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First Dance Fridays

Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Blog

On my own long and laborious list of might-be first dance songs, Roy Orbison’s You Go It was pretty close to the top. This was mainly because I had to have a song that was upbeat and happy. No tearjerkers; I can do that well enough on my own, thanks.   So I have great appreciation for the songs that above all else call for celebration. I love the songs that people sing along to. I’m all for unique and unknown gems, but a familiar song allows everyone to share in the joy and joy shared is magnified a thousand times.   I love the simple repetitive declaration of this song. Anything you want. You got it. From this day forward. Anything you want. You got It. And who can resist when the back-up singers swoop in? You just want to dance and clap and sing and, you guessed it, celebrate. That’s the power that such an upbeat song has on your guests.Of course the last and most obvious reason to choose this song is that Roy Orbison is amazing, and if you could make him a part of your big day, why wouldn’t you? You Got It – Roy Orbison Happy Dancing! {Lindsey}...

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Throwback Wedding Trend

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Blog

  For today’s throwback post I bring you Queen Victoria. I pay tribute to her because she is widely accepted as the reason modern brides wear white on their wedding day. Queen Victoria and her white wedding gown are then not only a throwback trend, but a very enduring trend as well. She was of course not the first bride to wear white, but she certainly popularized the notion and set a trend that has continued from 1840 into the present with little interruption. Prior to Queen Victoria’s marriage most brides simply wore their best dress with little or no thought to what color it should be.   Around here it’s not unusual to see brides in a pale blush or oatmeal color, but generally that’s as colorful as things get. The whites and ivories have stuck it out for almost two centuries, and it’s hard to imagine a bridal shop filled with anything else. I’m not much for tradition, and yet I never questioned wearing an ivory dress on the big day. I don’t know why. Would I have felt like less of a bride in another color? Probably not, but I never wear anything close to white. I don’t even own khakis, and so an ivory gown seemed special, specific to the day. This notion is anchored in history. Traditionally, white fabrics were harder to come by and more expensive and thus more desirable and special.   Queen Victoria could little predict what effect her wedding day fashion would have on history just as we can little predict what trendsetter will change the course of bridal fashion next. Will we see more color? Will we see pattern? Or will Queen Victoria reign infinitely?  ...

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Our Feature Bride: Natalie Montag

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Blog

Today I am introducing a new segment to the blog: our feature bride of the month. This August we are featuring beautiful Betsy Bride Natalie Montag and her fiancé Justin White who are tying the knot on August 23rd. They have been together for nine years, and I am thrilled to share a few details with you about their wedding as the month progresses. By way of introduction to this lovely couple I wanted to share the story of their proposal because it’s charming and sweet and truly marks the beginning of all of their adventures.   If you know Justin, you know he is joking around most of the time. Well, he would always joke around with me and say, ‘it’s going to happen this weekend’ or ‘get ready for something special’ (making me believe he was going to propose), but of course everything was a joke! So when I went over to his house on New Years Day, I thought it was just another day; another joke. It was a beautiful day when I arrived and we decided to go for a walk. On his property there are two rows of hedges and everyone has always called them the ‘wedding chapel.” We were walking through those and he just stopped and said ‘take it all in, one day we will get married here.’ We stopped for a moment, and then I was ready to continue on the walk, but he didn’t follow. Instead, he got down on his knee, and as always, I thought it was a joke so I kept pulling him up saying ‘you’re not serious, let’s go!’ Then he pulled out the ring and at that moment I knew this time he was actually serious! I was in shock, not believing that this was finally for real! It was the perfect proposal for us. I was completely caught off guard! I just thought it was another day, but little did I know it was one of the most special days of my life!   Many thanks to Natalie and Justin for participating, and I hope you all look forward to more details as the...

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Throwback Wedding Trend

Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Blog

  For this week’s throwback Thursday wedding trend I give you the headpieces to end all headpieces. Look at these um, beauties, ahem. I can’t help but wonder just how much Celine’s headpiece actually weighs, and I admit I have a hard time looking at it with a straight face. When brides say they want to look timeless in their photos, this is exactly what they are afraid of. As for the fictional character Laura of General Hospital, her headpiece is almost scary. It seems to be threatening to take over her face. And poor Whitney, she is just lost in that veil-turban-headpiece combination that looks more like a swim cap. No two ways around it these pictures are funny. It’s hard to imagine people actually choosing to wear something so opulent and over the top, but then again that’s the whole reason to examine them. That’s the whole purpose of a throwback; to try to imagine and understand how things once were. But then we come to one of our very own, Maria Gordon. Yes, you can argue that her headpiece is of the bygone trend, but when I look at the photo I barley notice it. I notice the sweetness of her expression, and the unmistakable joy that radiates from her. You can’t help the way the fashions change. You cannot predict whether what you wear will one day look classic or utterly ridiculous, but when brides ask for a look that is transcendent they are talking about the expression on Maria’s face. The joy is timeless....

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The Thing About the Ring

Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Blog

I recently read a very interesting opinion piece on whether or not the diamond engagement ring is still the thing. The writer pondered that no, diamond engagement rings are not in, and though I actually disagree (I see more diamonds here than a jeweler) I thought it gave me a neat space to write about my own ring and the reason for it.   Some around here call me Pebble, and it’s because of my ring. It’s a simple piece of cast bronze that looks like a river rock and sits atop a very thin gold band. It’s not fancy, and it in no way broke the bank. For most of my life I was vehemently opposed to engagement rings almost exclusively on the terms of practicality. It never made sense for two people just starting their life together to spend money on a symbol for which there is never, however big the diamond, a big enough signifier for. There just isn’t a ring out there that could possibly encapsulate my love, our love.   But then when it came time for it, it turns out I’m a sucker for symbols, however big or small. And more importantly I love a good sentimental story. And so my ring is a pebble because of a sweet and silly B animated movie aptly titled The Pebble and the Penguin in which a loveable, starry-eyed dreamer penguin Hubie, falls for the prettiest girl penguin and, as penguins actually do, tries to find the most beautiful stone with which to win her affection. He finds this most beautiful stone, loses it, and begins a whirlwind adventure fighting whales and weather and of course a rival penguin. In the end he wins the girl, but loses the pebble. Empty handed and apologetic, he is certain without the pebble he has lost the girl. But, oh no, wait for it, the line that still, embarrassingly brings me to tears, Oh, Hubie, it’s not the pebble, it’s the penguin. It’s not the thing; it’s what it stands for.   And so I could have my pretty ring and my sentimental story and still have my principles....

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Heard the Word on Enaura?

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in Blog

In case you haven’t heard, this weekend’s Trunk Show is with new couture designer Enaura Bridal. It is the second time they have graced us with their presence and their beautiful gowns, and we are eager to spread the word about what an up-and-coming brand they are. The gowns are stunning. A work of art, they say. And yes, those terms get tossed around a lot, I myself see a lot of stunning gowns, but you really have to see them to believe them. Stunning isn’t enough. They hold you captive. The beadwork is intricate and exquisite, and if you’re looking for a gown with bling they can take you to a whole other level. As a result of all the varying topnotch material, like Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls, the gowns have depth and texture. They are truly multi-faceted and rich. They demand to be looked at, but not just looked at, studied for the intricacy of their design. The thought that goes into the design of each gown is apparent as soon as you slip one on: the way it fits, the way the fabric feels, the way the beadwork catches the light. We are so excited to have them here, and we hope you’ll join us for this exclusive...

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