Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in Blog

Here at Betsy Robinson’s we don’t mind admitting that we are more than a little obsessed with the royal family. Kate Middleton is gorgeous. We want her entire wardrobe. But only if when we wear it we look just like her. We have a cardboard cutout of the handsome newlyweds that adorns our back office, and many of our staff gathered together two years ago to watch their wedding live. Some of us were dressed in satin pajamas wearing Kate inspired sapphire rings as we sipped wine and watched the processional at four in the morning. We might have cried a little, and we definitely lamented Diana’s absence as if we knew her. So it is no surprise that we were on pins and needles waiting for news of the royal baby. We feverishly searched the internet for an app that would announce the birth, and we might have checked a live feed or two of Buckingham Palace just to stay in the loop. We were hoping for a text or two from William, but we’ll assume he just had too much going on. Don’t worry William, we’ll catch you later.

But what the royal family has really highlighted for us is that we are not only obsessed with weddings and everything that goes along with them, but also with everything that follows them. Our brides are all important to us and we love to follow the progression of their stories just as much as the royals. And so Betsy brides out there we ask you to stay in touch, to send us pictures and stories and birth announcements of your own.