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Geometric Wedding Theme

Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Blog

Abstract geometric art is all the rage lately and it’s easy to see why: it’s simple, colorful, modern, and easy to make. The repeating patterns and shapes are used in everything from television commercials to T-shirts to one of a kind art at high-end galleries. In case you missed this trend, here are a few everyday life examples.   As with all aesthetic trends it has even made its way to weddings. Thank goodness because I love the modern little twist these abstract details give to a wedding, and I love all the various ways in which you can do it.     For starters geometric patterns look great on a cake. Whether you want to cover it with bright shapes or just add a few pale triangles here and there it makes for a great effect. More Geometric Cakes Here     I also love love love geometric patterns on invitations and save-the-dates. It not only is a super easy way to use your wedding colors, but it also helps set the tone: this wedding is going to be chic, upbeat, possibly even a little funky and definitely not stuffy at all. More From this Geometric Wedding.     But my favorite place to use the geometric theme is on the escort cards. Escort cards have gotten wildly out of control recently as every couple tries to up the ante by making them as elaborate as possible. But with a little bright construction paper by your side and maybe (if you are feeling adventurous) a set of watercolors, you can create simple escort cards that are still show stoppers but not over the top. More Inspiration Here.  ...

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Courthouse Wedding Inspiration

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Blog

Working here and being surrounded constantly by brides who are planning big weddings with big dresses, it is easy to take for granted that the big wedding thing is not everyone’s thing. It might be a budget thing, or a logistical thing, or it might be an I don’t want to plan it thing, but whatever the reason it is easy to understand that big weddings aren’t for everyone. I myself find something really romantic in the idea of a courthouse wedding. It speaks to the spontaneity of love. Let’s just go get married right now. And not because we want a big party and gifts and all the attention, but because we’re just in love. Aww, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Of course just because you want a small courthouse wedding doesn’t mean you can’t still get dressed up and look fabulous, so here is a list of my favorite courthouse wedding looks.     Rho by Watters This is really more like an actual wedding gown that just happens to be short, so it’s good for any kind of wedding, but the length makes it easy to wear and maneuver at a courthouse. Plus it gives you the beauty and luxury of a wedding gown without feeling like maybe you over dressed. And bonus the way this thing twirls is pretty much magical.     Olive by Donna Morgan The silk shantung makes this super chic and sophisticated, but it has a little romance and sweetness to it as well. The pockets, the bow detail, the little cap sleeves and the keyhole back are all really nice touches. Picture it with a simple bouquet of white roses, a pair of kid gloves and you don’t need anything else to say I do.     Currant by Watters This dress is a simplified version of one of their gorgeous new bridal gowns, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is so sleek and modern with it’s metallic threaded pattern and skinny belt at the waist. The sheer back adds a little drama and the sleeves balance it out for a look that is understated enough for the...

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Valentine’s Day Idea

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Blog

  It is right around the corner people; Valentine’s day. If you and your sweetheart are spending Valentine’s day as an engaged couple, you probably want to make it super special. Generally for my husband and I, when we try to make something special it turns into sort of a disaster that will make a funny story sometime in the future, like last Valentine’s day when our champagne bottle exploded in the freezer (oops) and we spent the evening cleaning it up.   So my rule for making an evening special tends to be to keep it simple. Grand gestures leave a lot of room for catastrophe and they can feel a little staged too. If that’s your thing than go for it, get the big balloon ride as the sun sets but for the rest of us I think the way to have a killer Valentine’s is to cook a meal together.   There is still plenty of room for disaster, but when you do it together at least it is a shared disaster. There isn’t pressure for one person to surprise the other one and make everything perfect. The pressure is on the two of you to plan and prepare something edible and to work as a team to do it. You spend time together, you get (fingers crossed) good food, and you get a nice sense of accomplishment, too. What I think is also fun about opting to stay in rather than go out is that you can expand your grocery budget and not feel bad. You can spring for the really nice ingredients and know that your bill will still be less than a fancy restaurant.   In the end you might get an amazing meal or you might have to run and get Chinese take-out, but you’ll still have the nice tablecloth and the candles and the experience. And besides, being in the kitchen together is fun. All you have to do is turn the radio on and all of the sudden your dancing and tossing dinner plates a la The Big Chill and you’ll wonder why you don’t do this every night.  ...

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Spotlight on Designer Sareh Nouri

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Blog

  2015 is off to a great start and we are fortunate to keep expanding our stock of high-end designer gowns. Just weeks ago we welcomed Sareh Nouri to our salon, and today we are going to show her and her gowns off a bit.   Sareh Nouri is an Iranian born designer now located in Northern Virginia who got her start designing bridal gowns while in search of her own dream dress. The struggles she had on that search and the subsequent decision to design her own gown all inform her decisions now as a designer. In building her collection she spent lots of time one-on-one with brides and has a real understanding of what goes into finding and making the kinds of gowns dreams are made of.     Her creations are elegant, sophisticated, and ethereal. The fit and construction are phenomenal and they certainly turn heads. They have an Old World quality to them without being old fashioned. They evoke the echoes of the past in a halo of tulle and fine lace. They make the wearer stand a little straighter, her shoulders back, her head held high holding her royal mantle. Regal, majestic, and simply stunning, we are so happy to welcome gowns from her collection to our salon.  ...

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The Scoop on Gown Preservation

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 in Blog

The summer before I got married, when I was in search of my wedding gown my mother brought out to Baltimore her own wedding gown, which her mother-in-law had preserved for her as a gift. It was more than thirty years old, and still in its preservation box. Inside lay a charmingly retro certificate of preservation and the gown folded neatly on top of crinkling tissue paper. Even with the preservation the fabric had stiffened a bit over time and the color was not quite as ivory when my mother wore it, but it was still pristine and beautiful. My own gown has not been preserved yet, but it sits in a cool dry closet away from the light in a breathable cloth bag. This is the next best thing to preservation.   In the more than two years that I have been at Betsy Robinson’s I have noticed a huge increase in the number of brides who choose to have their gown preserved. We can hardly keep up with the volume of wedding dresses that come back through our doors to be preserved; it’s just that popular. Buying a gown preservation is often something that mothers and mothers-in-law do as a gift just as my grandmother did for my mother.   But just because it is popular doesn’t mean people know what happens. How does it work? What do we do?   First of all, we don’t do it. We ship the gown out to a company that specializes in gown preservation and has years of experience dealing with the fine quality fabrics and delicate gowns. Because of the volume of dresses that are being preserved it can take 12 to 16 weeks for a preservation to be completed. You are welcome to include your veil or belt with the gown, but please remember that the adorable customized hangers cannot be preserved.   First they clean the gown. So if you had a great time at your wedding and got your dress good and dirty like you should, they can get the stains out. Grass, mud, and wine are no problem. Like I said, around here a dirty...

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Stay Connected

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Blog

Today our salon has reached and surpassed another social media milestone. I am proud to report that we now have over 2,500 followers on Facebook. On behalf of our whole staff I would like to thank those of you have visited our page, and I would also like to invite others to do the same. And I don’t just extend this invitation to bolster our statistics. I invite you to follow us on our various social media platforms because I believe there is real value in it. In fact, it is something I wish I would have done as a bride and here are the reasons why.   You get to find out about Trunk Shows. This information is huge for brides searching for the perfect gown, especially ones who have had troubling finding it. Trunk shows offer the opportunity to see more gowns from a designer than we typically carry in store as well as what is new from designers. They also typically mean discounts or special incentives to purchase. Trunk shows happen quite frequently throughout the year here and at other salons, which is why it is always handy to get reminders and updates from us.   You get to see the stock. The inventory of bridal gowns in our store is constantly changing. So much so that we typically only list designers on our site as opposed to individual gowns. But social media is so quick and easy that we have the opportunity to showcase our stock a lot more. When new gowns come in we show them off immediately, making life a lot easier for brides who have searched long and hard to find the perfect dress. It might be on our Facebook page right now!   You get to know us. Our social media platforms allow a behind the scenes look at our salon. You get to hear what we are chatting about on Twitter. On Instagram you get to see what the weather is like outside the store or what fun sweet treat we are snacking on. On Facebook you get to see what other brides of ours have worn on their big...

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