Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Blog

The latest addition to our ever-increasing stock of bridal gowns is one from couture designer Enaura Bridal. We are excited to have it here because it’s gorgeous, but it also perfectly exemplifies Enaura’s style, mission, and general handiwork.





Firstly, the beadwork is out of this world. It’s rare to see a gown so heavily beaded, and I do mean heavy, but here it is done in the most masterful, artful way. It’s beaded from head-to-toe, but the overall effect of this isn’t gaudy, as it could be, it’s elegant. It glows and shimmers and sparkles with every movement and that’s because of the countless hours of work and hand-beading that go into every gown. The amount of work that it takes to create this perfect effect is astounding.


That work is evident in the second most important aspect of Enaura and that’s fit. It fits like a glove because it is designed and constructed so well. It hugs the body in all the right places and then gracefully cascades to the floor in a waterfall of beading.


And now all that beauty and beading is just waiting to be tried on.