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After The Party

Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Blog

  My husband and I spent a little over a year planning our wedding together. We did the bulk of the work ourselves and it occupied a good deal of our free time. I devoted hours to DIY projects like hand-making envelopes and invitations. I became an expert crafter and I really enjoyed it despite the extra work. My husband enjoyed being the point-person with all our vendors. He liked the responsibility of writing emails and making phone calls to keep us on track. Rather than complain about the extra work we both looked at it as a hobby and a sort of team-building exercise.   But as the wedding neared my feelings of excitement and accomplishment were mixed with something that felt like dread. The dread was not about the wedding, but about what would I do after there was no wedding to plan. What would I do when not only was there nothing to do, but no big event to look forward to? Would I be blue? Would I just sit and look through my wedding album for hours at a time? Would I parade around in my wedding dress to try to lift my spirits?   Of course I was worried for no reason, but it’s reasonable for brides to expect a little post-wedding let-down. You just planned, hands-down, the best party you have ever been to and now it’s over. To make matters worse you probably just went on the best vacation ever, and now you have to come back. Now it’s back to reality.   Except that after your wedding the reality is different, and all the humdrum stuff is suddenly just a little more exciting. So if you find yourself with some post-wedding blues try a couple of these tricks.   Invite People Over You are now a couple! Even if you lived together before, having guests over takes on a subtle little nuance. You have created a home. You have stocked it, often with a lot of help from your wedding guests, with all the little essentials of an everyday household. You have cloth napkins now and glasses for every kind of...

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A Mad Men Wedding

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Blog

Last Sunday millions of viewers tuned in to say goodbye to the award winning drama, Mad Men. Through seven tumultuous seasons on the air audiences watched as characters maneuvered through the pitfalls of the advertising and homemaking world of the 1960’s always in fabulous and impeccable style. In fact, it was the painstaking authenticity of the show’s style that first drew in many viewers like myself. The dresses, the suits, the hats and gloves all harken back to a time that is hard for most of us to imagine and mesmerizing to see on the screen. We run to the grocery store in yoga pants, not our Sunday best. We have a different sense of occasion and we almost never wear hats unless they’re wool with a pompon on top and probably emblazoned with a sports team. Of course the acting was also superb and the drama intense, but the show owes more than a bit of its success to the sets and the costumes and so in homage to the show’s backbone I have created a Mad Men inspired wedding that I would love to be invited to. A Swanky Mid Century Cocktail Lounge This gorgeous couch courtesy of Joybrid would look perfect in the cocktail lounge portion of your wedding reception because let’s face it, if you’re having a Mad Men style wedding there has to be a cocktail lounge and strong cocktails to match. The mustard color is so evocative of the 60’s era, and the sleek design is just begging for the happy couple to pose for a retro pic on it.     Geometric & Abstract Patterns Mid Century patterns are all the rage and available everywhere. You can buy a roll of wallpaper or a few yards of fabric and create a great backdrop for your ceremony. You can stencil a quick geometric pattern onto your cocktail napkins, your invitations or your placards. Not to mention the fact that Ikea, the mecca for all things chic and inexpensive has an extensive selection of retro inspired items like this serving tray. Totally mod, and bright and fun and perfect to carry those old-fashionends.  ...

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Calling All Betsy Brides!

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Blog

  Whether you’re a newlywed or not you probably still like to tell people about your wedding, and you probably have to try pretty hard not to show off your photos whenever someone says the word wedding. Just a couple. They’re so pretty. Look at how good they look. Look at how good we look. It’s only natural. After we got married my husband uploaded his favorite photos onto his phone, and I’m pretty sure he showed them to our landlord, our bank teller and possibly strangers on the street. It’s good to be proud.   And at Betsy Robinson’s we are pretty proud, too. We are proud of the work we put in helping brides find dresses and accessories. We are proud of the work of our tireless seamstresses. All of this glowing pride means we love to see your photos, and we love to hear your stories.   Here, right here on this blog is the perfect place to share all of those things, and we would love to have you. So if you’re a Betsy Bride and you want to tell us your favorite memory of your big day, or what surprised you the most, or the one thing you wish someone would have told you, or what your wedding colors were or how you picked your gown then please send us an email at Send photos. Send lots of love for your local vendors. Send us your wow moments and we will pass them along. Together we can continue to create a community of Betsy Brides who can provide each other with tips, inspiration, and as always, a little perspective.  ...

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Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Blog

  If you have made the decision to write your own wedding vows then you are quite romantic and just a good bit brave. Getting up in front of all those people and repeating the vows correctly is nerve-wracking enough, and it’s harder still when they aren’t just generic words, but something you created. If you’re like me you want vows that are personal yet born in the tradition of all vows. You want to move your guests to happy tears, and you want your spouse to be moved, too. These are hard things to accomplish; love is a very complex thing to express, but you are surely up to the task. If and when you get stumped, take a look at these helpful tips.   Write Them Together Yes, it sounds really nice to write the vows in secret and be surprised by the touching and romantic promises as they are read to you for the very first time in front of all your friends and family. Yes, that is very romantic, but it’s also a lot of pressure. And why should vows be a surprise? Shouldn’t you be promising the same things to one another? So if you’re having trouble writing vows separately, sit down together and make one set that you each repeat. Talking them through together might also help you focus on the marriage part of the wedding instead of simply on the fun celebration part.   Make Promises As guests asked to come to your wedding and watch you pledge the rest of your life to one person we know you love each other. We get it. Your whole entire wedding is a proclamation of, and a testament to, your love, but your vows should be vows and not a toast. They are not the forum to talk about what you love about each other, or when you knew you loved each other, or what you have been through to get to that moment; your vows are about the future. Your vows are what are you going to do for one another when things are happy and easy and when things are not happy...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on May 14, 2015 in Blog

    This Watters gown has been in our store for Trunk Shows, but it is finally here to stay as a stock piece. It is a show-stopping gown for sure with its plunging illusion neckline and its low button-covered back. The long lace sleeves help to balance these daring elements and the fit and flare silhouette gives the look a statuesque effect. Yes, the gown is simply statuesque. Simply stunning.   The neckline is probably what people notice about this gown first, but I really think the sleeves are what make it worth giving a second glance. Even as more bridal designers incorporate sleeves into their collections there is still a stigma that sleeves, especially lace sleeves, are old-fashioned. But here Watters shows you with ease and grace that sleeves can be sexy, that sleeves can add to the overall sleekness of the gown and that sleeves can reveal just as much as they may cover.      ...

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Blog

Whenever I post a blog here I can rely on the familiar chirp chirp of my cell phone a short while later announcing a message from my number one fan. It is from my avid reader who pours over the details of the newest bridal gowns and trends. She marvels at the creations and the craftsmanship. She is not a bride-to-be. She isn’t buying a gown or planning a wedding.     She is of course my mother, and each message she sends me is full of embarrassing and lavish praise for me. I don’t deserve it, but I do enjoy it and little by little I have found that I write for her. When you put something out there on the internet you never really know who reads it. You never really know who benefits from it or learns from it or enjoys it, but I know I can count on my mother’s encouragement and support.   And so as Mother’s Day approaches it seems appropriate to acknowledge this support in all its unconditional and mystifying glory. My mother seems to think I should be writing for the New York Times or the President of the United States. You’re allowed to laugh if you like, but these are the kinds of things mothers say. I guess that’s because mothers have a tendency to think their children are the best. But that works both ways, and I imagine most children think they have the best mother in the whole wide world.   Which means Happy Mother’s Day to all the best mothers in the whole wide world. Mine first and then yours : )  ...

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