends would be more than happy to make such a sweet errand on your behalf.




Encourage People To Take

At the end of the night tables are always littered with beautiful centerpieces and everyone seems unsure about what to do with them. If you bought the centerpieces yourself and can’t think of another time you’ll absolutely need twenty five marble filled vases or gold colored candlesticks, then encourage your guests to take them as they leave. Tie a little not to each centerpiece and let guests know they are allowed to take one if they like. You can do this same thing with the food and cake by providing take-home boxes.


Don’t Put All Your Cake in The Freezer

I’m not sure if we accidentally ended up with an enormous cake, or whether our guests just didn’t eat enough of it, but after our wedding, my husband and I had leftover cake for years. Literally. Sure, I brought some into work and sure, we brought it out at many family gatherings, but we were never able to finish it. I’m a sentimental person, so I still suggest saving the top layer of your cake if you are too, but if there are any other leftovers, don’t put them in the freezer. Share them with as many people as fast as possible. Once the cake goes into the freezer the likelihood of it coming back out again is slim. Think of all the other weird stuff sitting in the back of your freezer that’s been there forever, don’t let your wedding cake be a part of that.


Pass it On

Odds are you know someone else getting married in the near future and odds are at least some of your wedding items would come in handy for them. Sure, they probably don’t want their wedding to look exactly like yours, but they can always think of ways to use candles and tablecloths and vases. That way you get to cart around a little less clutter and you help your friends plan a wedding that’s (almost) as good as yours.