Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Blog

Tips For Picking


Maybe it’s because they will outnumber you or maybe it’s because of the overwhelming emphasis on creating a particular look, or maybe, like so many problems in life, it’s all Pinterest’s fault. However you slice it, picking bridesmaid dresses can be really tough. There are literally millions of options and it’s easy to feel like it’s impossible to choose, but there are a few tips that might help you navigate the path to perfection.


Pick a Fabric

This is the easiest place to start and once you can accomplish this choice it will simplify other choices. For many people that might mean familiarizing yourself with fabrics. Lace is great, but it doesn’t always come in a wide range of colors. Chiffon is nice for summer because it’s light and flowy. Satin is heavier, but it also has a little natural stretch to it and often captures metallic tones better.


Don’t Rely on Magazines or the Internet

Oh, but it’s so hard with all this boundless inspiration. How can you turn away from it? Because actually going and seeing the gowns in person, on people, all together, is much more helpful and much less overwhelming. Also, the internet is great, but it often portrays looks that are either impossible to find, hard for everyone to afford, or not realistic for you know, real actual people.


Classic Over Trendy

Look people, so many of our mothers and aunts tried to be trendy and we’ve all seen the results; big puffy sleeved peach gowns with yards of taffeta. There of course is no guarantee that what you pick will weather the storm of time and trend well, but you can minimalize the effect. The best advice is to limit yourself to one trend rather than trying to capture all of them. For example, those peach taffeta puffy-sleeved gowns might be easier to stomach if they didn’t have the sleeves.


Give Direction

Even if you decide to have a more free-flowing bridal party in which your girls can choose their own gown, please, please give them direction. They really want to be told what to get because they don’t want to look out of place or make your wedding photos look off. It’s really nice of you to consider their feelings and I promise that they appreciate having a say, but they also really just want to do what you want to do. This means at least give them a specific color, or examples or a fabric. It might even mean picking ten looks from a particular designer and letting them choose from there. However you do it, just be sure to set some guidelines.