Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Blog

Whenever I post a blog here I can rely on the familiar chirp chirp of my cell phone a short while later announcing a message from my number one fan. It is from my avid reader who pours over the details of the newest bridal gowns and trends. She marvels at the creations and the craftsmanship. She is not a bride-to-be. She isn’t buying a gown or planning a wedding.




She is of course my mother, and each message she sends me is full of embarrassing and lavish praise for me. I don’t deserve it, but I do enjoy it and little by little I have found that I write for her. When you put something out there on the internet you never really know who reads it. You never really know who benefits from it or learns from it or enjoys it, but I know I can count on my mother’s encouragement and support.


And so as Mother’s Day approaches it seems appropriate to acknowledge this support in all its unconditional and mystifying glory. My mother seems to think I should be writing for the New York Times or the President of the United States. You’re allowed to laugh if you like, but these are the kinds of things mothers say. I guess that’s because mothers have a tendency to think their children are the best. But that works both ways, and I imagine most children think they have the best mother in the whole wide world.


Which means Happy Mother’s Day to all the best mothers in the whole wide world. Mine first and then yours : )