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Live Event Painting with Patricia Bennett

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in Blog

The world of weddings and bridal continues to grow and grow as more and more vendors and services come up with more and more ways to make your wedding day both special and spectacular. One of those recent services to pop up on the weddings and event landscape is something called live event painting. It’s essentially what you would think it is; an artist comes to your wedding and paints the events as they happen. After the wedding the artist does detail work and touch- ups and by the time the painting is finished, the couple is left with a one-of-a-kind piece of art that represents their special day.     I had the opportunity to meet one such artist at a local vendor event, and I am happy to share with you all a little bit more about what she does.   Patricia Bennett has been painting events since 2012 when she painted her grandmother’s 97th birthday party to rave reviews. She is a trained artist who in addition to live event painting teaches drawing and painting to aspiring artists. She paints anything from weddings to corporate galas.   Patricia meets with her clients prior to the event to get a feel for what is most important to them, and what they would like to see depicted in the painting. She focuses on what is beautiful and notes that “anyone wearing a red dress will probably be in the painting as well.”   She arrives to the venue several hours before the event starts in order to paint the background and get a feel for the space. This allows her the opportunity to see the event take-shape. She is able to see the care and planning that goes into the décor and the dedication and skill of each vendor.     As the reception takes place Patricia paints her overall impression of the event focusing again on what is most important to her clients. She enjoys the opportunity to talk with guests as she paints and what she most loves is that “this is one of the most important days of the couple’s life together, and I get...

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After You’re Engaged

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Blog

  I was just perusing the internet looking for a good topic for tonight when I stumbled on a list of all the things you should do immediately after your fiancé proposes. The list was all common sense stuff, but the first item was to tell your friends and family. Immediately. That gave me pause. What if you didn’t? What if for a few hours or a few days it was just your secret? It sounds like kind of a suspicious question and one that is null and void if you were proposed to in front of your friends and family, but I think it’s worth asking.   Perhaps it depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of couple you are, but in a day and age when information spreads so quickly and sweet private moments become public in the blink of an eye, isn’t it worth savoring that news for just a little while?   If that big moment is yet to come for you maybe when it happens you will pause for a moment. Maybe you won’t immediately pick up your phone and call someone. Why? Because you’ll want to take it all in. You’ll want that moment and that feeling to last and not be interrupted. Think about it; as soon as the cat is out of the bag then your celebration is public. You won’t be able to stop people from calling and congratulating you and begging for details. But before the story breaks you are the one in the know and that is a pretty special feeling.   Or maybe you’ll tell everyone and that will be wonderful, too. Or maybe they knew about it before you did!  ...

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First Dance Fridays

Posted by on Mar 6, 2015 in Blog

Yesterday was a snow day and a perfect day for dancing. It was a perfect day to turn on a happy tune and dance with the reckless abandon of the completely unwatched. I myself danced making breakfast. Then I danced cleaning up breakfast. I washed the dishes, and I danced. I read a little. I danced a little. I chopped vegetables. I marinated chicken. I took photos of the perfectly falling snow. And then I danced a little more.   Sometimes my husband joined in. We bobbed around the living room out of sync with one another. We each have no rhythm and we each gravitate to our own beat. This made practicing for our own first dance nearly impossible. We tried a dozen different song choices. We spent the weeks before our wedding practicing to slow songs and fast songs. Nothing worked, and as the day loomed I was afraid we would embarrass ourselves.     So ultimately, in a stroke of genius by me, we went with our strength; we can’t dance and we don’t care. We attacked the dance with the mentality of a physical comedian. We committed to the scene. When we walked out into our crowd of guests and the music started to play we committed to our inability. My husband was heavy on the air-guitar. I played a mean air-trumpet. He stepped on my dress a few times, and I probably caught his foot once or twice. I was whirled off in all sorts of directions in a way that would have looked sloppy if it wasn’t so much fun. We invited our guests to join in, and together clapped and whirled and air-guitared our way across the floor. Technically speaking it was one of the worst first dances, but it was in spirit, and totally objectively speaking, one of the best.   The first dance, for those who are not great dancers can be a scary thing. It can be the part of the wedding you just want to be over, but I’m here to tell you to embrace it. Whatever your dance skills may or may not be, embrace them and...

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For the Moms

Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in Blog

Today’s post is for the mothers of brides and grooms. You have all probably been working tirelessly to help plan the big day. You have rounded up addresses from distant relatives. You have answered panicked phone calls about flowers and appetizers and bow ties versus neckties at all hours of the day. You have put in a lot of time and effort and you have listened a lot.   But now moms you have one last important job that you have probably been putting off. You need to find a dress. For yourself. It isn’t easy, I know, but it’s not impossible. We do carry mother’s dresses from Watters’ C20 collection, so you should absolutely check them out {Here} but they take three to four months to come in, so you have to decide early. For moms who have put off finding a gown, they need other options. Which is why I have come to the rescue, scoured the internet for the best dresses, and brought them all to you.   Moms want sleeves. It’s almost universal that moms want something with some sort of a sleeve, but too often a sleeve means a jacket, and moms I think you are all far too young and pretty to wrap yourselves up in jackets. This little cap sleeve offers a bit of modesty, but a bit of skin too. It’s a nice happy medium between going strapless and wearing a cropped blazer. Find it here!     This gown is gorgeous and appropriate for women of all ages, but I love it for moms because it’s very fashion forward. It’s got the “pop over” that is so popular on the red carpet right now, and for a double bonus you won’t have trouble finding undergarments for it. It’s a bright color, true, but perfect for all the spring and summer weddings. Find it here!     At first glance this might seem too simple for a stunning mother of the bride or groom, but on closer inspection it is perfect. For starters navy is flattering on everyone and appropriate for any season and any time of day or night. The...

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The Real Rules

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Blog

  It is pretty common to see brides in the salon who are concerned about doing what’s right and proper. They want to follow all the wedding rules, and they often seek our advice in doing so. This happens especially concerning the bridal party. They have so many questions about what should be done because most of them have never been married before and because they genuinely want to follow the rules. Do the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride have to match? Should they match? Should they not match? What about the flower girl? Should her dress match the bride’s dress? Should it match the bridesmaids? Can you wear black in June? Is it allowed?   You might hate the answer, but of course the answer is there is no answer. There are no rules. At least not rules about color and dresses. The truth is the bride can and should do what she and her fiancé want. It is an opportunity to show their personality both as individuals and as a couple, but that should not mean getting bogged down in minor details that have no precedent only preference.   The other truth is that yes, there are rules, but they have nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with manners.   1. Keep People in the Loop Yes, the marriage is about the couple, but the wedding is about joining two families. This means diplomacy. It means involving the most important players in at least a few of the big decisions. It means asking each set of parents if a certain date is acceptable. You do this as a courtesy. You also allow them to invite guests of their own. No, they can’t invite all their friends, but remember they are as excited to share this moment with their friends as you are with yours. You don’t have to wear your future mother-in-law’s dress just because she asked you to, but you can always bend on a few points.   2. Treat Your Friends Like Friends This is a friendly reminder that the people in your bridal party are actually...

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Introducing Ellis Bridal

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Blog

It’s time again to introduce you to another designer new to our salon. Today I give you Ellis Bridal from all the way across the pond in London. We are so pleased and proud to carry them in our store, and I am happy to show them off. Their gowns are clean, modern, sleek, and classically bridal. We are also the only salon in Maryland who carries them.   The three gowns pictured are ones that are currently in stock at our salon, and they help represent the range of style that Ellis offers. Do you want traditional lace and a little sleeve, but you still want to look young and fresh? They accomplish that so well here with the scalloped off-the-shoulder neckline and the thin satin band at the waist. These elements balance the lace and the sleeves perfectly to create a look that is traditional yet chic.     Or perhaps you want something fashion-forward that still looks and feels like a bridal gown. The layers on this gown with the horsehair trim are modern and sophisticated. The layers create a couture-like silhouette and give the gown enough volume to hold the attention of a ballroom full of people.  The floral belt and the ruched bodice counterbalance that volume and edge with a softness that can stand the test of time.     This last gown offers a great shape, clean lines, and even harder to find these days, a non-strapless option that isn’t lace. The neckline and ruching are completely figure flattering and I totally agree with the editorial choice not to wear a necklace; the collarbone does all the work and gets all the attention....

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