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A Bit of Light D.I.Y.

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Blog

I am all about the DIY wedding route. It doesn’t necessarily save you time or stress, but it can save you money and truly it can be a fun break from some of the other more practical aspects of planning a wedding. The problem with it is that it often takes a great deal of patience and artistic ability. If you aren’t a Martha Stewart type then the world of wedding DIY can seem beyond your reach. Have no fear. I’ve found a simple project courtesy of a very lovely DIY blog Oh So Beautiful Paper. Watermelon Tray Tutorial I wanted to share this project because it looks relatively easy, but the result is fun and bright and will wow your guests. Imagine a summer dessert table populated with these beauties. You could get fancy and prop them up on cake stands for a truly stunning view. You could even paint them in shades of pink to create a perfect ombre look. You could use them as signage announcing the way to diner or drinks. You could paint your names and the date on them. Endless possibilities. What I love most is that it serves as a perfect reminder that there is inspiration everywhere, and that when it comes to putting your own personal stamp on your wedding, you can accomplish a lot with just a few shades of paint. What’s more at the end of it all you will be able to casually tell guests, “Oh, yes, I made that.”...

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Cutting Costs for Attendants

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in Blog

It’s no secret that being in a wedding can cost a fortune these days. Between hosting the shower and the bachelorette party, buying a gift, hair and make-up, the dress, the shoes, accessories, hotel and often airfare, it’s no wonder that sometimes people must decide between paying more than they can afford or sitting out the wedding. No bride wants to make the people closest to her make that choice, so here are some ways that brides can provide a little relief.   Make Hair and Make-up Optional This is the easiest thing to do to help out the maids. Professional hair and make-up is wonderful, but it is not a necessity. No one will know the difference. Besides, you’ve all probably got at least one friend who was a hairdresser in another life, so hand her the round brushes and the bobby pins and save everyone some serious cash.   Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Naturally brides expect their attendants to buy a dress or suit for the wedding, but as far as everything else goes, there’s no need to purchase new. For example, when it comes to shoes, pick a style or color that you know everyone already owns. They don’t have to match exactly, but if everyone wears a pair of black shoes or nude shoes or whatever, it just makes life easier. The same goes for jewelry. Does everyone need to buy the same pair of matching earrings? If they do, that’s the prefect time to make it a gift. If not, specify a broad category, and don’t stress anymore about it.   Choose a House, not a Hall For your bridal shower let it be known that you don’t need the girls to rent a hall or the banquet room at a restaurant. A living room or a backyard is just fine.   Plan Events Near People This is hard to do when so many people migrate to other parts of the country or world, but if possible, request that the bridal shower and bachelorette party take place near the majority of your wedding party. For example, destination bachelorette parties are great (Vegas, anyone?) but if...

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Why We Love Watters

Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 in Blog

Full disclosure, I am in fact, a Watters girl. More specifically my wedding gown was a WToo. I love them. We love them. The country certainly loves them. The dresses are fashion forward without pretention. They form a cohesive collection, but still have plenty of variety. They put just enough modern twist on classics to create truly transcendent looks, and they can take two opposing forces like vintage and modern and find the common ground between them. Their bridal gowns are gorgeous, and their bridesmaid dresses get girls excited about wearing them.   Excitement is really the key here. Watters and WToo are all about high-energy excitement. They are about the thrill of romance and the thrill of saying yes. Their Trunk Shows are like parties; they are a whirlwind of dance music and tulle. They are about seizing the moment with a resounding yes. So come share in the excitement this weekend, July 1th- 13th. Bring along your wedding party, take a look at all the new gowns, and find what leaves you a little breathless and a lot in love. Visit Watters’ Website  ...

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Married on the Fourth of July

Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Blog

As the holiday weekend approaches I find myself musing over all the wonderful things about Fourth of July, which are really just all the wonderful things about summer crammed into one day: Barbeque. Fireworks, duh. S’mores desserts. An after party bonfire. Potato salad. Red, white and blue banners. Over-sized Uncle Sam hats. Picnic baskets. Checkered tablecloths. Apple pie. Strawberries on everything. American flag napkins. Whipped cream. Corn on the cob. Gingham. Fruit arranged in the shape of the American flag. These are also the same things to love about summer weddings. Especially all the strawberry and whipped cream desert options. Oh, what I would not have given to have a barbeque rehearsal dinner with picnic tables and bocce ball, or a reception outside under tiki torches, but alas, March is not the month for that. It’s July. So here’s to a Happy Fourth, to beautiful weather, to grills and barbecues and endless bags of potato chips, and as always, to beautiful brides.  ...

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Registry Items You Will Actually Use

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Blog

Ok, so almost everyone registers for a KitchenAid mixer. Probably because they are cute and adorable and useful and because they are a little more than what people would spend on themselves. They are a perfect wedding gift, but in the world of homemaking, there is so much more out there. Then again, there is too much out there, so I’ve listed 5 items that I received as gifts that everyone should own or at least upgrade.   A Cutting Board A nice butcher block or bamboo cutting board is one of the most useful items you can ever buy. Of course, full disclosure, I spent years chopping vegetables on my kitchen counter, so a cutting board is a sign of my arrival into the adult world.   A Good set of Knives Prior to getting my set of knives I was using a butter knife purchased at Ikea to do the bulk of my cooking, so the concept of having different knives for different foods really changed my kitchen. Whether you’re a big time cook or not, knives are something that you will use. At the very least at some point you will eat food that requires a steak knife.   A State-of-the-Art Coffee Pot Get one with a timer. The timer is the key. There is nothing better than waking up to a home that is already filled with the wonderful smell of coffee. It makes the stagger to the kitchen much more bearable. If you’re not a coffee drinker substitute an electric kettle. It boils water in a matter of minutes and helps make a perfect cup of tea.   A Chip and Dip Bowl When you start compiling your registry a lot of stores like to think that you’re married life will suddenly involve a lot of large-scale, fancy cocktail parties. You’ll start wondering, do we need an ice bucket? What about sherry glasses? What is sherry? Yes, of course you will want to entertain guests more as a couple and yes of course you want to be able to serve them drinks that aren’t mixed in red solo cups, but a good chip and...

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5 Things You Need for a Baltimore Wedding

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Blog

1. Mr. Boh The obvious choice is to have Natty Boh at the bar, but if you aren’t a fan (what?) you can always use the beer’s handsome mascot in a number of ways. Mr. Boh and Sally Utz atop your wedding cake. Mr. Boh’s signature mustaches for the photo booth. Or how about an adorable “I Boh-lieve in love” sign?     2. Old Bay There are so many ways to incorporate this Maryland staple into your wedding. Crab cakes, crab chips, French fries, all smothered in Old Bay. Place cards made of Old Bay tins. Or my favorite, Old Bay Salted Caramel Ice Cream from the Charmery, which is amazing. Amazing.   3. Berger Cookies Wedding favors can be hit or miss, and let’s face it, most people don’t need a wine glass with your wedding date etched into, but anything edible is always a win. So give guests a taste of Baltimore by packaging up a cookie and leaving it at their place setting. You can have some fun and use ribbon or a sticker or a nicely penned card that coordinates with your invitations. Of course your caterer can also find great ways to incorporate Berger cookies into the menu. Berger cookie cake? Yes, please.   4. Edgar Allan Poe This is a little tricky if you aren’t going for a Halloween themed wedding full of the macabre, but still not impossible. Cupcakes with the famed literary figure silhouetted on fluffy white frosting would not only make for great photographs, but who can say no to a cupcake? Not to mentions ravens or using the word “nevermore” in a sweet or comical way. And they were a part nevermore. Or and Mike had control of the remote nevermore.      5. The Architecture Ok, so Baltimore might not have the most recognizable skyscrapers, or really many skyscrapers at all, but it does have a distinct architecture. The Domino Sugar sign. The Can Company. The Belvedere. The George Washington Monument. The row homes. The rooftop decks. The Tower in Druid Hill Park. All these places can be used to create invitations, menus, and place cards or...

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