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Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Blog

  I am so happy to share with you a whole bundle of cute bridesmaid dresses that have just arrived from Donna Morgan. Donna Morgan gowns are great for mixing and matching and great for introducing pattern or embellishment to your wedding. It’s really easy to build your bridal party around a tone or theme instead of simply around a color or style. In other words, if you’re looking for the stuff of Pinterest dreams, you have come to the right place.   Donna Morgan offers floral patterned dresses, lace dresses, crop-top separates and patterned sequin dresses. I love being able to mix patterns and fabrics and any opportunity there is to make your bridal party look like a party and not a team is an opportunity worth taking. Of course you do need some unifiers so that your girls don’t look like party guests. So for example, you can get away with four different gowns with different materials and patterns as long as they are near in color or tone. This would be a killer bridal party if they were all pale, neutral colors.   I once read an article about mixing and matching dresses in which a bride advised her girls to dress like they were going to a New Year’s Eve ball. That has been my favorite description ever for a bridal party, and I am constantly searching for looks that fit that bill. I like that description so much because New Year’s Eve is essentially what you want your wedding to be: elegant, debonair, joyful, sentimental and a little over-the-top. These gowns give off that perfect glamorous effect and I am so excited to see people come in and try them on.    ...

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Wedding Tip

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Blog

I love to scout through wedding checklists that I spy online in order to see if they have anything new or insightful to say. Quite often it’s a lot of the same information over and over again, or it’s common sense stuff like remember to bring your shoes. That is almost insultingly simple. Of course you know to check that you have all your necessities with you the day of, like shoes. In fact, you probably have already assigned one of your bridesmaids to make sure you have your shoes. You’re on top of things. You’re a pro. But even you may not have thought of this one pro tip that I am totally in favor of.   Assign someone to post-reception snack duty. Odds are you won’t get to eat much during your wedding. You should make a real effort to try some of the food, but you aren’t likely to have time to finish a plate. It won’t matter. You won’t notice or care that you’ve barely had anything to eat. That is, until the receptions is over. At that point you’ll suddenly become aware that you are starving. The rush and emotion and excitement of the day will give way to exhaustion and hunger, but hunger is going to win out.   That’s where your post-reception snack coordinator comes in. Perhaps they can arrange ahead of time for your caterer to make a tray of sweets and cake and take it to your room. Perhaps they can arrange for room service to have late-night food delivered. They could order you a pizza, or stock your room with your favorite after-party snacks. Whatever it is you want, it’s good to consider it beforehand, especially if you celebrate until the wee hours of the morning. If you wait until then it’s not likely that you’ll have many options. It could be as simple as finding out what time the kitchen closes in your hotel, or how late the local pizza chain delivers.     You can of course appoint yourself or your spouse-to-be to this position. It isn’t necessarily a task that needs delegated, it’s just a task...

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The Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Brides-To-Be

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Blog

It’s the season again for flowers and chocolates and perfume. Those at least are the cliché gifts of Valentine’s Day, and while you might pass on the chocolate and flowers for the umpteenth time if you’re getting married soon you should definitely consider perfume. Perfume is absolutely one of the best gifts for a bride-to-be, and I’m going to tell you exactly why.   I’ve written about this before, but it’s helpful to bring it up again because I think it is that important. You simply pick out a new fragrance that you really like and drop some handy hints that that’s what you would like for Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect holiday to make such a purchase because often there are lots of fragrance deals at department stores (you might end up with a tote bag, too!) and it kills two birds with one stone. You get a really nice gift for Valentine’s Day, and you also check something off your wedding supplies list. Easy. Oh, but the benefits don’t stop there. The real beauty of this gift is that you can’t use it until your wedding day. That doesn’t seem so fun, but trust me. Wear it on your big day and wear it on your honeymoon and then set it aside for a few months. Then, maybe for a special occasion or maybe for no reason at all, wear it again. Here is the magical part. As soon as you spritz it into the air you’ll instantly be reminded of your special day. Even better, you’re spouse will be reminded of it, too. They might not even realize why these wonderful memories have come flooding back, but you’ll know. You’ll know that you have been able to brilliantly tie a specific scent to a very precious memory and that years and years later you will still be able to. That’s so smart, they’ll say.   Aren’t you so smart? Yep. Happy Valentine’s Day...

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A Handmade Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Blog

  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if it’s a significant one for you (like your first married Valentine’s Day or your first engaged Valentine’s Day) then you probably really want to make it count. Even if you don’t typically celebrate the holiday I encourage you to embrace it this time around. In fact, maybe it isn’t a significant holiday for you, but why not make it one?   From where I’m sitting the best way to make something special is to actually make it. So if you want a special Valentine’s Day there are three homemade components that you need: a card, a dinner and a dessert. You might prefer to skip making dinner and opt for going somewhere fancy, but I tend to favor a night-in free of battling limited menus and wait lists. So if you’re willing, here is all you have to do to up your Valentine’s Day game.   A Card You take a piece of cardstock or construction paper, fold it in half, and you’re already halfway there. Your skill level with paper and scissors and glue will determine just how intricate your card is, but even a simple heart glued to the front is all you really need. Why? Because people don’t make things; people buy things. So as soon as you make something, with your own hands, you’re already winning. It also helps if you take the opportunity to fill the card with nice words. Hallmark cards never say what you really want them to say anyway, so now is the time to bare your soul in the name of love. Or at least be cute.   A Dinner This one is easy because you can do it together. I’m a big proponent of couples cooking together. A surprise dinner is great too, but when you make it together you get to have fun. You get a glass a wine, you turn on some music, and maybe you dance in the kitchen. You can try a more advanced recipe and you can spend what you would have spent on a meal out on getting really high quality ingredients. You’ll...

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Wedding Tip

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Blog

It is part of my job to be in the loop about the latest wedding trends. I follow other wedding vendors and bridal designers to keep on top of what everyone else in the industry is doing. The world of weddings is constantly evolving and become more complex and it takes time to sift through what trends are worthy and what trends are a bit excessive. It’s always good to have eyes on the future, but weddings are also steeped in centuries of tradition and sometimes ignoring trends in favor of tradition can offer a big reward.   One such tradition that brides often ditch, but shouldn’t is the receiving line. Receiving lines are a bit old fashioned. Couples nowadays would probably prefer gliding around the banquet hall stopping off here and there to talk to people over the more regimented line of greetings. The first option is much more organic and informal, but it never accomplishes exactly what it should. You simply never get to everyone that way. You will start out with the best of intentions. You’ll wait until the dancing starts and you’ll make your rounds. You’ll pop over to a few tables and make your way around each one. You’ll thank your guests and make necessary introductions. It’ll be great and you’ll be right on track until one of you gets pulled away or until your favorite song comes on or until it’s time to cut the cake.     The more formal receiving line gives you the opportunity to great and speak with each and every guest. When and how you do your reeving line is up to you, but it’s easiest to do as guests file out of your church or ceremony site. It will be slow going, and you’ll want to allow time for it, but most of your guests will really appreciate it.   You know who else will appreciate it? Your parents. A receiving line ensures that everyone also gets to meet and thank your parents. People want to meet your parents, and your parents want to meet them, too. A receiving line is in effect a great way of...

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Snow Day

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Blog

In case you haven’t noticed the Mid-Atlantic is supposed to be hit with a pretty big snowstorm starting sometime today. More than one meteorologist has forecast that we are going to get “walloped” by snow. In the face of all this bad weather we will be closing early (2pm) today and remaining closed on Saturday and Sunday. It pains us to turn away so many brides, but this blizzard business is nothing to mess around with.   Instead, this is the weekend for staying home and for hunkering down, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your bridal fix. I’ve got a list of some great wedding movies that you can binge watch as the snow falls.     Father of the Bride (1991) I think this movie had a profound effect on my ideas of what a wedding should and shouldn’t be and it definitely made me think blenders make terrible gifts. It also made me love the song “My Girl” as if that’s hard, and it never fails to entertain.   My Best Friend’s Wedding The moment I wake up before I put on my make up. This movie is worth watching just to get up off your couch during that scene and sing along.   The Philadelphia Story Katherine Hepburn is amazing to watch in this screwball comedy. If you’ve never seen it, it’s an absolute must. Charming, witty, funny, silly and packed full of banter. There’s a wedding in there somewhere too, but just who is the groom?   Mamma Mia You have to love ABBA and you have to love musicals, but as long as you do this movie is so much fun. It’s great to have on in the background as you putter around your house getting stuff done, too.   Only You This overlooked mid-nineties classic starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. follows a young woman about to get married who just may have met the man she was truly destined to be with. In turn she hops on a plane, follows a stranger halfway around the world and I won’t spoil the end for you.   The...

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