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Introducing Ellis Bridal

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Blog

It’s time again to introduce you to another designer new to our salon. Today I give you Ellis Bridal from all the way across the pond in London. We are so pleased and proud to carry them in our store, and I am happy to show them off. Their gowns are clean, modern, sleek, and classically bridal. We are also the only salon in Maryland who carries them.   The three gowns pictured are ones that are currently in stock at our salon, and they help represent the range of style that Ellis offers. Do you want traditional lace and a little sleeve, but you still want to look young and fresh? They accomplish that so well here with the scalloped off-the-shoulder neckline and the thin satin band at the waist. These elements balance the lace and the sleeves perfectly to create a look that is traditional yet chic.     Or perhaps you want something fashion-forward that still looks and feels like a bridal gown. The layers on this gown with the horsehair trim are modern and sophisticated. The layers create a couture-like silhouette and give the gown enough volume to hold the attention of a ballroom full of people.  The floral belt and the ruched bodice counterbalance that volume and edge with a softness that can stand the test of time.     This last gown offers a great shape, clean lines, and even harder to find these days, a non-strapless option that isn’t lace. The neckline and ruching are completely figure flattering and I totally agree with the editorial choice not to wear a necklace; the collarbone does all the work and gets all the attention....

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Don’t be a ‘Heel’

Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in Blog

Often as I scroll through wedding albums online I am faced with the pretty pictures of the bride’s shoes arranged in delicate and interesting ways; they rest on the bed next to the bouquet of flowers, they sit empty in a doorway waiting expectantly to be filled, they are tipped forward showing off a secret message on the bottom.   No matter the photographic aesthetic involved the shoes are almost always inevitably heels. It makes sense; we have been taught since childhood, since we slipped our feet into our mother’s pumps that heels equal dressy, fancy, and feminine. We are made to believe that high heels are just what you wear on your wedding day. This matter isn’t made much better by asserting that the only way to step out of heels is to go to the other end of the spectrum and wear a pair of converse all stars or cowboy boots. Not that there is anything wrong with those options – I love them, but I believe brides should have some middle ground, too.   Maybe you are a tall bride like I was and you just don’t want to be too tall on the big day. Maybe you never learned quite how to handle heels and you’d rather not trip down the aisle. Maybe heels hurt your feet. Of course they do. But whatever the reason you deserve fashionable and fabulous shoes. Here are a few of my latest favorites.   1. For the Bride who loves bling, beads & jewels. Find them here.   2. For the ballerina in every bride. Find them here.   3. For the vintage win. Find them here.   4. For the fabulously whimsical.   Find them here.   5. For the watercolor wedding. Find them here.   6. For the wedding that is mint to be. Find them here....

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President’s Day

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Blog

Mondays are always difficult days especially in the dead of winter with snowstorms always impending, but thank goodness today is a holiday and we have something to celebrate. Happy President’s Day! Of course we should be celebrating the former leaders of our country, but why not also celebrate the often trendsetting fashion forward ladies by their side? If you have ever been to the Smithsonian museum’s exhibit on the First Ladies of the United States then you know what an important part fashion has played in their position throughout history.   No First Lady makes this clearer than Jackie Kennedy. Her smart little suits, her pillbox hats, her matching gloves, all helped make her into the kind of style icon that endures today.     Just look at her on her wedding day to John F. Kennedy. Long before she was a First Lady she was still the pinnacle of style and grace in her ivory tissue silk gown rumored to require fifty yards of fabric. The off-the-shoulder neckline is striking not just because it shows off her collarbone and her delicate string of pearls, but because it is reminiscent of its time period and at the same time very timeless. Women still covet that perfect off-the- shoulder look. It is at once both carefree and demure.   She seems perched on that fine line between a pretty socialite waiting to have this dance and a woman ready to carry the mantle of marriage. Perhaps that is why this look endures so well; it captures just exactly what it feels like to be a bride and for one day be in that strange and happy place between single girl and wife.  ...

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Think Pink

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Blog

Yes, as you know, it is almost Valentine’s Day, which means that shades of pink and red can be found just about everywhere you look. Practicably ever aisle in the grocery store is strewn with pink hearts and crepe paper. Love is in the air, or at least in the décor. So in the spirit of all those romantic shades I bring you pink wedding gowns.     Pink and blush wedding gowns have become increasingly popular over the last several years as brides search for less traditional wedding gowns. I have seen black wedding gowns and pale blue wedding gowns and even a green one pass through our salon doors, but pink seems to have the most staying power. Perhaps it’s because the pale pinks and blushes are on the daring side, but they are still soft, subtle and romantic. It means you can be different, but you still get to feel like a bride and not an actress on the red carpet. All of these gowns have equal parts grace elegance and flair. They float and flutter and they are alive with spirit and joie de vivre. White and ivory will probably long reign as the colors of choice for wedding gowns, but it is nice to know that there are options for brides and still a chance to show some individuality....

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After The Wedding

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Blog

Planning a wedding is all about making lists. There are a million tiny details to think about and everywhere a bride looks there are tools and websites to create and manage these lists. But what about after the wedding? When all the celebrating and paying and tipping and thank-you card writing is done, what comes next?   Print Your Pictures This may seem like a given, but in a world dominated by electronics having a physical copy of a photo may just be an afterthought. Print your photos, frame your photos, give them and share them with your family members. You don’t want to have an entire wall of your living room devoted to your wedding, but it’s nice to have its presence in your home. After all, those photos are the start of it all.   Cut Your Hair You’ll want to do this before your wedding of course, but it’s also nice to get a fresh post-wedding chop. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but it makes for a nice reminder that you are entering a different chapter of your life.   Write Letters Write letters and emails, and little notes on slips of paper to each other. Write completely ordinary messages about picking up milk at the grocery store. Write sweet messages. Write I love you and sign it your wife because it is so much fun to write that. Compile these little messages over the course of your first year of marriage and you will be left with the prefect anniversary gift as well as a wonderful record of what your year was like.   Reminisce With Your Spouse This is a polite way of reminding you not to talk about your wedding all the time. It’s hard, trust me, it is hard not to constantly talk about how fun and wonderful and perfect your wedding was, but you have to give your friends and family a little break. They have been patiently listening to you talk about all the details for months, but now that it’s over it’s time to share the spotlight again. Good thing there is one person who still wants to...

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Prettiest Places for Your Ring

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Blog

I have a terrible habit of leaving both my wedding band and my engagement ring and generally anything nice I own, laying around in the most bizarre and unsafe places for little valuables. Oh, you know, by the sink, on the lip of the tub, inside a book, just here and there. It’s a terrible habit I know, but I’m pretty sure it is fueled by the subconscious delusion that my rings will always make their way back to me like magic. Fingers crossed anyhow, but if you would like to be a little more practical than I am, then please check out my list of the prettiest and safest little places to store your rings.   1.   How am I just finding out about these vintage little velvet boxes now?! I want to collect all of them and arrange them in patterns and take photos. They are cute and delicate and they make both a great place to store a ring and also a great place to show it off (other than of course your finger). More from the Mrs. Box   2.   If you are having an Art Deco themed wedding a la the Great Gatsby then you just absolutely have to get one of these vintage ring boxes for your photos. They’ll also obviously make a great keepsake for after the wedding. More Vintage Boxes on Etsy   3.   Here is a great way to keep track of your ring and also transform it into a piece of still life art. This little glass cloche means your rings are important. They are so important and special that technically they belong in a museum, but for now this is the next best place. More from Pottery Barn    4.   This jewelry tray is modern and funny and super convenient. It says I hardly ever take off my ring, but when I do it’s just for a second, so I wouldn’t want to put it away away. Find it Here   5.   These boxes  are geometric, fun, hip and both retro and modern at the same time. They are handcrafted, bright and colorful...

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