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If you’re big into wedding checklists then you are probably familiar with the handful of tasks that come after the wedding. The review writing, the name changing (if applicable) and the thank-you card writing. Ugh, thank you cards, right? It’s not that you don’t want to give thanks, really, you want to give a million thanks, but after expending all your energy on the big day and then relaxing for a week or two on a warm beach somewhere, the task of writing out cards seems overwhelming. So let’s try and make it easier.


Get a Head Start

This tip is, I have to say, ingenious. At the same time that you are addressing all your wedding invitations address additional envelopes for thank-yous for those guests that are in the “for certain” category like close friends who wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world. For example, if a guest is invited to not only the wedding but also the bridal shower and bachelorette party, make an envelope for each. If you think it’s presumptuous to make envelopes for gifts you haven’t been given remember that whether you receive a gift or not you still want to thank your guests for their attendance and love and support. Having a stack of pre-addressed envelopes helps streamline the process, and let’s you focus on the thanking and not the administrative side.


Write as you Receive

You will most likely receive gifts before your wedding, especially from guests who are unable to attend, so why wait to thank them. Wedding etiquette may give you some wiggle room to send out cards, but time is really your enemy not your friend. If you don’t write cards pretty immediately you won’t. You just won’t.


Make it Memorable

After the honeymoon sit down with your spouse and divide up the list of guests into the people you each know best, put on a pot of coffee and some good music and take a stroll down memory lane. Make writing your cards fun. Make it a reason to sit and think about just how amazing and wonderful and awesome and fun your wedding was and all the amazing, fun, wonderful and awesome people who were there. Share with your guests your favorite memory of them on the big day. Rave about their dance moves. Thank them for their kind words. Let it all out. The generosity of some of your guests will literally blow you away, so let them know it.

There, that was better, wasn’t it?


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